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  1. Hi all. Some help please. Noticed the battery struggling to turn over the engine after sitting for a few days. Noticed this morning, whilst still dark, that the central display is still on. So not turning off with engine. Anyone got any ideas of a fix other than removing the fuse? Cheers in advance. Paul.
  2. Konrad, No point in wasting time removing as faulty. Was the reason the car was beeping all the time. It can stay in the car till it meets it's maker, cheers for replies.
  3. Hi all. For those interested. Managed to sort. Pulled the fuse on the radio for a temporary fix. As it was draining the battery. Found a good video on you tube which showed me how to remove the radio and climate control unit. Very handy as would have destroyed the dash with out it. Found that the car phone was plug and play fitted. So removed connections from radio and original radio connections. Refitted original to radio. Left car phone connectors and control unit in dash as buried to far to retrieve without removing more centre consol. Put back together. Fuse in and all working ok. No more beeping! Happy Days!
  4. Think I will get the old phone system removed. See if that makes any difference. will let you know how I get on.
  5. Hi Konrad, The car does not have sat nav fitted. Model is T3X 1.8 Avensis estate. I have had the car for about 10 years. The car does have a phone system in that I have never used. Also I did not mention, but it beeps when the ignition is off and the car is locked. Driving me nuts, as just beeps all the time!
  6. Hi all. Got a problem with my Avensis 1.8 estate 05. It beeps a single beep. No real pattern. Beeps then a few minutes later beeps again. when driving it stopped, but recently started doing it whilst driving and cutting the radio off. Then the radio comes back on. Has anyone had a similar problem or got any ideas what it may be? thanks in advance.