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  1. Puglet

    Changes ahead

    Interesting news, car production and manufacturer tie ups so fluid nowadays, what would been shocking few years ago is now common place. When we got our 107 all those years ago, the Toyota connection was a reassuring factor, so be interested to see what happens with PSA / GM groups next small car offering.
  2. Puglet

    Airbag ECU - flashing airbag light

    Thanks for posting, always helpful to hear other peeps success stories. I have heard a few people who had airbag issues related to underseat connectors and clock spring, but not heard the ECU one before, but I have now, so thanks again.
  3. Puglet

    Horrible Q8 Did This To My Pride And Joy

    Glad you got it sorted, and well done for holding your nerve, as you say these things take a while to sort out, but you get there in the end.
  4. Puglet

    Mood lighting (foot wells )

    I fitted these to our Pug 107, so sort of related, I bought some LED light strips with sticky backing and attached them under dash. I traced interior light wiring, on 107 removing A pillar trim on drivers side gave good access and tapped into that. Did this many years ago, so cannot remember exactly, but think I only used live feed from interior light and then earthed to interior light door courtesy switch, so they come on/off with that.
  5. Puglet

    Toyota Aygo/C1/108 luggage cover differences

    My sister has a 108 and the fabric luggage cover is neat design, but useless for storage, so agree only really for hiding boot contents. The plastic clips holding it on look flimsy so liable to break, so glad they designed it like they did cos wouldn't want take it off too often.
  6. Puglet

    Memory Lane

    My first car was a Vauxhall Chevette 2 door saloon, nice car that, top speed 88mph iirc, remember I'd saved £1k for my first car, but back in mid-80s they all rust buckets for that money, so Mum lent me bit more, for 'decent' car. It was good, reliable car for me, but was bit noisy at motorway speeds. Funny you mention Vauxhall Victor, my Dad had an estate version in seventies, I remember the black plastic seats used to burn my legs when I was a nipper in summer and remember he rigged up a Roberts radio with car adapter so we could have some tunes. Just checked internet and his was FD series.
  7. Depends what type car buyer you are, some peeps like to change cars often but we tend keeps ours quite a while, had our Peugeot 107 from new for 10 years now and it been great car, very reliable and cheap to run, seeing all those 'Toyota' stickers under the bonnet years ago was a major factor in buying the car and that faith has been repaid, I'm happy to report and like you we do lowish mileage, so much so my sister got a Peugeot 108 (1.0 of course!) last year, that was a 3 year old car, had that a year, it had some warranty issues that needed doing, dealer sorted them without issue, but it also been very reliable and big improvement on our 107. A new 108 wasn't an option for us as prices moved on alot and sister had only certain budget, but a used 108 didn't worry me cos our 107 been so good. All I would say is it about timing or maybe luck, cos when we got our 107 all those years ago, we got a great deal on a new car, discount made it cheaper than year old version and with the 108 we got 0% interest deal as sister had saved decent down payment, so she took it, but this year noticed her Peugeot dealer not been offering 0% interest at all.
  8. Puglet

    Advisories - VHC on my Aygo

    As zuh says on early cars the water pump was an issue, they failed at varying mileages, so maybe you been lucky so far, but i'd be getting those problems done, main dealer prices are always going be more, so as said a recommeded independant could be way to go.
  9. Puglet

    Should I be banned?

    Yep, our 107 hazard switch cracked as well, a common problem, like the vent surrounds, did those red and door pulls, leccy switch surrounds on ours red, just the centre console, which seen some peeps do red to copy your XS's version, just bit OTT for me. From the pics removing the strips looks like paint blended/polished in nicely, red always an iffy colour with the weather elements, and considering the previous owner the paint has come out a treat!
  10. Puglet

    Should I be banned?

    Looking very smart, remember these from back in the day when we got our Pug 107 in red, which we still got, so I'll join you in 'banned' section, but it still toyota inside! Surprised it not got aircon, thought XS's were fully loaded, obviously not, our Urban hasn't got it, but I didn't want it anyway, although admit last few weeks it been handy. Apart from red centre console, always like look of these, even the strips!, but still looks nice and tidy, bet your well pleased with your hard work!
  11. Puglet

    Horrible Q8 Did This To My Pride And Joy

    Feel for you, hope you get it sorted quickly and with little hassle. So she didn't see you in your RED car, some drivers take the biscuit!
  12. Puglet

    Facelifted Aygo on sale from 1st July 2018

    Yep agree, Hyundai i10, Vauxhall Viva and Ford Ka+ just some I can think off. Shame really cos we got a newer Peugeot 108 (1.0 of course!) last year and only need 3 door, but we ignored Hyundai, Vauxhall and Ford, as they only 5 door and bit bigger, but if you got garage parking sometimes size does matter. We were replacing a very old Ford Fiesta, but the new Fiesta was total non starter as it woundn't fit in the garage, unlike its shorter ancestor!
  13. Puglet

    Facelifted Aygo on sale from 1st July 2018

    Interesting point about 3 door version, explains alot, cos round our area not seen a new 3 door Aygo, all 5 doors! Personally, the Aygo always been better styling wise in 5 door guise for me, and the current 3 door styling is worse than old one.
  14. Puglet

    Aygo 2008 rear speaker install

    As above, no wiring there already, but it fairly easy to do, most of the trim just pulls or pops off so easy to run wires to the rear. When I added my rear speakers, I bought a full wired ISO speaker connector and connected my 'upgraded' front speakers and new rear speakers to that, leaving original speaker wiring disconnected/in place incase want it back to stock at some point.
  15. Puglet

    Great car, awful dealer!

    I'd never heard of them, but due to google I do now, so I understand the rhyming slang at last! To be fair, I was a bit nervous going to franchise dealer again after so many years, cos regardless of car make they all been pretty useless for sales for me, ironically the parts department peeps always been very good and been very helpful. The sales guys have all the patter, then once you signed on the line, the service seems to drop off a tad! Saying that we had some warranty issues with our Peugeot dealer which were sorted without question, so some faith restored. Bought a few cars from independant traders in the past and had good service from them, probably cos they got more to loose.