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  1. Hello everybody, I came across an add for some Bilstein B6 monotube strut inserts for my Corolla e11. They are some 10years old out of the car. I know somebosy that rebuilds Bilstein shocks and makes brand new ones. Do you think it is a good enough shock it is worth buying and rebuilding? Or should I get some KYB Ultra SRs? I am not really a fan of KYBs and Bilstein has a huge name in the aftermarket industry. Also it is going to cost me around 300euro for the total of them with the rebuilding. Has anyone ever rebuilt these shocks? Thanks for your time ;)
  2. I found the programming instructions for the remote but I think I have a problem with the current remote I have. From what I've found it is a e12 remote, the later model of mine and the frequency is defferent. I was searching e-bay to find an uncut remote for my vehicle but I have a problem. There seem to be two types of chips. A 4C and a 4D67. The only thing that I have from the previous key (which PROBABLY is from the previous key-aka the right one) is a broken case with sum codes and stuff. Can somebody help me find what chip I need? The blade is a TOY43. Thanks a whole lot.
  3. Hello guys. What front brake pads would you recommend for the facelift g6 with the 1.4. I do mostly city driving but sometimes I hit it hard. I don't want anything crazy. Something with value for the money. There are too much to chose on the market and it is hard to decide. Thanks again.
  4. Hello guys, I am trying to find some information about this specific model but I cannot find anything. The version of the G6 with the 4zz is not mentioned anywhere.. I need some info such as: >service manual : i have found one but does not include the 6speed version, only the 1.4vvti one >anything related to the gearbox, because that is probably the only difference between the 1.4 vvti and the G6 1.4 vvti. Such as gearbox oil viscisity, capacity. Thanks in advance!
  5. Yeah I know I have to make another one but at the moment there are some more important things I have to take care of. Toyota will overcharge for this kind of service. There are locksmiths that make you a new key fob without remote locking for 30-40 euro. I just wanted to know wheather I can easily programm my remote lock. Thnaks for the reply
  6. Thanks for the answer. I have found various ways to reprogramm so I guess I will have to test everyone out and find out the hard way.
  7. Nothing? Should I go to a locksmith and ask there?
  8. Hello everybody, I am new to the forum and also just bought my first car. It is a 2000 Corolla G6 facelift with the vvti engine. Enough with the introduction, lets get to the issue. When I bought it the owner gave me one key, the one with the lock and unlock function. He did not use the remote lock so the batteries were dead but he told me once you replace them it will work. I replaced them and it didnt work. The indication light worked but no response from the car. I searched the net and found some threads talking about a sequence of closing and opening doors, inserting key in the ignition etc. I tried some of them and they did not seemed to work because i got no response from the car. Does anybody know if the remote control is programmable? Guys I really appreciate your help.