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  1. Just like to thank all those who have fed info to me on the Auris Hybrid Estate, I have had for nearly 3 years. Changed to a 2017 Niro Hybrid, after test drive(2017 model), that was still 0 rated road tax. Never got used to the cvt gearbox noise when used in Power mode, plus the the DCT box on the Niro is more to my liking being like a normal Auto box. Liked the higher seating, due to old age creeping up. Oh 7 year warranty!!!
  2. I bought a 63 plate Auris Excel Icon Estate in 2017. They replace the headlights on the first MOT I had in 2018( quite why it was not done when I bought the car, I don't know. Have now sold the car.
  3. My experience of the Auris Hybrid in regards to fuel consumption, is approx 55 mpg, never seen 60 mpg and it checks out when refueling and checking miles against fuel used. This tends to check out with Honest John Actual fuel figures from other Auris drivers. Driving at at 70 mph this drops to 45+ mpg.
  4. My experience of Stephen Eagle is not good and would not use them again, if buying another Toyota. Had two before Carina & Yaris both bought privately. Had a Cat Loc fitted as it seemed a wise precaution, against the cost plus waiting time for another Cat /exhaust. If I were 30 years younger would have done it myself, but given up crawling under cars now🙄
  5. Something odd happening, in that never had a problem with this in the last 3 years of ownership. but my partners Honda Jazz started to do the same a week ago. It is a 2008 model Jazz so is not a sophisticated , as the Auris system, but started sounding off on its own. Also they do so when it gets dark. Have the Jazz booked into a very good auto electrician, who may sort it out. The Auris will take down to Toyo Tech on Monday to see what they can find if anything.
  6. Thanks for that, seems to be the way to go.
  7. Yes, other items work fine from the same socket.
  8. Neighbour came over last night to complain of the alarm sounding off on our Auris hybrid Estate. Checked it out all windows were shut etc, alarm will not set, if anything is not closed/set. Went back indoors it then triggered again wit me watching it. Disconnected battery, as the only way I could think to did arm it. Any thoughts appreciated
  9. I got the above out today and found it does not work. Any ideas, plug into 12V socket switch on nothing, pressure release button works, but no power. Seems a sealed unit.
  10. Had the Cat Loc fitted today. Price was same as Toyota's £250 fitted incVAT. I saw the unit and looks a bit of substantial kit, Invoice stated that the unit was £184.45 and £24.15 labour plus AT. He told me that they pay more than a dealer for the unit, as they price them less than that for dealers. Comes with card which gives unique code if vehicle is stolen or the cat. The bolts are tamper proof, unless they are drilled out after installation
  11. I queried the price with Toyo Tech, as to it being a fixed price of £250. They have come back and apologized say they based it on the invoice, which when they looked was for 2 items and not one. So it will be less than the price of Toyota's price. Thanks for the heads up, as I would not have known. And no, my one is still there hopefully till they fit the cat lock.
  12. Well that is what I was quoted by Toyo Tech, as supplied to fit the Auris by Toyota
  13. Arranged to have the Toyota original catalytic converter mod to stop it being stolen, on Tuesday. £341 fitted, cheaper than a new cat.
  14. Thanks Chris, this is the problem, that I have had to call assistance out now twice due to a flat battery, following what you say, Can a retro fit battery be fitted that has a bigger capacity?