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  1. We have our Aircon set to recirculate all the time, however in cold weather (below 3 degrees C) as soon as the car leaves the garage it reverts to fresh air, and until the heater warms up this setting stops the windscreen misting up. As soon as it's warmed up we manually switch back to recirculate. If set on recirculate directly we get quite bad misting on side windows.
  2. My wife was using the car the other day, when she phoned me about the tyre pressure waring light coming on. Told her that the tyres had been checked recently and on her inspection of all four wheels there did not appear to be any problem. She called in to the nearest tyre place who checked and confirmed all were at correct pressure. What I told her was to use a make-up mirror to view the underside of the dashboard under the steering wheel (LHD) and look for the round white button. After pressing this and holding while the warning light flashed 3 times she was on her way. What I a
  3. Thanks William, I did what you advised and it worked. Took about ¾ hour to complete, which is faster than last update which I seem to recall took over 1 ¼ hours.
  4. Yes I'm using a MacBook Pro, I have emailed Toyota and have had a acknowledgement and will get a reply within 24/48 hours. I probably could get access to a Windows PC but not for a few days. This is what my USB looks like:- >6.14.0L activation code.xml KaliSWDL.Log >Nav swdl.iso swell.iso.md5 swdlinstall.iso swdinstall.iso.md5 I tried to upload a screen shot but it hasn't worked, under Nav are all the other files.
  5. This is what I have on the USB key exactly as it was unzipped to the key Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 17.08.05.pdf. (don't think this worked)
  6. I downloaded the latest update yesterday (6.14.0L) and after unzipping to a USB key it just does not start. I sat in the car for over 5 minutes without any success. Am emailing Toyota to find out why this is not working. Never had a problem in the past.
  7. In central France yesterday afternoon I had to park the car in an unshaded car park for 4 hours. The exterior temp gauge showed 38 C on my return. Switched engine on opened all windows and set aircon temp to 18 C drove off and in 5 minutes and was able to shut windows and drive home in comfort. The fan speed decreased to normal as I drove and I reset the aircon to 19.5c where I usually leave it during summer months. The exterior air temp was actually 29C. Next week we will be probably over 40 C so what temp the gauge will record I don't know.
  8. Thanks for the info, our Yaris does not have DAB radio, doesn't exist currently in France.
  9. Having looked at www.Techmoan.com (for those who don't known him he is a guy who reviews all sorts of tech equipment. He is very much worth a look.) he recommends the AUKEY DR 02D twin dash cams, which I ordered today. I will either hard wire it (if I can find a live all the time) or by OBD. Either have a battery saver to avoid running the 12 volt battery down. Any way will post again when up and running.
  10. In the LHD version (Hybrid) the interior fuse box is in a very awkward position just under the bonnet release handle. I wondered if I could power it through the OBD, which is quite accessible. If so what do I need to plug into the OBD to obtain the 5 volts of the dash cam. What dash cam do others use and recommend and how easy is it to conceal the cable especially if I select one with the 2nd camera for the rear.
  11. Had our 1st service earlier this month, costs in Euro's are :- Labour. 60€ Oil 58€ Filter 13€. total cost 163€ Sterling equivalent £147. Other items checked both batteries health and condition, all tyres and wheels. Engine diagnostic Took just over 1 hour at our local Toyota dealer. How does that compare to the UK?
  12. Wrote to Toyota France about this and they have replied that the April 19 update will have the correct speed limits for France.
  13. I just updated my Touch 2 map and was disappointed to find that for France they have not changed the speed limits to reflect that all single carriageways now have a 80 KPH speed limit. So beware if you are planning to visit France.
  14. You will find that the current map for France does not give Speed camera warnings, but gives advance notice of what they call danger zones. Also the speed shown on the map will be wrong for what were 90 km now 80 km limits. I expect the next map update due next month will have the correct speed limits showing. BTW I live in France. I will let you all know if this is so once I update my map.
  15. Having had our Hybrid since January, have found the most economical way to drive is to use the cruise control whenever possible, (but this in France, where the roads in our location are fairly quiet and not many hills). We get about 4.4 litres per 100 Km so just about 60 mpg. Also always have the air con on re-circulate as recommended in the French instruction manual, as the air con does not work so hard having to cool or warm the outside air. We currently have a daily afternoon temperature in the mid 30's, and set the car temp as 19.5C May be the UK version does not mention this. Also usin
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