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  1. Clean car!

    Some super shiny cars on this thread now! Mark, your efforts rival mine on the Porsche for reflection! You all deserve a nice cold beer.... I am not buying though!
  2. Clean car! Does the job nicely without spending a fortune. Amazing how smooth the paint feels after
  3. Other transport you have?!

    Ying and yang between the 2 lol
  4. Clean car!

    I really dont like car cleaning but its a good source of cardio and I find if I clay bar the car every six months and put a decent wax on it, a quick 10 min wash leaves it looking like hours of labour went into it!
  5. Other transport you have?!

    Well technically the engine on the bike is the same size as the Aygo at 998cc, although the bike has more cylinders with 4! but no swops!!
  6. Other transport you have?!

    I think Agent Orange wins the most seats competition! lol
  7. Clean car!

    Wow that really is a shiny Aygo! I do love the later rear light lenses but no point me getting them for our one as the girlfriend wont notice lol
  8. Other transport you have?!

    So obviously the Aygo that you have is the pinicle of automotive technology... it crossed my mind to ask, how many of you have other transport as well? I am sure some will have the Aygo as a daily driver and have a Sunday best or the other way round! So I figured it might be an opportunity for you all to post pics! My Aygo was actually bought for my girlfriend to learn to drive in (although secretly I like driving Isaac the Aygo as well!) Today I will be out on my GSXR1000.. slight difference in performance to Isaac.. 0 - 100mph in about 5 seconds lol. Mine is the left one, my mates it the more common blue and white one! What have you lot got?
  9. Electrics puzzle

    Cant help with the window or stereo but the air con switch needs changing. Its a common fault on these, new one is £20 and there is one screw under the fan speed knob to take the centre panel off to change it.
  10. Clean car!

    Yeah the Aygo has been bombed by the seagulls... the other car though.... ;) Shiny shiny reflective
  11. Clean car!

    Super shiny!
  12. OK, I am an idiot

    Well today as I was half asleep when I left for work, I tried to use the remote lock key for the Porsche to unlock the Aygo... ho hum!
  13. OK, I am an idiot

    So when I was reversing the Aygo the other day (the girlfriend is a learner and couldnt get it out the space in front of my car without worrying) she says to me " the right side reverse light isn't working" Ok, says I.. I will sort it. SO today I buy a couple of bulbs, look up on You tube how to get the rear lens out, take the lens out, change the bulb, test it before refitting and still it does not light up when in reverse. With fading daylight I thought "sod it" and put it back together. When I had screwed the lens back in I looked at it and thought... hmmm why is the lens red... Then I flicked the fog light switch on the light stalk.. Doh!
  14. Clean car!

    Nope Sam, just a wash and dry and a bit of tyre gel always makes them look better I reckon! I know, I am quite a newbie with the Aygo but if someone asks something I know I try to help. Just a shame that forums are more for people to leech on these days rather than share when they dont need something.
  15. Clean car!

    Always so underwhelmed at the response rate to any posts on here.. its like people use it as a resource when something is wrong with their cars and thats it. Such a shame really :-/