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  1. I have a Touch 2 and Go and it has started freezing on occasion. It does not respond to presses on the display when I try to select a different media source yet it does skip through them when I press the "mode" button, however it doesn't play from the selected source. The software version is 010141, and the map version, if relevant, is 6.11.2WH. Does the unit have a known problem that my Toyota dealer will respond to? Thanks.
  2. Is the theft of catalytic converters not covered by comprehensive insurance? The theft of a car is covered, so should to my mind, the theft of a part of the car be covered
  3. BigRedSwitch

    DAB issues

    I've not had any problems with the sharkfin on my Auris.
  4. My car is a 2015 Auris Excel and I can stop the key fob emitting an "unlock" signal. After locking the car as usual hold down the "close" button on the key fob and then press the "open" button on the key fob twice in quick succession. When the key fob stops flashing then the car is safe.
  5. Thanks Tony and Joe. I'll start using "B" again but only on hills and under 65mph. 👍
  6. Is that all? I feel a bit disappointed. Thanks qettyz.
  7. When I first got my hybrid I used the B position on the transmission lever to help braking and to save wear and tear on discs and pads but then I read somewhere that this could be a false economy as it could have a negative impact on the transmission itself. What do you guys regard as the truth of the matter?
  8. I drive my Auris Hybrid in ECO mode most of the time, occasionally using the PWR mode just to check it's still working!😉 But where does this extra power come from? I know Toyota hybrid engines use the Atkinson cycle for efficiency but does PWR mode switch to an Otto cycle? Can anyone enlighten me please?
  9. Thanks everyone. I'll just keep an eye on it.
  10. I stand corrected. Thanks Mike.
  11. I've confirmed with a small magnet that the "grab" and the sound is the same in the affected area. With a rather mean 3-year paintwork warranty I'm left to my own devices and I'll just leave it as-is.
  12. I've noticed a patch of paintwork, about 2" square that is slightly lighter than the rest of the car. I didn't buy the car new but I did get it from a Toyota main dealer. Can anyone tells me what Toyota's warranty on paintwork is before I go to the dealer?
  13. Be warned!!! My 12v battery was flat last week but no problem, I thought, because I have a jump start pack in the boot. Unfortunately, the boot wouldn't open because the battery was flat! I called out Toyota Roadside Assistance and they got me going very quickly.
  14. Thanks Dean. I'd never thought of partitioning a USB stick!