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  1. Slightly cheaper place for the TTE one
  2. Tyre size calculator will give you loads of options within 2% size difference
  3. I also have these ..replacement for the Aygo that the girlfriend has and when I want to have some fun but not on 2 wheels..
  4. Get the codes, no point spending out when you dont even have the code. Might be something else
  5. You need an OBD2 code reader to connect to the port ( left of the steering wheel, just above the foot well) to give you the fault code.
  6. Yeah the paint is all good to be fair so someone must have looked after it. Maybe I will sell the red centre console on ebay if there is a demand for it lol
  7. It amazes me that people put no effort into prepping things for sale and then moan when they dont get good money for it! Still, defo worth more than the £780 I paid for it now. Cost inc the bits of trim I have ordered, all in is £900... I can live with that 🙂
  8. The hazard switch is cracked, they are £20 and there is a 2nd hand centre console in normal subtle colour on ebay for £30 inc hazard switch so I bought that. will leave the red surrounds on the vents but that and the gear knob have to go! The white mirror covers can stay though! Yeah theres a few on ebay without air con. We still have the Aygo too, so its all good. There is a small mark in the paint where the edge of the stripes were but you have to really look for it.
  9. Well after 2 days hard work it is up to my standards of clean. When I picked it up it was filthy dirty with leaves and all sorts of other rubbish inside it. Destriped it, T cut the paint work, Dodo Juice wax polish, all trim cleaned, both wipers changed (16 inch rear) engine cleaned, spare tyre pumped up (original brand new one that came with the car!). Just need to do a bit of tyre gel and its good to go 🙂
  10. Picked it up yesterday, its done 110,000 miles, drives like new, no dents or anything like that. The boot lock even works better than the Aygo one lol. Did over 100 miles in it yesterday and all as it should be. I decided the stripes that the XS Sport comes with are not for me... wow what a job to remove them. Mind you they have been on there 10 years... started this morning and still a little bit left on the roof to get rid of. It also comes with a red gear lever and centre dash where the stereo is.. found plain 2nd hand ones on fleabay to replace those with! Only grumble... no Air con! It does have the red airbag light flashing and when I looked under the drivers seat, the connector that sets the seatbelt alarm off was disconnected, so now I have reconnected that I am hoping when the garage clears it on Friday that will be that. Will look way better when finished. All in it will stand me in under £900 ( thank god for badly worded ebay adverts and stripes that put most bidders off!)
  11. After earlier in the year buying the gorgeous Aygo with pretty much every single TTE extra and a Transcal leather interior which the girlfriend has now she has passed her test... My commute to work is about to increase by an extra 40 miles a day round trip, so the 3.4 litre Porsche is not really going to be the one for I have just bought this... As far as I can tell it is Peugeot's equivalent Sport... but less subtle lol. No air con either, but still should do the job eh? Check out that exhaust! Hmm Am I still allowed in? lol
  12. Faulty switch, common fault, easy fix, about £20 for a new one and 2 mins to change it
  13. As above.... unless you have a 3.4 litre 6 cylinder Porsche like me, in which case you dont notice any drop off in performance lol
  14. Bit of an update... the girlfriend passed her test in April so ownership has transferred over to her... car is still in one piece so far and passed its MOT the other day with no advisories at all. I must admit, I do miss driving the little roller skate from time to time!
  15. A lot of people do not realise that the Aygo does not have a self adjusting clutch, so when the clutch gets high they get a new one fitted rather than manually adjust the cable.. it (takes all of 2 mins to adjust as well)