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  1. Thanks very much all. I've stopped worrying!
  2. As I understand it the brake bulbs are lit when the electric parking brake is in use. If this is true then it's surely inefficient for use in start-stop motoring as it will be a drain on the battery. My handbook says 16W clear wedge bulbs are standard on my 2018 car. I have three questions: a) can l fit LED bulbs to ease the load on my battery? I can't find any on Amazon. b) would they be too bright? c) am I worrying about nothing?
  3. Thanks Paul. I will contact them tomorrow.
  4. Thanks Bob. I'll just have to google such firms and take a chance...
  5. Yes I was but I turned it down.
  6. Thanks to Storm Eunice and my neighbour leaving his wheely bin out overnight my car now has a small crease on the front passenger door - about 3 inches long. Fortunately the paint is intact. I know there are Wizards possessed of Black Magic skills who can deal with such damage on-the-spot. Can anyone recommend one in the Portsmouth area please?
  7. Mods, this seems to be a candidate for posting in the Car Care and Detailing forum?
  8. As a post script: the car seems ok to me so I think it was the LDA causing the vague steering. Now, I'll turn it back on and try to get accustomed to it.
  9. Can you remove the washer jets and dunk them in some vinegar to dissolve any limescale which may be present?
  10. I think I'll put it on the back burner for the time being. I may find I don't notice it now - the car was new to me when I noticed it and perhaps I was over-compensating when LDA kicked-in. Again, thanks for all your help.
  11. Thanks for all the replies to my original post. The suggestion that Lane Departure Alert might be the cause is intriguing. I've switched it off but had no opportunity to test it yet due to illness. I will get the tracking checked too because at some £160 or so a corner I want to minimise tyre wear.
  12. Looking a few years ahead when I might be shopping for a s/h '22 model I would have liked a powered boot lid. What is in the boot lid that makes it so heavy?
  13. Adam, I'm now sorted with updated maps and software from Mr T. Thanks anyway.
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