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  1. I had the same problem due to parking sensors. After the car had a wash, It went away.
  2. Since I bought my car in Jan 2018, I have used 0w20 oil which is the same brand as Tony’s. I have a 2013 1.6 petrol model. I have done 30,000 miles. I haven’t had any issues.
  3. Excel777

    Fuel Range

    If it’s only 2.5 miles, I would just drive there. Sometimes, we worry too much.
  4. Thanks Roks. Hoping to get it delivered for Friday to get a mechanic to fit it for me on Saturday. I will keep an eye out and keep this post updated.
  5. Hi Roks, I am trying to replicate what you did. It's taken 10 months. Just bought a used 1.2 exhaust backbox 2018 from Ebay. Can you please let me know the full part number for the donut gasket? Many thanks!
  6. A few years ago, I heard a screeching noise coming from the wheels. I didn’t know what it was so I took it to Krapfit on Edgware Road. The guy said the front brake pads and discs needed replacing. I didn’t know better so I paid £250. I had to rush home as they took so long. Anyway, when I got home I realised there were zip ties on my wheel covers. They broke the covers, zip tied them and didn’t say anything hoping I wouldn’t notice. When I called up the guy who was responsible for my car, he denied all knowledge. The wheel covers weren’t expensive so I didn’t bother following it up. Two months later, I took my car for an oil change to Halfords on Edgware Road. After they did an oil change, they told me the front brakes discs and pads need changing! I said they had only been changed two months ago. How would they get worn out in two months? He said he only did a visual inspection. I asked him to show me. He became all anxious and started apologising! I just stared at him, got my keys and left, never to go back again! Lesson learnt was not to take the car to krapfit or Halfords.
  7. Two years ago, I got my gearbox oil changed by Jemca Enfield. I found changing gears wasn’t as smooth as before. The garage wasn’t helpful and too far away to keep taking the car there. I did a bit of research and got the Castrol 75 SAE and asked an independent to change the gearbox oil for me - changing gears was smooth again and have not had an issue with it since.
  8. Thank you so much. I will try them both.
  9. I need to contact Jemca HQ - can you please post it or message me their contact details? I ordered a back box from Jemca Edgware over six months ago but I am not getting anywhere. Toyota Customer service is pretty useless as well. They just refer me back to the dealer who they say will contact me but never does. Every time I contact them, the date keeps moving. Now they say, they don’t know at all!
  10. In my car, I can switch them all off or all on only.
  11. I know what you mean, I got it when it was 29k. Mine is a 1.6. Yes mpg is disappointing as it's nothing near the official figures. Mpg fluctuates between 41mpg in summer to 33 in winter. I do like the car though because it's relaxing to drive and the Excel version comes with a lot of functionality which I didn't have in my previous car such as automatic reverse parking, reverse camera cruise control, speed limiter, auto lights, auto wipers, electronic folding mirrors, not having to take the key fob out of the pocket to open/close/start car etc.
  12. I have the Excel model of the Auris bought in Jan 18, which includes heated seats. At that time, I got some covers from fleabay. They are quite thin and took 30 minutes to fit but they work. I haven't had any problems.
  13. I got it fitted by the insurance company's garage. Their garage fitted a non genuine part as they couldn't get hold of the genuine cat. When I got the car back, the exhaust was really loud. Initially Jemca Toyota Edgware diagnosed the noise as due to non genuine part. Insurance garage took it back to Jemca Edgware and they changed their diagnosis to corrosion in baffles of the rear silencer. Jemca Edgware couldn't explain why they misdiagnosed in the first place. Now I am not sure whether it's the non genuine cat or the corrosion in the rear silencer. I have ordered a new rear silencer from Jemca Edgware in April 21 and I am still waiting as it's on back order. I contacted various Toyota dealerships in March 21 and noted that they didn't have cat converters in stock. I am not sure if this has been resolved.
  14. I went through go compare last year too so my excess of £200 was insured. The policy was underwritten by AXA. I made the claim in March. They still haven't been paid my excess yet because they ask for so many things such as a receipt I paid my excess, letter from my insurance company confirming: the details of the accident; they have paid the repairer ; and my file is closed. My insurance is so slow in providing this.
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