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  1. frenchreg068

    2018 Yaris Hybrid, First Annual Service

    Had our 1st service earlier this month, costs in Euro's are :- Labour. 60€ Oil 58€ Filter 13€. total cost 163€ Sterling equivalent £147. Other items checked both batteries health and condition, all tyres and wheels. Engine diagnostic Took just over 1 hour at our local Toyota dealer. How does that compare to the UK?
  2. frenchreg068

    Latest Map update

    Wrote to Toyota France about this and they have replied that the April 19 update will have the correct speed limits for France.
  3. frenchreg068

    Latest Map update

    I just updated my Touch 2 map and was disappointed to find that for France they have not changed the speed limits to reflect that all single carriageways now have a 80 KPH speed limit. So beware if you are planning to visit France.
  4. frenchreg068

    Disable speed camera alerts

    You will find that the current map for France does not give Speed camera warnings, but gives advance notice of what they call danger zones. Also the speed shown on the map will be wrong for what were 90 km now 80 km limits. I expect the next map update due next month will have the correct speed limits showing. BTW I live in France. I will let you all know if this is so once I update my map.
  5. frenchreg068

    2018 Yaris Hybrid Questions

    Having had our Hybrid since January, have found the most economical way to drive is to use the cruise control whenever possible, (but this in France, where the roads in our location are fairly quiet and not many hills). We get about 4.4 litres per 100 Km so just about 60 mpg. Also always have the air con on re-circulate as recommended in the French instruction manual, as the air con does not work so hard having to cool or warm the outside air. We currently have a daily afternoon temperature in the mid 30's, and set the car temp as 19.5C May be the UK version does not mention this. Also using ECO mode does not seem to do anything, maybe its for driving in cities.
  6. frenchreg068

    Washing the front black grill

    What I what to know is does any one who designs cars ever wash one of their designs? The front plastic grill is a real dirt trap, and is difficult to dry after washing. Any one found a good way to dry it. After washing and leathering down I always put car back in garage the both front and back garage doors open to allow any other residue water to evaporate, but water on the grill takes overnight to dry.
  7. frenchreg068

    New map for 2018

    Update:- Map successfully installed today, took about ¾ hour, I looked at the files on my MacBook before installing and all the files were visible in finder without any problem. Next time will try on the Mac as the stick is now formatted as FAT32, will just delete old files before unzipping on to the stick. My partner has never liked the English female voice, compared to our old TomTom, says its too mechanical, for me as long as I can hear it it's OK . Pity there does not seem to be any way to change it.
  8. frenchreg068

    New map for 2018

    Thanks all for your comments, just got back from friends with map copied on to a memory stick, took about 3 hours in all, 1 hour to down load files and the same to copy to stick the rest of the time was waiting for computer to respond and also not being au fait with windows 10. Will install in car possible tomorrow. I did try to download on to the Macbook earlier but it wouldn't have it. Will try to format stick with SD card formatter on another stick. Will report how long it takes to install in car later.
  9. frenchreg068

    New map for 2018

    I just noticed the latest map dated April 2018 is available. I need to go to a friend with a Windows Pc in order to download it as I cannot do so with a Macbook. Has any one downloaded it in the UK and how long did it take.
  10. frenchreg068

    Paint work issue on Bi-tone hybrid

    Our bi-tone is Nebula blue and having washed and polished it several times have not seen any orange peel effect. It does come up with a beautiful gleam after using Autoglym Ultra deep shine.
  11. frenchreg068

    H Goodman

    Places visited
  12. frenchreg068

    Update Maps

    Just looked at the update maps on the Toyota site, which states the map can only be updated via a Windows PC. As I exclusively use Apple Macs (not with ability to run windows) am I stuffed, as don't have access to any Windows pcs? Is it possible to get the dealer to download for me.
  13. frenchreg068

    Yaris Choice

    We investigated the Renault Zoe before deciding on the Yaris, the reason we were put off is that in France you rent the battery. Depending on annual mileage is how the cost is calculated, for 10,000km p/a the monthly cost was 85€, that worked out twice the monthly cost of Diesel in the car we wanted to change. Not sure if Renault have the same pricing policy in the UK.
  14. frenchreg068

    Connecting Touch & Go + 2 to internet

    Just found out about the mute button on the GPS, its greyed out when no route is planned and is active when driving a route. Where do you post pics of car and how do you do it.
  15. frenchreg068

    Connecting Touch & Go + 2 to internet

    Collected car yesterday, and today tried to connect my iPhone SE with a PAYGO sim to the internet via (in French) ma Toyota. Phone connected OK but message "cannot connect to internet" even when the car is in the garage and phone connected via wi-fi. How important is it to connect and will I be able to update the map without connection. Also I pressed the mute button on NAV and now its greyed out and will not cancel, any ideas how to rectify this to save me a journey to the dealer.