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  1. Engine Hunting/Surging/Lagging/Power Loss etc

    So I got some screenshots of the data on the OBD2 scan app. These are taken with the following conditions: Warm engine, after 2 mile drive A/C off Idling + Stationary for a couple minutes No accessories/ancillaries in use (except the radio) I have read somewhere online that at idle the MAF should report (in Grams / Second) roughly the same as the engine displacement (in Litres). The MAF is reporting exactly double the engine displacement at idle (MAF reading = 2g/s, engine = 1L). So if the issue is rich mixture, this seems like a very likely culprit. Based on these readings, do you agree? NOTE: Ignore any Trip related readings, as I haven't set it up properly yet, so they're just plain wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Engine Hunting/Surging/Lagging/Power Loss etc

    Hi Colin, Yes, it's an ELM327 dongle, connected by bluetooth. My phone is a cheapo Chinese android. As for checking the CCV, I will try that on the weekend, I'm not too experienced with motors yet, and am learning as I go, so I haven't looked at that yet (or even known of it's existence in all fairness) so thank you for the advice. I'll add that to the list of "to dos" and get back to you with the results. Thank you :)
  3. Engine Hunting/Surging/Lagging/Power Loss etc

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the input. I have a wireless OBD2 scanner. Do you have any experience with the android OBD2 app named "Torque"? I am unsure how I would go about recording sensor data using that app. FYI, it's the only app that seems to work with my scanner. Regarding the MAF, I believe that is a definite possibility, as when I cleaned it, there was a huge buildup of gunk on it, a layer easily 0.5mm thick. I cleaned it and there was a minute difference, however it may be minute because the MAF could be totally shot. Many thanks
  4. Hi there guys, I made a post about 3 weeks ago asking for an opinion on whether or not to buy the car in question. I decided to go for it, and it's turned to be okay. It's been mostly trouble free except for one fairly severe issue. I never really noticed it until a day or two after I drove it home. That would be because the car was new to me so I drove it very hesitantly preventing the issue from becoming apparent. Now I'm more comfortable in the car it's very apparent. The issue is as follows - When I go to move off the engine decides otherwise. When I press the gas, the RPMs drop and the car rumbles pretty hard, and then it can take a good 2-5 seconds for the engine to start revving up. The further down, and the quicker I press the gas, the worse the issue is, sometimes it can be as bad as to stall if I max the gas quickly. I have noticed that if I shift back to neutral and then back into first it seems to get the enging revving as expected. Finally, I must add I checked the diagnostics, and it returned 2P0172 - System Too Rich (Bank 1)". Things I've tried to remedy the issue: Cleaning the Mass Air Flow sensor. Checking and cleaning the spark plugs (which are in good condition). Checking the air filter, which according to the service history was replaced recently, and upon looking that seems very much true. Running fuel system cleaner through the car (Yes I know people have mixed opinions on it, but I thought for £3 I might as well give it a go). Disconnecting each spark plug to see if one was misfiring. Getting a relative to press and release the accelerator while I was under the hood to see if the throttle butterfly was catching. Increasing the idle speed from around 550 to about 800 (I'm aware of the consequences but it's the only thing that's made any improvement). Any ideas anyone? I'm lost, I don't want to start replacing things without a decent hope that it will work. If you want/need more info, just ask and I will be happy to provide it. Many thanks, Michael.
  5. Is this Toyota worth buying?

    I'm a big fan of DIY actually. I've done a metric butt ton of work for my stepdads car. Unfortunately, this car is the only yaris I could find in my price range, excluding bigger engine ones or ones that were literally the other side of the country. I wouldn't mind a slightly bigger engine, if it wasn't for pesky insurers crapping on them. Fortunately the only two issues that are current and prominent, are the windscreen washer pump being busted, which I can replace easily, and the dipstick handle being snapped, and after some research, that's mega easy to fix too. The other issues I reckon will be not too major for the couple months it will take to save up and have a look at, based on some research, and what you, and RUToyota said. Only one last question, is there any way to replace the stereo head unit? It has a cassette player installed, but that isn't of much use nowadays, and it seems like you can't fit anything other than proprietary head units due to the design of the console.
  6. Is this Toyota worth buying?

    Yeah, it is just a little get me around car. I also just want something that is of little value to start off in to get my NCD up for when I get a more long term car. I gave it a test drive today. It seems to run okay, the hunting is very minor and almost unnoticable. I didn't really notice the blue smoke, and yes I know it's a very mild tiny, but there was nothing, it seemed perfectly normal. I checked the discs and they were okay, They are worn, but they're still have more than enough life in them for the length of time I plan to own it. The tires will likely need replacing somewhat soon, however they have probably about 3 months left which is enough time for me to gather cash for some part worns. Regarding issues that need fixing straight away, the windscreen washer pump, which is on ebay for less than a score, and a new dipstick, which also is about a tenner. Those two, I'm perfectly capable of doing myself. So the £250 for the car, plus about £30 for repairs, I think is fine. You said about engine problems (one of the areas in cars that I'm not really skilled in), do you reckon that it would last around a year? Even if at the end of the year it's begging for it's death? One final thing, is it normal for the clutch in this car to have really short travel? Every car I've ever driven, the clutch goes most of the way, if not completely to the floor. This one, it only goes about 2-3 inches. It works 100% fine, but it just has really short travel. Many thanks for the help.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm looking to get my first car, and I'm going to view a W reg Toyota Yaris GS tomorrow (2000, 1L, Petrol, Manual). It has a couple issues, however I'm only paying £250 for it, so I don't expect a great car. Yes, paying bare minimum for a car isn't ideal, but I just want something to get me from A to B for 6-12 months or so. So here are the details I have so far: MOT Certificate and Log Book present Had 2 tires replaced about 1 year ago The windscreen washer pump has failed, however I'm competent enough with cars that I can fix that There is a warning light on the dash, that although having the light removed is reccurent Some advisories in the most recent MOT that, although don't seem too bad, I am not 100% sure what the implications are (attached screenshot) So as I said, I doesn't need to be perfect, but will this be good enough for a first car for a little while? Thanks Everyone!