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  1. Hello after two months looking for petrol avensis i failed , in our country are not normal petrol cars only diesel , so i want you to ask wich of diesel avensis has the best engine with less problems , so far i know that the 2.2d had problems with fuel injectors , and they are very expensive , and 2.0d had problems with blown head gaskets , so wich diesel engine ?
  2. Hello , i have some more qestions - Today i was looking one avensis 03 , 1.8 engine , engine when working sounded like a diesel , owner said that that\s normal and all sounds like that , and seond thing under car i found a lot of rust , avensis have problems with rust ?
  3. Thank you for answers , in our country there are no 2.0 wagons for sale , and 2.0 is not compatible with lpg , so question after what year oil eating problem ir resolved in 1.8 ? 06-08 years facelift ? cracking motor means that it's breaks all the time ? faultless means that it runs with no problems ? i dont really understand last post :(
  4. Hello im interested in buying toyota avensis with petrol engine , year 03-06 , but many people are saying that there is problems with oil consuption , so wich petrol engine is the best with less problems ?
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