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  1. My 2010 IQ3 has drums at the back - nearly ordered a “disc all round kit” from eBay by mistake...
  2. Hi folk. Well, a month in and I’m still enjoying the IQ. It surprises me how long legged the gears are. My Monday morning commute is nearly all motorway and the engine sits comfortably at 3000 revs in sixth. Compares pretty well with the Lexus’s 2750. In this hideous weather though, I’m missing one or two comforts from the big Lexus. First and foremost are the heated seats. Nothing like a warm bum on a cold morning? In the handbook, there’s mention of a “power heater” that warms up in under two minutes and sounds ideal. Anyone got one fitted?
  3. I’m thinking of fitting a camera and one of the after market rear view mirror/monitors from eBay - had one on my focus cc and really miss it ( although, to be fair, if I turn round I’m looking straight out the back window 😂😂😂).
  4. Mine beeps twice when I engage reverse gear, then goes silent till I get near an obstacle. Closer I get, faster it beeps, till I’m really close and the beep goes constant.
  5. Well, after a week of ownership, I can safely say I rather like this motor! Last one was a Lexus RX300 so it’s got a lot to live up to - and since the Lexus was on LPG the IQ is currently giving fewer MPG lol! Bright side is it’s such fun to drive. Can’t get used to the third pedal yet, wheel spinning at the lights makes me look such a boy racer and the wifey isn’t pleased at that. I’ve got loads of questions for the forum gurus and I’m sure they’ll be sick to death of me asking. Fingers crossed they’ll be kind lol!
  6. Thanks for the welcome it’s black with the manual gearbox. Had auto boxes for the last few cars so it’ll be fun at junctions when I forget the pesky left pedal lol!
  7. Sparkyrich

    IQ newbie

    Hi folks, I’ve been lurking for a week or two, enjoying reading all the previous posts. Hopefully I pick up our “new to us” 2010 IQ3 this morning. I’m like a kid waiting to go see Santa, stood by the door, hopping from foot to foot. T’wife says I’ve to grow up and have some patience lol! I’ll take some pictures when I get it home and, hopefully, won’t get on everyone’s wick by asking shed loads of dumb questions. Now, is it nearly time yet???
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