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  1. all I can suggest is trying to get a replacement black plastic piece that fits on the door supporting the mirror (if they're sold separately) if there are any issues within the mirror could be costly as it's electrically folding too but is the same mirror as used on the previous model Prius and Verso. But yeah maybe find out the part number for the door mirror support from Toyota and look for an aftermarket part. Otherwise see if someones able to 3D print you a new part.
  2. Hi, if you are looking to swap seats to the cloth or even interested in selling your leather seats please give me a shout - I also have a Toyota iQ in red.
  3. simply plug in a bluetooth dongle into the AUX plug (about £10) on eBay or amazon and connect to that, unless she'd like to answer calls in which case I'd suggest the Parrot
  4. Start by removing the small black plastic trim just in front of the door mirror, another bolt is just below, and right down the bottom at the sill... however I believe you need to remove the front bumper which is a whole other story. I've never changed the wing but looks like the bolts disappear under the front bumper. Anyway good luck :)
  5. Hi all, I've recently upgraded my wheels on my IQ2 and have my anthracite 15" iQ2 alloys for sale - all 4 have matching tyres with plenty of tread and minimal damage. If you're interested, message me or reply on this feed and I'll get back to you
  6. Hi, today I upgraded to 16" rims and surprisingly the ride is a lot softer, not sure if it was because I now have better quality tyres but I'd personally recommend upgrading the shocks or springs instead of tyres - with thicker tyre walls, the car will become less stable in corners - let us know how you get on
  7. try using a water can and gently pour it in specific areas then check inside to pin point the issue
  8. I've fitted a dash cam to my IQ2 - even though the power for the mirror is probably just where you'd fit your cam however it's tricky to get to that wiring. I took power from the 12v charging socket via parallel circuit using a flat speaker cable, ran it behind the dash and up the door pillar, trim literally just unclips with a bit of force. Advantage of using a flat cable is it can easily be tucked inside the headlining without it showing. Pop out the interior light if there's a power box and glue or wrap it in padding it in to avoid rattling also means you can only have the minimum amount of cable dangling down. I've positioned my dash cam so it's behind the LH side of the interior mirror so I can't see it and it doesn't distract me from my driving position and best part is it doesn't affect the light sensor on the back of the mirror for your auto-headlights. I will upload photos tomorrow.
  9. All Toyota iQ's came with discs & pads all round however the Scion iQ (US version) and possible other countries too have brake shoes and pads - probably unlikely you'll find one in the UK but might be worth having a word with your local dealer to confirm - I'm sure if you can hook up with a Scion iQ owner, they'd happily upgrade to disc brakes but here's a link to the US forum http://www.iq-forums.com/ ...hope this helps and keep us posted :)
  10. As I'm sure you're aware, Toyota iQ's are fitted with the traction control / stability control 'OFF' button just right of the gear stick however on recent YouTube videos, it seems the Scion iQ has two functionalities of this button. As shown in the link below, just pressing the button once turn off the traction control and holding it for a further 3 seconds also switches off the stability control. Is anybody aware if UK spec vehicles have this feature? As when I press the button in my 2010 iQ2, the orange square pops up and there isn't obviously a light regarding the traction control. So what does pressing the UK button actually switch off? Is it both? Also, just been out in an empty car park today in my 1.0L iQ2 and even with stability / traction switched on it's so much fun in the ice & snow, anybody else tried drifting the iQ?
  11. Hi, if it helps, the Toyota iQ power-fold mirrors are the same as those on the Prius from 2009-2015 and I believe also the Verso, probably more likely to find one from a Prius and mirror caps are interchangeable too, simply unclips :) Regards, Ben
  12. Hi Matt, very interested in the wheels, are there any marks on them and how much tread is left?
  13. I've fitted a NextBase dashcam from Halfords in my iQ, taking power from the 12v lighter socket - got a flat cable designed for speaker cables running through the dash, up the side of the screen, along the top and into where the interior light is - the power little box is wrapped in foam to prevent rattling and wedged to the left of the light, cable hanging down from front of headlining plugging into my dashcam mounted behind the mirror. If you have an iQ 2/3 mounting a dashcam in front of the light sensor for auto-headlights does not affect it.
  14. Mine has passed a recent MOT with LED bulbs fitted and personally I believe it looks so much better and with brighter fog, brake and indicators it's a lot safer. Having a LED reverse light also helps see where you're going.
  15. Hi guys & girls, just wondering what upgrades you had made to your rear light units, I'm keen to upgrade to Aston Martin Cygnet lights but too much work involving boot lid etc. I've upgraded all my bulbs (yes including indicators) to LED but think the right fog and left reverse lights look odd being uneven - has anybody fitted a LHD unit or RHD whatever country you're in to make both sides at the bottom clear then just having a red colour bulb for fog? If so please post photos and if you've got any questions for me as to how I did my upgrades, please feel free to ask. I've got a RHD Chilli Red Toyota iQ 2 1.0L
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