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  1. Interesting, our 108 has a fabric parcel/shelf cover, but it cleverly lifts with the tailgate and then covers boot space when closed, I thought Aygo would be similar, but looks like it isn't. Know what you mean about 'short' sill protectors, the 'official' Peugeot 108 ones were stupidly short especially for our 3 door, so I luckily found some new old stock for the previous model and fitted those.
  2. Love the upgrades, lots of options out there to make your car bit more special.
  3. Hello and welcome, congrats on completing the triplet set.
  4. Hope all goes well and you are pleased with your new Aygo X. Looking forward to your review/comments on it to see if it is 'The Best City SUV in the World!'
  5. Our 107 run on mainly branded fuel cos we in bit of a not spot for supermarket fuel, but my sister's 1.0 108 has run on Asda fuel for 5 years as she luckily has a big Asda just round the corner with no issues. I have put the occassional tank of Asda fuel in our 107 when been over my sister's and it run quite happily.
  6. I'm no expert, just mentioning experiences with C1/107 owners over the years. You can buy new ID70 chips fairly cheap. Unfortunately it quite common for used C1s/107s/Aygos to only have 1 key, although they did come with 2 keys, we bought ours new so have 2 keys (1 remote locking key and 1 plain key). Lost count number these cars with only 1 key. Suppose as you have the fancy scanner/programmer you could buy a cheap new ID70 chip and new key case/blade again fairly cheap and if programming works and get blade cut? you at least have a key to start and run the car? If you want the remote locking as well take it from there.
  7. As I understand it you may need a new immobiliser chip (ID70?) cos they can only be programmed once, the remote locking can be 'learned' from the car by a special sequence or maybe fancy scanners/programmers can do that as well. That said word of warning buying a 'used' key of eBay etc, over the MK1 life span 05-14 there seems to have been varying chip sets for remote locking, so just getting that to work has proved challenging and costly for some owners, I'm speaking from MK1 C1/107 owners experiences, hopefully Aygo key sets were a bit more stable/uniform?
  8. Agree with others, should do it easy, heard of peeps going to Easteren Europe in the first gen cars, the good news is you have a Mk2 car so with its better seats and refinement is a bonus. For a very long trip, I'd be leaving our 107 at home and stealing my sister's 108 keys! Have a nice trip anyways.
  9. Remember there was a company that converted a load of first gen Citroen C1s to EV few years ago, no idea of cost or range, but they were flogging off the brand new engines they removed. To be honest not sure if it was a good idea cos back then the whole idea of these little cars were they were cheap to buy and run, easy to maintain and good on fuel.
  10. Just so you know, if you get aftermarket camera built into number plate light, you may have to file out the bulb holder notches in new number plate/camera light to make the bulb holder fit. Not a big issue and easy to do, but odd problem considering the new number plate camera/light fitted in bumper perfectly and other than that it was plug n play.
  11. We have a Peugeot 108 and I fitted an aftermarket camera few years ago, looking behind the bumper is a metal structure/panel and the rear end wiring is behind that. When doing ours I used aftermarket camera and leads, but while wiring ours in I saw what looked like a stock camera cable/plug attached to rear end/number plate wiring. Crawl under the rear end and look up behind the metal panel and you should see it. I went aftermarket route for camera and lead, cos pukka 2nd hand cameras were then £60-£70 and I didn't want drill holes in rear bumper, plus I got adapter lead, camera+wiring etc for about £35 so another plus. I found a rear view camera as part of a replacement number plate light so fitted that thus no drilling holes in rear bumper required.
  12. Yep, they just pull off, held on by rubberised clips. The air vent surrounds are held on by 2 screws to the dashboard trims. I swapped our rather boring Peugeot 108 air vent surrounds and some trims for some from an Aygo few years ago, as much wider colour choice. The touchscreen surround and gear gaitor surround also have rubberised clips, so easy to replace these as well.
  13. This link may also help :-
  14. Sorry to hear your sad tale, dealers do try it on, ok ours was a used car, but we had paint issues and parts missing/broken on a car, they just hope you don't spot these things. I did spot them and they sorted them without any hassle, but just takes the shine off what should be a happy experience. This was pre-pandemic, so bet with current new car production issues these issue tolerances are being stretched even further. Fair play for giving them the chance to repair it.
  15. Hello and welcome, you been busy adding lightness, good to see some more bugs racing, best of luck to your son.
  16. Good info, as a few years ago know our local security shop charged about £80 for a clone key, so that is great price for the genuine article. As ever, worth asking your dealer cos they can be good value.
  17. As above, years ago bug owners got a Scangauge which plugged into OBD port, but this was mainly for temp or RPM if you didn't have rev counter, think it did MPH as well so technically possible but display very small. Then in recent years there are Head Up Displays. Personally, I'll stick with the car's own speedo for correct calibration of actual speed.
  18. Glad you enjoying it so far, as said all cars are different you just get used to your cars characteristics and to be fair the Aygo is good but basic engineering so gear change not the best. I was the same I went from the instructor's brand new Nissan Micra (swiss watch) to a Vauxhall Chevette which was heavy, noisey and slow, but I loved her!
  19. They're only jealous cos those moosive cars can only dream of nipping thru that small gap or park in that tiny space so a few reasons why I love our 2 little rascals!
  20. As others have said, the Aygo is a great little car to drive and an enjoyable one to boot. We've all been there, its early days first car take your time and practice. My sister got a similar Peugeot 108 few years ago and she been driving her previous car for 25 years so getting the 108 was all new, she took a few weeks to get the hang of it, but now loves it. Also, I never had an issue with clutch on our similar 107 and 108 cars.
  21. Hello and welcome, yep, they are great little cars, as you say great round town and good on fuel and cheap to run. We have a similar Peugeot 108 with the Toyota engine, well my sister has, like you she came from driving a Ford, a Fiesta for 25 years, took her few weeks to get used to it, but soon got the hang of it. Ours is a manual car, so can't help you with MMT, all I do know is peeps with it reckon 'manual' mode using flappy paddles is more enjoyable. You mention hill starts, these cars have hill start assist, so first experience of it was a surprise but in a good way. Again not sure how the MMT experience is with this. Anyway, sure you will enjoy the car and just ask about MMT queries as lots owners on here with experience of them.
  22. I had a quick look in Haynes manual, that only covers Mk1 cars (2005-2014) but for sump removal it only mentions removing the stiffener plate between sump and gearbox, so not entire gearbox. Other than that mentions remove front exhaust pipe for access and then you just unbolt sump, apply RVA sealant and re-attach etc. That does sound a main dealer price, few years ago we had to replace very rusty/leaking sump on our Ford Fiesta and that only cost £150, including the new sump! that was an independent garage price, but kept the car going, like you I wouldn't paid that price cos the whole car wasn't worth that!
  23. Yep, just had double check on emissions for new Aygo X and fair play to Toyota, the manuals are lower emissions than the auto, so bit lower tax band, bit like our new 107 back in the day just squeaked into lower tax band. Ok, not mega amounts but every little helps.
  24. Agree with what other have said, the bug tax rates are all over the place, we have a Peugeot 107 (2008) which is £20, but also like you a gen 2 Peugeot 108, which is £0. Ironically looking at the new Aygo X the other day, noticed it's emissions have crept up from 95g/km of our 108 to about 109g/km, same as our 107 from 2008, if only the road tax was the same, but understand something had to change as the government must been losing lots of cash as manufacturers got too good at reducing emissions.
  25. Agree with a lot of the above, we have both a Peugeot 107 (Mk1) owned for 14 years and and Peugeot 108 (MK2) owned for 5 years in the family and both have Toyota 1.0 engine and have been mechanically very good, only had replace water pump on our 107, but that was a known issue. One reasons we bought our 107 all those years ago was seeing the Toyota name over the mechanicals and not been disappointed. As you say the main issues with the early Mk1s were water pumps and clutches, but they were fixed 2009, unfortunately the water leaks plagued all Mk1s cos rear end design didn't help. The build quality on the Mk2s is a big improvement, an improved rear tailgate design and better door seals mean water leaks that plagued Mk1s are very rare. The interior is also better design and quality compared to the Mk1, just remember it is cheaply made car, so don't expect premium, but I happy with that less to go wrong. For me they have decent levels of safety features, very reliable, easy and cheap to work on, cheap road tax and good on fuel. Last but not least they are a fun drive, but as said go and drive one, sure you will, cos some people mention high clutch bite can be an issue, but never been an issue for me.
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