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  1. Had the Cat Loc fitted today. Price was same as Toyota's £250 fitted incVAT. I saw the unit and looks a bit of substantial kit, Invoice stated that the unit was £184.45 and £24.15 labour plus AT. He told me that they pay more than a dealer for the unit, as they price them less than that for dealers. Comes with card which gives unique code if vehicle is stolen or the cat. The bolts are tamper proof, unless they are drilled out after installation
  2. I queried the price with Toyo Tech, as to it being a fixed price of £250. They have come back and apologized say they based it on the invoice, which when they looked was for 2 items and not one. So it will be less than the price of Toyota's price. Thanks for the heads up, as I would not have known. And no, my one is still there hopefully till they fit the cat lock.
  3. Well that is what I was quoted by Toyo Tech, as supplied to fit the Auris by Toyota
  4. Arranged to have the Toyota original catalytic converter mod to stop it being stolen, on Tuesday. £341 fitted, cheaper than a new cat.
  5. Thanks Chris, this is the problem, that I have had to call assistance out now twice due to a flat battery, following what you say, Can a retro fit battery be fitted that has a bigger capacity?
  6. On most cars, you are able to play audio, without the engine running , by use of the two position ignition switch. This does not seem to be an option
  7. Had a problem the other day, when I was going on a journey to a set address. Started up and the sat nav map did not come on no matter what I did. Was in a hurry, so loaded the old Garmin to use. Strange thing was the speed warnings were working but no map guidance showed up. On the return journey it decided to work again, so had two for the journey home. So was there something that I missed? I tried all the various buttons, Car , media etc but it would not work on the initial journey
  8. As a matter of interest the software version is 2.13.5WL,on the latest version fitted. Still not that impressed with the system over the old Garmin that I still have. Took me 7 hours to cover the 200 miles from Somerset back to S E Essex. This did include a 1.5 hour hold up trying to get across the Dartford Crossing!!! It does come up with a visual warning to calculate an alternative route due to congestion, but does not appear to give an audible warning at the same time, or have I missed something?
  9. Absolutely, Toyota C S is first class,just a shame that Stephen Eagell who have a monopoly in my region does not match them. Not the first time I have had a problem with them, but Toyota CS has got it sorted out very speedily. But I should not have to resort to these actions and to rub salt into the wound the salesman did not want to know, once he had sold the vehicle, which as I was a sales rep in my past work,I always tried to sort out problems so as tog get repeat business..
  10. Had the MOT and yearly service done by the Toyota dealer, where they agreed to fit a new drivers door inner handle and update the sat Nav. They forgot to fit the door handle and had not got the key for the update. Went back today, waited 3 hours, where the door handle was replaced, but they managed to corrupt the sat nav. Not pleased about this as it worked on the way their, but came out with just the CD player working😒😶😶 Phoned Toyota Customer services, within 10 minutes the dealer was on the phone to say a new sat nav would be with the dealer overnight and can be fitted tomorrow. But why do we hqve to go through all the aggro.
  11. I find the auris seat uncomfortable after about an hour my back aches across the shoulder blades and lower back. To be honest my old Golf was the same. For me French car seats are usually better, with the old Renault 16 ones being like armchairs. Pity there is not an after market in upgrading car seats for those who have a problem.
  12. It is 2.11.5H, I mis read the H for 11. So where does that leave me in regards to the £109 download?
  13. Software version is 2.11.511 & Map I.D is EUH20150216
  14. I did download the latest free map upgrade in Feb/ March time. Did not want to fork out the £109 for the other upgrade, as I have a Garmin that has the latest upgrades in it
  15. Is there a setting for the route on the above, as it seems to have a mind of it's own and takes routes that I would not use. The three options that come up Fast Route, Ecological Route or Shortest route there seems little to choose between them