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  1. Not exactly, but similar, we have a Peugeot 107 (2008) and 108 1.0 (late 2014) in the family, and as you say the 107s etc were plagued with leak problems, thankfully ours has been ok, but has been garaged all its life, which I think makes a difference. Having worked on both cars, pulling trim and seals doing this and that, from what I have seen our 108 has better seals and water proofing compared to our 107, so think they learned the lessons, also as said I not heard of any major leak problems with the new generation of cars. In terms of reliability, the 108 (1.0) we have had for over 2 years now and it been spot on, no problems, same with our 107 which we owned from new, had no issues at all, to be fair one reasons we got 107 was knowing the Toyota involvement with the mechanicals etc. and thus when my sister wanted a new car the 108 with toyota 1.0 was a first choice, showed her all the siblings, but she preferred the Peugeot styling.
  2. Puglet

    K&N filters

    As you say, always get different views, my experiances are I had K&N induction kit which gave me proven performance gains (and nice noise!), which I was after, without issues although did fit extra cold air feeds! but also fitted couple K&N panel filters to smaller engines mainly because we tend keep our cars a long time, so more cost effective over time for us, had one in over 10 years now again no issues, wasn't expecting any performance gains or improved economy with the panel versions cos the engines are so tiny anyway.
  3. As above, its the the paint protection, good spot though, we have a Peugeot 107 and newer 108 (the Aygos twins!), and on our 108 the paint protection goes further up the sill like yours, on our 107 it hardly shows on the visible part of the sill.
  4. As ever personal choice and whether the deal/numbers work for you, as said the recent improvements are minor face lift changes. As you say now you got to pay £140 extra a year etc. We have a Peugeot 107 and 108 in the family, and difference between the 2 is vast, the 108 more composed and they fixed a lot 107s niggles, so when looking a few years ago, glad I got my sister to spend bit more and get a 108 rather than a late model 107, which she was keen on. She went other way on road tax, £145 on her old car to £0, which she very pleased about and keeps reminding me!
  5. Nice one, always good to hear older and leggier bugs passing with flying colours.
  6. I fitted an underseat sub and bought some sticky velcro/hook&loop tape, used the 'hook' part only stuck to sub underside thus using original carpet under driver seat as the 'loop' part. I did it as I didn't want to drill any fixing holes for sub under the seat. Did this few years ago and it hasn't moved at all.
  7. Puglet

    Clock display

    Agree, is a bit poor and if it not configurable then even worse, it just another distraction behind the wheel that not needed, do car manufacturers not do focus groups anymore to pick these things up, it's a simple clock for goodness sake! We got a early Pug 108, my sister not mentioned it, but will have a double check at the weekend.
  8. Nice one, welcome to the ST club, you will enjoy that now that Ford taking the ST brand seriously, my old Mondeo is from a time when they weren't, but still enjoy mine.
  9. Just my 2p worth, I got a Bosch S4 in our 107 currently, think that is over 5 years old and still working ok, had few other Bosch batteries over the years in various vehicles usually S5 and had 8 years and (6 years and counting), so worth considering imo.
  10. Nice to see versions on a theme, so you know I'm Steve107 on the other site, as said not my idea, think it came from '107oc' site I member of many years ago, which now long gone. Thanks for the mention in dispatches, Agent Orange.
  11. Puglet

    Changes ahead

    Interesting news, car production and manufacturer tie ups so fluid nowadays, what would been shocking few years ago is now common place. When we got our 107 all those years ago, the Toyota connection was a reassuring factor, so be interested to see what happens with PSA / GM groups next small car offering.
  12. Thanks for posting, always helpful to hear other peeps success stories. I have heard a few people who had airbag issues related to underseat connectors and clock spring, but not heard the ECU one before, but I have now, so thanks again.
  13. Glad you got it sorted, and well done for holding your nerve, as you say these things take a while to sort out, but you get there in the end.
  14. I fitted these to our Pug 107, so sort of related, I bought some LED light strips with sticky backing and attached them under dash. I traced interior light wiring, on 107 removing A pillar trim on drivers side gave good access and tapped into that. Did this many years ago, so cannot remember exactly, but think I only used live feed from interior light and then earthed to interior light door courtesy switch, so they come on/off with that.
  15. My sister has a 108 and the fabric luggage cover is neat design, but useless for storage, so agree only really for hiding boot contents. The plastic clips holding it on look flimsy so liable to break, so glad they designed it like they did cos wouldn't want take it off too often.