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  1. I’m shocked at the price! Had mine done at my local Toyota dealer last week, full aircon service and regas for £49
  2. ArranB


    Non that I’ve noticed.
  3. ArranB


    UPDATE: My dealer asked if I could leave it with them for the day (I agreed) arranged a lift from the dealer expecting to collect it at the end of the day. Dropped car off at 9.05am and they phoned me at 9.50 to say it’s done!
  4. It’s a software update so they just plug it in and the computer does the “work” so in theory even a bad dealer couldn’t get it wrong?
  5. It tells you on the dash. The message is something like “keyfob battery low”
  6. ArranB


    My dealer told me upto 4 hours!
  7. ArranB


    They are ready now, they phoned me a couple of weeks ago to say they are ready now but yeah there was a long delay for the software to be ready for the Auris. Got the first letter many months ago, I’d guess they have to tell people there is a problem even if they haven’t for the fix for it yet to cover their own backside
  8. ArranB


    Non needed for the latest recall. It’s just a software update
  9. ArranB


    Got mine booked in for next Tuesday so if no one else replied first I’ll let you know. Should have been done last Tuesday but had to change the appointment! I believe the Prius hybrid already had this update so might be worth a bit of research to see if any of them noticed any changes
  10. ArranB


    Just the 12v in the boot. Just need to disconnect the negative terminal
  11. ArranB


    They do. They did the same on mine
  12. ArranB


    I had a similar problem but mine was a sudden drop in mpg for no reason. I disconnected the battery and left it for half hour before reconnecting it and my mpg was back to normal, apparently resetting the ECU in this way makes it relearn things and often improves MPG. As for your recall issue I’m in the same boat. Dealers have the software needed for other models but not the auris. My dealer doesn’t expect it to be too much longer, had to take mine in for a different recall! Passenger side airbag needed to be changed due to a safety issue and the possibility of shrapnel flying into a passengers face in it was deployed!
  13. ArranB

    Hybrid oil grade

    Ok thanks guys. I’m sticking to what should be used (0w20) 👍
  14. My handbook recommends 0w20 fully synthetic oil to be used. That’s what I used on my last oil change but it’s not easy to get hold of, can’t buy it anywhere locally so have to buy online and it’s so expensive for engine oil! I do notice that is says 5w30 can be used but it should be changed to 0w20 as soon as possible. Is it that important to use 0w20 and how much difference does it make compared to using 5w30?