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  1. I find it better looking than current RAV4. Good that they didn't adopt stupid gaping jaw like in Lexus! Would have liked slightly less width. I always find width more of a problem than length. Not sure why Toyota is offering any turbo petrol like its competitors. Still, 2.0 petrol + AWD is good combination. I see engine offerings are not changing compared to current RAV4 except dropping of diesel. Agree with comments about increasing size of RAV4. If you want original RAV4 size car then Suzuki Vitara is better bet. In 2019 I have decide between new RAV4 and Kia Sportage.
  2. Isn't that exact opposite of most other cars - which start with FWD mode and becomes AWD if traction loss detected? Usually pressing AWD indicates diff lock icon in dashboard. Is RAV4 an exception to this?
  3. Hi I have not yet purchased any Toyota but interested in Toyota RAV4 2L petrol CVT AWD model in Design or Excel trim. Is there anything about this car I should be aware of? I couldn't find any user review as such (compared with many other similar cars). I like RAV4 because there are few very few petrol auto AWD SUVs in the market. The other car in my shortlist is Kia Sportage (currently own a Kia Ceed). Reasons for leaning towards RAV4 over Sportage are: 1. No AEB or Adaptive Cruise Control offered in petrol Sportage 2. Fuel economy is better in RAV4 (how much in real life?) 3. Interior feels bit roomier in RAV4. I prefer to buy a ~1 year old car. However, I am finding it difficult to spot a RAV4 in my desired trim in used market! I don't fancy the hybrid model. Does the RAV4 really live up to stellar Toyota standard? I know old RAV4s had good reputation for reliability, but don't know about new models. Thanx in advance for all the advice :-)