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  1. i am still looking for this for my toyota avensis estate reg fh56osg
  2. i would like to know where i can get one tried everywhere no joy and just to let everyone know my rear suspention all done
  3. i have just bought a pair of rear trailing arms for £149 and the 2 bars that fit on top £70 just got to put them on
  4. i thought i might have had more replys but it looks like nobody knows how to change the rear suspention thanks all
  5. all the parts and if possible a map of were they fit for toyota avensis estate 2ltr reg fh56osg trailing arms thank you
  6. my car is an avensis and mine gos over the exhaust just befor the back box it as fell down and is resting on the exhaust it sounds like a motor bike be hind me some one let me know how to fix thanks
  7. how do I change the bulb for reversing
  8. can anyone help with changing the rear brake pipes not the hose
  9. could anyone who know anything about this help me
  10. you have to take the wheel off on the drivers side and unclip the bumper to get to the back its not hard but its a pain the passenger side just move the battery over ok
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