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  1. HI Konrad C. Thanks for your reply. Yup I found the same breaker ad on Ebay. He was the one who wouldn't remove the part from the engine - would only sell the whole engine. Interesting what you were saying. The local indep toyota mechanic - who used to run the main dealer and still consults with his mates at the main dealer - reckons the "controller assy continuously variable valve lift" needs replacing. He's checked electrics/ cables for mouse nibbling/ connections, he says. And Devon Aygo, further up this past, kindly posted to say he reckoned that sounded right from the diagnostics. So I am guessing that is the case. But equally, between these 4 losses of power, between Nov 2017 and mid Jan 2018, the car is driving fine. Albeit with the warn gin lights coming and going. The warning lights were off for a week since the last diagnostic was done and the errors cleared. Then had been on on for a week. Now have just gone off again today! This is the normal pattern! And so far no loss of power since last time mid Jan. And similar to what you said, turning off and back on again, or wiping the error codes - one of the two gets it going again. Could it be an impossible to spot electrical fault? Ive not idea. Replace the valvematic part at full cost of £1040? Risk used part if I can ever find one? Get rid of the car? Keep driving it and rely on switch off/ switch on/ The AA to keep it going?! Not ideal for motorway driving obv! Devon Aygo - love to know your thoughts! Many thanks Zac
  2. Hi Devon Aygo, Thank you very much for your reply. OK - sounds like I face a dilemma. I would be grateful for your opinion or anyone elses! Fault leads to error lights and occasional loss of power. The main part it seems I need to replace - "Controller assy, continuously variable valve lift" - costs £1040 inc VAT. Which is almost a 3rd of the value of the car. It's 2010 plate Toyota Avensis Tourer Valvematic, bought used just over 6 months ago. Full service history. 98k on the clock now. Otherwise has run very well. Though slightly knotty gearbox finding 1st and reverse sometimes, and occasionally temperamental electronic parking brake. I cant seem to find the part used - breakers have said people wont be inclined to separate it form the engine, or if they will it may be not be reliable/ may also be faulty. One breaker said this part is known to fail after 75k. Tried Toyota GB for "goodwill", given its the fundamental design feature on which this model is sold - the valvematic - but they wont consider unless its been diagnosed by Toyota dealer... and even then might not. Local Toyota dealer charged £150 for diagnostic but said they needed me to approve up to another £600 for further investigation. I couldn't justify that so it was local independent toyota mechanic who diagnosed the error codes and suggested that this was the fault and part needed. Worth carrying on trying to find a used part - any ideas how best to? Worth spending on part new given age and condition of car? Or best to sell/ auction the car and start again? Any advice, much appreciated. Thank you Z
  3. Hi there, Any one got any ideas on this one? Trying to decide whether diagnosis sounds right/ whether its worth trying to repair with costly part. Bought 2010 plate Avensis Tourer just over 6 months ago. Full service history. 95k on the clock. £3600. Went like a dream. Long journeys; eg France and back. But recently has developed a fault that brings on a specififc combination of error lights and codes and on three occasion has lead to loss of power, with car 'restricted' and unable to exceed 20mph. If you turn off ignition and restart after a while, it drives normally again. Toyota Main Dealer charged £150 for diagnositc but said it couldnt be sure what it was. And wanted up to £600 for further investgation. Local independent Toyota Garage reckons the codes point to the "valvematic driver' part number 222A0-37014 (seems to be called CONTROLLER ASSY, CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE VALVE LIFT too??). Part new from Toyota is apparently £864.74 + VAT plus labour. Cant immediately see they are easy to come across as 'used' parts, but dont know if I am looking in right place. Anyone got any ideas whether this sounds right? And whether you can find this part used - and how best to? If I can only get part new - will it solve the problem and is it worth it at the cost? Error lights: Main Warning Light + Engine Managment Light + Check VSC System + VSC Check Parking Break System Error Codes: System : Engine control - 15E / Engine management TCCS 1P1047 - Valve lift control (bank 1). Error Message : Circuit defective.P1055 - Valve lift control. Error Message : Control unit error.U011B - Control unit, drive train. Error Message : No communication. Many thanks all Z
  4. Hi, New here. 6 months owner of Toyota Avensis Tourer/Estate 2010 plate, bought with 95k on the clock. Ran like a dream for 6 months. Loved it apart from the electronic hand break. But suddenly mysteriious engine magement lights/ valvematic issue, loss of power, which not even local Toyota dealer coudl get to the bottom of at first inspection. Hence joining up here. Any steers on where best to post, do shout. Nice to meet you all. Z