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  1. Our 107 is similar age and that is still very good mechanically and body, it doesn't do much mileage wise, but agree with comments keep an eye on things and follow up any MOT advisories, served us well with 2 old Fords which lasted 25 years+ with regular servicing and replace as and when and those 2 got sold as MOT roadworthy cars so lived another day, even the dreaded rust didn't kill them. But we've had the down side, thanks to British Leyland!, an original Mini that was practically rebuilt, new engine, rusted like a colinder, brakes, etc, etc, but my sister loved it!, not so my Dad!!!
  2. Another option, I fitted reverse camera to our Peugeot 108 using a camera kit integrated into a number plate lens. I bought an adapter lead that plugs into back of touchscreen from Car Solutions and then a reverse camera kit from AliExpress and some additional wiring all for about £35. While I was doing it I did notice a wiring plug behind the bumper between bumper and metal skin/crash structure., I suspected that was the correct plug for a pukka reverse camera, but as 2nd hand /scrappy reverse cameras were going for about £60-£70 at the time, I chose the car solutions and AliExpress camera ro
  3. Agree, use silicone spray, I discovered it late in my motoring life, but when one my leccy windows stuck years ago it sorted it, cheap fix that one!, so now all our cars have migrated to leccy rather than keep-fit windows, do them and other rubber parts/seals couple times a year.
  4. Crikey, that price is more than value of our whole car, good comments all round, good to know genuine Toyota pipe prices are reasonable. I did a rear brake line across the back on a previous car few years ago and I got that pipe from a local motor factors and handily they flared the ends which I couldn't do, but that was about £30 all in. Shaping the rear pipe was the tricky part, so knowing the genuine Toyota pipe is pre-formed is another plus.
  5. It is located drivers side to right of OBD socket under dash, best seen from drivers footwell looking up and has white plastic cover that pops off. Having trouble posting my pics, but you can just see the white plastic cover in Giggers2010 post above, to left OBD socket in that pic.
  6. Nice, love mods like this, as you say think I saw pic of Mk1 C1 with one fitted, but no info on how it was done, so be good to see how it is done, good luck with it.
  7. I remember years ago the yoof were removing wiper blades for the 'cool' single wiper look, mainly VWs iirc, how times change. To OP, get ready for the 'you've only got one reverse light working' comment.
  8. I've got a similar analogue water temp gauge and mine shows about 90c, so looks fine to me.
  9. Ours is previous gen car 2008, but ours does this every so often, well more so than other cars we've owned, but I just accepted it as a 'feature' of the car. As said a clutch pump or quick engage 1st gear always sorted it for me.
  10. As said, keep the faith, I know my limits and anything too much I let the pros do it as they have right tools, experience etc. to do it. Worth proper diagnostics by the pros, hopefully you got nice friendly independent garage nearby then at least you know if it economical to repair, if your lucky it a cheap fix if not you say thanks for the memories and move on.
  11. Just in time!, nice colour blue as well, some of the bug blue shades been iffy over the years, but like that. Enjoy the 'improvements' over your old C1.
  12. Not quite the same, but my sister has a Peugeot 108 with touchscreen, hers is a 64 so similar vintage to yours and I have noticed a few times when she starting off the touchscreen doesn't bluetooth connect with her android phone, she has to stop and start car again and then it connects. I don't really drive car enough to have noticed any more, other than that the touchscreen/handsfree works ok. I just accepted it as a 'feature' of the touchscreen.
  13. See what you mean, never really tried, if it looked a bit iffy I left alone in case I mullered something, a lot of trim on these cars is held on by clips etc unlike screws from yesteryear, which I found to be good in most cases, but you can't see easily how to remove or if they intended it to be removed! and remember the plastics are cheap and don't wear or take abuse well, I run a few wires over the years, but usually mine behind carpet or cable tied to existing wiring truncking under dash.
  14. Not sure what you mean, the plastic footwell kick panel to the side? that just pulls off, like most of the trim, just so you know there is a handy pukka earthing point/bolt behind driver's side kick panel as well and just above on the passenger side should you ever need it.
  15. Should be the same, I added footwell leds to our 107, if you pull off the drivers side A pillar plastic trim, the interior light wiring runs down A pillar and plugs into multi connector at bottom of A pillar, handily it unclips to add led +pos wire fairly easily. Sorry can't remember wiring colours/exact connection as I did it years ago, but hopefully you can work it out.
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