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  1. peppadog

    What's it worth?

    Yeah, maybe even electric conversions in a few years. Who knows. Anyway. After checking with the Toyota dealer, who confirmed they cannot supply a new key or shell for our 2006 Rav4 !. I bought one off eBay for just £2.97, took it the local key cutter who did it for £9.99. so less than £13 and it sort of works. Well the transponder fits and works perfectly, but I haven't figured out how to get the immobiliser chip out of the old key. It seems to be covered by a glue or similar. Any ideas (maybe I need a new thread for this?)
  2. peppadog

    What's it worth?

    It will go on Gumtree or whatever next week once a new, spare, key shell arrives and is cut. £3500 seems about right. Thank you all for your input.
  3. peppadog

    What's it worth?

    You may well be right daveh, but you should save all that energy - you will need it one day. Most ordered things in life are created for a biased reason. We are all but passengers on this bus of life. Best we worry less where its taking us and just enjoy the view. I suppose reality is, if our Rav was worth less than the £2.5k scrap value, it would have gone.
  4. peppadog

    ABS and paintwork

    We have had a white, 2012 IQ3 1.33 auto from new. It has only done 21k miles and has been trouble free. But the paint started to peel off the roof. Our local dealer (Toyota Bristol South) referred it to Toyota in October 17. It was eventually sanctioned and went in early January. We were provided with a Yaris hybrid for over three weeks (my daughter loved that so much she bought a new one) and it has come back looking like a new car, with new outside trim and badges (they left the old stuff in the car). So Toyota honoured their warranty / commitment to this customer, and got an order for a new Yaris soon after. Is it any surprise they are one of the biggest car makers in the world? The Yaris was as quite as a lamb to drive and averaged 60 mpg over the time with us - not bad eh.
  5. peppadog

    What's it worth?

    Correct Frosty, and I don't think perfectly good cars should be scraped. I did look at used prices - they are all over the place. It's a well specced xt4 but has a couple of issues I need to be sure are sorted, then it will hopefully go. Thanks all.
  6. peppadog

    Rav 4 keeps cutting out

    It is a key turn system. She was operating the door locks via the drivers door and then driving with a transponder key that had no battery in it. It has worked perfectly for 2-3 months. Before that, with the transponder battery fitted but not able to work it as the shell buttons were u/s, she opened the car with the key and drove the car, but once a week or so, it would suddenly cut out. It seems a strange coincidence if its the ignition switch or anything else. I wondered if the detector only picked up the key present if the battery is fitted. So I took it out and no more cutting out. BUT. I noticed when I collected it from her the other day that the generator light flickered for the first few minuets of driving before going out as it should. That seems to be a different issue that needs looking at. She says it has been doing that since a new alternator was fitted two years ago!!
  7. peppadog

    Rav 4 keeps cutting out

    I know this is an old post....., but we think the cutting out turned out to be a key fob issue as both keys had stopped working remotely. I put a new battery in one (the other needs a new shell) and the problem seems to have gone away. Anyone had this before? I need to be sure as we are going to sell it soon
  8. peppadog

    What's it worth?

    Hi all. My daughter has owned a 2006 2ltr petrol auto for three or four years. She has just upgraded to a new Yaris hybrid. She would have part ex'd the Rev but they would only give her £2500 and then scrap it!! The car is fine and drives well, looks good, has been serviced and maintained and is mot'd until Jan 19. 108k miles though. Any idea what we should get for it? (its mine now technically as a. I bought it for her originally and b. I have paid the deposit on the Yaris. So it would be great to get some of my money back.
  9. peppadog


    Hi. We just got mrs PD's 5 year old iQ3 back after nearly three weeks away being re-painted (yes, its white!). After driving around in a Yaris hybrid loan car for that time, I am reminded how noisy the iQ is, mostly coming from the rear. Its not a new noise, rather just as it always was. Have any of you fitted additional soundproofing? If so, did it work and what did you use? N
  10. peppadog

    Rav 4 keeps cutting out

    My daughters 2006 2.0L XT4 auto has done this a couple of times over the last year or two - including today!! A bunch of dash lights come on, engine cuts out, she pulls up on the side of the road, puts it into park, ignition off, ignition on, a few clicks then it starts and all normal. She drives 3 miles home to my house and I immediately put the OBD reader on - No fault codes showing! Mystery. So I guess a dodgy connection somewhere or maybe an alarm linked issue perhaps? (had that with an after market alarm in a 202 VW camper which was only resolved when I had it removed).
  11. peppadog

    Two Toyotas and another on the way

    Sorry - typo - 12000 miles. Still not many though
  12. Hi. I have looked into this forum a number of times over the years, but only just joined up. We have an IQ 1.33 auto purchased new in 2012. Its only done 1200 miles so fa and is in great condition - except the paint started peeling off the roof ( yes, its white). Its being bare metal re-painted at the moment, thanks to Toyota's warranty, and they loaned us a Yaris hybrid. Our youngest daughter likes this so much, she has just ordered a new one - design spec - to replace her 2006 RAV4 2.0 petrol auto (a bit thirsty, but great otherwise). I addition we have a Land Rover Discovery 4, again bought new, in 2013. The best car I have ever owned. I am already grateful for forum info that led me back to the dealer and got the paint issue sorted under warranty and am sure I will be looking for other info on here soon enough. Nigel