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    I purchased a brand new Aygo earlier this year 2017 model, clutch went on Wednesday after only 3000 miles on the clock, AA said it’s the pressure plate, And took the car to Hodgsons Toyota North Shields silver link, they stripped the clutch and explained its not a warranty job and cost to rebuild with new parts is £658 the plastic bush in the ware plate that fits in the splines is stripped apparently my poor driving, i previously had a Rav 4 and a citron C1 and never experienced similar, has my driving technique changed overnight or is this just bull, very angry with Toyota, the car has failed to start 3 times, AA called, took the car to Toyota, guess what, it’s that time of year headlights on radio etc causing drain, now they say it’s short trips that cause the drain, last time it failed to start was broad daylight, from running fine to nothing when the key is turned, so apparently, if I heard right this small city car is no good unless it’s driven for miles to maintain the battery, or am I wrong that the alternator should be suppling sufficiency back to the battery, we are sick of the car and to be fair also Toyota trying to fob us off. I just can’t believe that ware and tear can be even discussed after 3000 miles, abuse! Well I had the C1 for 3 years 18000 miles and never experienced the same issues, £658 a disgrace, what ever happened to Toyota quality, now I regret selling the Rav it was a 2006 model and was running perfectly. Major rant, 5 year warranty, what a disgrace.