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  1. Puglet

    Sad Ending

    We have owned our 107 for over 12 years from new and one reasons we bought ours was seeing all those Toyota stickers on the mechanical bits and I have not been disappointed. Ours has been very reliable, cheap to run and maintain and good fun to drive as well, not bad for what is as said a cheap, no frills car built to a budget. So much so we got a 108 few years ago again with the Toyota engine, not as much faith in the PSA 1.2, and again it been spot on. Hopefully, the Aygo concept makes it to production with ICE power, the PSA city electric offerings I still not convinced of and although ours does mainly local drives, when called for it has done long trips with no issues. I know in my local area the end of the Aygo/C1/107 will be felt a lot, there are 3 of the triplets in my road alone and on the rest of the estate lost count of the number and we just in a normal semi rural town, so no major big city, and they been popular for many years, more than either Fiat 500s, VW Up!s, Hyundai i10s. I know a engine failure is disappointing, but we had only one over decades of car ownership, our Mini's successor was an 80s Ford which lasted over 25 years with no major rust or mechanical issues and was sold on in roadworthy condition, so it evens out.
  2. Puglet

    Sad Ending

    As you say sad times, reminds me my sister's original Mini threw a conrod many years ago, and that done a lot fewer miles, and it was riddled with rust, but was looked after and regular oil changes. She loved it so had new engine fitted, my dear old Dad wanted to scrap it, but her heart ruled her head! With the engine, rust/welding, paint and brakes that car was practically rebuilt over the years. The irony being that when it was running it was a hoot to drive. Get your point though, cos when I see all these motoring stories/programmes eulogizing about the original Mini, I have a slightly different view.
  3. Just becareful with a CAT classified car, maybe ring your insurance to find what loading it would put on your insurance, cos any initial purchase saving could be wiped out by insurance hike, personally I never touched a CAT classified car cos I also worried about future insurance/selling problems. Also, remember HPI check, especially nowadays with so many cars on finance, I've always done one cos when I'm shelling out big money on a car, even from a reputable dealer, worth the price of few pints! and having experianced other dealer admin mess-ups over the years, forgetting to do an HPI check probably not beyond them. Another handy tool is go on the DVLA MOT checker which shows you all old MOTs, passes and fails and what failed on and gives good idea how cared for a car has been and also it documents mileage, so you can verify that as well. As you mentioned, you seen a few so far so hopefully got an idea of what is fair wear and tear and what is used and abused, ok the hard interior plastics do scuff and scrap fairly easily, with bodywork being the costliest fixes on any car, again tidy body tells a story. Apologies if you know about all the above, but just in case it handy info that helped me in the past. P.S. With all the discussion on colours, i always like the various Blue colours of Aygos over the years, but funnily enough we have a Red Peugeot 107, but for me it doesn't suit the Aygo, see we all have our funny ways!
  4. So you know where the bumpers meet front wings they use plastic clips to hold bumper on and they often snap, even if you just removing the bumper to do work, so common issue. Not saying car may not had a bash, so again just be aware. Out of curiosity I had a look auto trader for Aygos in my area using your criteria and I would be in same boat, no black ones about and most have 90/100K+ mileage and about £1200-£1500 pounds for silver Aygos. All the triplets have always been decent money considering what they are, cheap no frills cars, I see your point you could always get a lot more car for less money, but maybe their low road tax, cheap to run and reliability, sometimes the no frills means less to go wrong!, which I love about them, adds to their desirability. As I said the lockdown in March, with new 20 plate really screwed the pooch cos with no new car sales it just stops the flow of cars right thru the car trade chain and even private sellers can't sell either, wierd times.
  5. Knowing the triplets are all basically the same car, what i have noticed over the years is that Toyota Aygo year on year were a bit more premium in terms spec than the Peugeot 107 or Citroen C1, but they catering for different parts of the market and iirc the Aygo went zero emissions first, had EBD? standard and nicer interior leather bits and better stereo speakers setup, etc. etc. This was reflected in the initial sale price and is usually reflected in 2nd hand prices, but agree with others those Aygo prices are a bit steep, but then depends on demand and where you are, we paid a premium for our 108 cos where we live and I wanted security of a main dealer warranty, but I understood that so had to pay up, but we did have some issues which fair play to the Peugeot dealer sorted without any hassle, so it was worth it and it restored my faith a bit in main dealers after past bad experiences! Another thing to be aware of, think someone mentioned the mainly rear end water leaks which affect all the triplets, so just check the boot, pull the carpet and check spare wheel well, manufacturers don't seem to learn, cos my Ford Mondeo Mk2 suffered the same 20 years ago, had paddling pool in the spare wheel well, sealing rear lights sorted that! Also, the kind of mileages you looking at 90K/100K these engines often start using more oil could be piston rings or valve stem seals, but to be fair know many owners hit mileages of 150K+ and more, so they soldier on, but just thought mention it. To be fair it really a city car, so for me engine not really designed to do galactic mileages, but it refreshing to see it can.
  6. Just to add, good luck with your search and as you've mentioned the few you seen 'don't look/seem right' trust your instincts and walk away plenty others out there. Personally I like view/drive car first before making an offer, nearly got caught out at Peugeot main dealers years ago, they 'found' a car for us (Peugeot 107) on their network and had it shipped to them, they promised it was a good'un, but it arrived and as soon as opened door smelt it a smokers car, they said it'll be like a diamond once the valeters work on it, but the love had gone so I said no, thankfully I made sure of a 'refundable deposit' which they didn't want do at first. So as you see even main stealers are at it. One good thing was looking round it saw all the 'Toyota' stickers which helped me uncover the triplets story. In the end, we bought a brand new Peugeot 107 as they made us a good deal and glad we did cos had ours 12 years now and it been great little car, very reliable, cheap to run and easy to maintain.
  7. Agree, buying a car is a tricky process, not an Aygo, but similar sister got a Peugeot 108 (showed her all the triplets and she preferred 108 styling, but wanted and stuck with toyota 1.0) few years ago, but same principles, set your budget and car spec, which you have and be patient, took us a few months to find one, admit lockdown doesn't help things, like you wanted a particular colour and mileage limit, and within our area. We did get a car eventually and it was a grand choice of 1, but it met our criteria. We tend to keep our cars a while, so it was worth being patient and picky and happy to report Big Sis still happy with hers 3 years on.
  8. Good idea, I did ours the other week and not been out much so stayed pretty clean, but I may have to up the anti and go for show n shine levels due to boredom. As you say keep safe in these worrying times. Best wishes to all.
  9. Looks a nice neat job, fitted couple sets of these to previous motorhomes we had and they proved very useful, were your sensors pre-painted white?, ones I got were and for the price were very good and considering price they lasted very well. Does your one have the dash display or just the beeping variety.
  10. Good to read Toyota still have faith in a small petrol city car, the small battery cars I seen like electric Mini and Honda e range is low and price is high for city car, so still not convinced.
  11. I got one those Bosch jobbies in our 107, it done 6+ years service so far and still doing ok. Had a few Bosch batteries over the years and they all lasted over 5 years so been more than happy.
  12. Nice one, good to read a common sense approach to the future of city cars, looks like our next city car will have a Toyota badge on the outside rather all over the inside.
  13. Same here, both the predecessor cars to our 107 and 108 lasted 25 years+ and hoping the 107 and 108 will last just as long, our 107 is 12 years old and still going strong, will an EV and it's batteries last as long, not so sure, and not heard mention of battery recycling and any enviro nasties in the batteries? Agree with Orange, I always thought hydrogen fuel cell looked better bet than electric, quick easy fill etc, but powers that be continue to push electric. An interesting aside, a friend's neighbour worked for Renault and got a Zoe a few years ago, nice, but he then retired, so the Zoe went and he bought a 60s Ford Mustang V8!
  14. Puglet


    Enjoy your new car, sound like you got a good'un. The basic no frills approach on these cars is a plus for me, got ours for my Mum, she came from a very old car, so I wanted a simple easy to drive car for her with improved safety features, which these cars do perfectly.
  15. Just to add, heard many owners over the years hit about 100K and like you experience higher oil usage, but cars run and drive as normal, not heard of any cheap easy fix, but you could try above, but many have soldiered on to 150K and beyond, but eventually many owners just fitted a newer 2nd hand engine, it cheaper than re-build, funnily enough someone just fitted a 2012 29K engine to 2005 150K, they fitted it themselves, even with new starter, water pump + fluids they did it for £300.