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  1. from £19835 for totally unoptioned car just the four paint choices; (solid) chilli red the only non-cost colour + £250 for (solid) pure white as per all the promo materials(....), or + £515 for manhattan grey, or + £515 for nebula blue interestingly, some markets have even fewer paint choices for the model.. spain only has the red or white (both coming at no cost- but the white comes with contrasting red gr sticker pack as standard), france misses out on just nebula blue (but also has the red stickers standard for white + grey). german and swiss markets have all four paints available. not much in terms of option pack choices; red gr-inspired stickers on front and rear bumpers + £100 touch 2 with go nav + £650 protection pack + £250 sports seats and gt86 steering wheel look especially lovely. to my knowledge, there is no fixed/limited number to be produced of this variant- doubtless somebody will confirm otherwise as soon as i commit to posting this, though! either way, this seems to be something that would make for a nice longterm ownership prospect. maybe we'll go for a pre-reg'd/demo one in the coming months, if we like the driving experience afforded by changed dampers + increased wheel size. best wishes.
  2. ^ in addition to above: new aygo configurator available on toyota germany website; * rear lights of basic 'x' appear to be the same facelift updated units as for the 'posher' trim levels * standard 'x-play' 15'' wheel trims are fugly. * 'x' and 'x-play', as levels without front bumper foglights installed, don't look too bad for this. * mainland europe gets at least 'x-play' in 3-door! and uk do not..........
  3. no 3-door bodystyle availability for mid- or high-end trim levels-- how disappointing! also, it lists led rear lights amongst standard equipment for 'x-play' (and i assume levels above it, too) - does this mean that the basic 'x' makes do with old style lighting at the rear? hopefully configurator is online shortly.
  4. looks like citroen to be removing 1.2 82 engine and 3-door body choices for the c1 also - probably this news for spain to be replicated to all other markets..... (spanish language site) a real pity; the 1.2 82 option for peugeot + citroen tpca cars seems to sell quite well (at least in the uk, according to my crude ''howmanyleft'' researching, as well as general impression of autotrader searches....) also, thankyou for correcting the paint colour naming mistake i made earlier on! (tahoe blue indeed is the name for the peugeot 108 blue colour - smalt blue is the citroen name for the same colourcode on c1.... oops.) either way; all this points to prospect of 3-door 1.2 aygo facelift -> non-starter
  5. apparently the psa 1.2 puretech requires change of (lubricated) belt every 10 years or 112.5k miles..... with it being encased in fluid for preservation purpose, i imagine it to be a more messy job than typical when it comes to eventually changing it so for those who do keep the car for longer and will eventually need to get the necessary work done, probably will cost a fair few hundred £s. that said, this new toyota 1.0 engine doesnt seem quite as simple as in years past, either- mention of dual fuel injector system, cooled exhaust gas recirculation system, etc.... in better news- my husband's starlet miraculously made it through another mot yesterday. did it 3 weeks before end-date of the last, in case a lot of work needed doing........ happy 20th birthday, little beast! 386k miles now- i should really get round to grabbing those ''toyota high mile club'' stickers for it ... knowing we have a bit of service left in it, we can hold on for the june release of the facelifted aygo a bit more easy
  6. interestingly, in the past few days i have read in a few (non-uk) motoring medias about the peugeot 108 variant of this tpca car: * spanish market now removes 3 door body option * spanish and german sites already with the uprated 1.0 72ps engine on configurators; 1.2 82 puretech option removed altogether.....! * french market to lose availability of 3 door body + 1.2 82 engine options from may 2018 * new colour range - gone is smalt blue (metallic navyblue since 2014 launch); new in is 'green fizz' (a bit like 'acid yellow' on the clio v6 to my eyes) and 'calvi blue' (sort of a metallic royal blue in the middle of 'french blue' and 'smalt blue') * some new upholstery options * NOTHING RE - facelifting bumpers/lightings/wheels options! no mention of citroen c1 getting ANYTHING, yet - no revised engine range, nor facelift appearance, nor new paint colours/interiors.. sorry for mentioning so much new on psa pair of the tpca cars here, but i thought it worth a mention because... does this mean aygo gets new model year improvements (i.e., new engine) only after facelift is made available from june, or same time as the peugeot108 version (i.e., seemingly now)? also, i hope peugeot + citroen dont just stick with 1.0 engine choice alone from now on - just when vw up (ugh!) gets MORE powerful engine varieties (90ps and 115ps), and twingo has 110ps gt version, tpca triplets seem to be reducing! part of me was hoping at least the 1.2 82 would be made available here for aygo like it has been in switzerland, as well as the 3 door body to still be a possibility :'{ best regards x
  7. i was going to post the exact same link on my earlier thread on this forum :))))) i guess you have made mine obsolete...... as for the car-- oho, BABY! looking sharp! mind you, i notice all pictures are of 5-door bodyshape, i hope they do not discontinue the 3-door variant............ ps: more power (71ps now), yet less co2 (90g/km) emissions?! what sort of voodoo magic has mr.t conjured up here?
  8. czech publication 'auto-revue' suggesting that my prayer could well be answered shortly, with something for around geneva motorshow, next month :D link to czech-language news article - i hope such link is acceptable by forum members/rules:
  9. hi there! i do hope for this, as well :'D the peugeot 108 and citroen c1 versions manage to have more stylised rear light designs with snazzy graphic design effects! i reckon the use of a slightly darker/more smoked red colour will help improve the look too.... can't be long before something announced, surely?!
  10. thank you for writing, fb. it's only minor alterations i wish of any forthcoming facelift! particularly getting rid of the orange lenses for the indicators within its headlights! and maybe integration of the front drls into the headlights (instead of mounted either side of the front bumper's lower grille at diagonal angles ) as well :D just hoping the current car survives the winter; engine cutting out/off more frequently this past few weeks, especially worrying during winter
  11. dear members, as this is my first action here as i've just signed up to this forum.... hello. my husband's run with a white 1998 starlet sr as his first and only car since he passed his test in 2006 appears to be nearing an end. i reckon only months left before it has to be scrapped - will almost cetrainly need too much extensive repairwork to pass another mot. coming up to 370,000 miles on it presently,so it has had quite an innings! this will represent great pity for us both- it was car of choice for our first roadtrip holidays as teenagers, it appears on the wedding photos,etc... whilst i'm on my seventh car since i also passed my test in 2006, his starlet remained steadfast. with regards to its potential eventual replacement,aygo has been identified as ideal for his needs; namely, something modestly sized, simple, dependable, yet still with cheeky spirit that will see him drive around 25,000 miles per year with minimal fuss, expense and just offer the bare necessities for the act of driving. even the prospect of the replacement car possibly having airconditioning is luxury for my husband! however, i am mindful that this present generation car has been on sale since mid-2014...... so 3.5 years already. quick research tells me the previous generation aygo was released mid-2005, with first facelift early 2009 (3.5 years), then again in early 2012 ( another 3 years). it would be a preference, particularly for me, to hold out for a facelift of this generation car; partly because maybe some improvements on spec, partly because this is likely/hopefully to be another long term purchase/ownership, but also because i have a few small stylistic reservations about the current car which i don't think too unreasonable to be changed in a mid-life refresh (mainly lighting and bumper treatments). any thoughts? i note that they stopped selling 3-door yaris in the uk when facelifted again a few months back (but it is still available in mainland europe markets) - i hope this bodyshell option will be retained here for aygo's update at least, as we'd like a white 3-door, in order to closely resemble the outgoing starlet. i might even try to cook up some red and green 'castrol' graphics for it........ best wishes.