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  1. @Donrald you make a good point. One can only assume that the people who made that decision have NEVER sent back a faulty item they have purchased due to some sort of manufacturing fault. I would happily accept their decision if they had actually bothered to send someone out to take a look, or contacted me to get a full picture of the circumstances (e.g. that the location is not generally accessed by or visible to the public). Instead, it took them over 2 weeks to effectively complete a google search to see if it has happened before, and make the assumption that it could not have been a random error/ fault.
  2. @Gergthat is a great idea! I am still waiting for an appointment from Autoglass, but I shall make sure I am home so that I can chat to the person who comes to fix it. I shall also be ready to offer cups of tea! If the person who comes to fix it has any additional insight, I shall pass it on! To those of you who have shared your experiences with shattered pyrex, you have my sympathy! When that goes, it REALL goes! It is well worth watching to see a Slo Mo Guys video on just that - spectacular!
  3. Thank you all for your kind words, shared experiences and advice. I am deeply grateful, as this has all been incredibly helpful in finding the best way forward. I have taken your advice and organised the repair through my insurer (via Autoglass) which, as you suggested, did not impact my no claims. The glass excess was also a lot less than the quote i was given from Toyota! The replacement windscreen has been ordered, so hopefully it won't be too much longer before I can drive my wonderful car again! I shall let you know! I hope this is a one off, and that no one else experiences a similar issue. They really are brilliant cars in every other sense.
  4. Thank you all for your suggestions and advice! I really appreciate it. I shall call my insurer today to get some advice and information about what they can offer. Because of where it was parked (I dont think in a fully southern orientation- I shall check) away from the public and general access, I don't want to think that someone smashed the windscreen. However, I equally don't want it to be a common fault in the new Aygo X, as I have otherwise found it a brilliant car, that even as a nervous driver, I genuinely enjoy driving! I shall check again to see if there is any CCTV footage available. Thank you again!
  5. Hi there! Yes - the glass around the handle also blew out. Even the top corners of the windscreen were damaged, a significant distance away from the main hole. I have more photos, which is just as well as they have had my car for over 2 weeks now!
  6. Hello! I was just wondering if any other Aygo X owners had experienced their rear windscreens rupturing? I came back to my car to find the rear windscreen in the condition above. Initially, I thought that the windscreen had been smashed/ vandalised by someone walking past. However, on closer inspection, the vast majority of the glass appears to be on the floor away from the car, and a clear image of the glass remaining in place bowing outwards. This suggests to me that the glass had been forced outwards, rather than being smashed inwards. In addition, the boot cover (which as people will know is very flexible and only clipped in) showed no signs of damage or disturbance, as you might expect if someone was trying to have a nosy in the boot (regardless, my car was completely empty of all personal effects at the time). The car was also parked in a secure location, away from the general public. Unfortunately, the Toyota Warranty Team have concluded that this is NOT a warranty issue, as they haven't come across a similar issue before, and therefore I am liable for the cost of replacement. I am therefore curious to know if anyone else has experienced something similar and assumed it was vandalism, or if I really am just unlucky. Many thanks
  7. Good morning! I was wondering if someone might be able to offer some advice regarding my semi-auto Aygo (2012 plate) getting into reverse gear. About 50% of the time, it can take a few seconds for the reverse gear to engage, beeping 5 or 6 times before it finds it. I have been warned that it might be indicative of a more serious problem, but other information sources suggest it might just be that the transmission fluid requires topping up. As there appears to be no issue with engaging with forward drive, I genuinely don't know! To compound the dilemma, I am approaching the end of my PCP agreement and am now trying to decide whether to replace my current car with a 2015 plate semi-auto, or to carry on paying off my current car. I don't know whether to go for the newer car, in case there might be an expensive gear box failure in the next couple of years, or assume it will be fine and maintain the status quo. Any advice would be VERY warmly welcomed! Regards
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