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  1. BigRedSwitch

    more auris problems

    I do hope that Toyota had fixed this problem with water ingress by the time my 2015 model was manufactured.
  2. BigRedSwitch

    more auris problems

    In the Auris hybrid the batteries are under the rear seat so where is the fuel tank?
  3. BigRedSwitch

    Auris MY2016 - "Noddy" car horn

    I only use my car horn once a year and that's just before the MoT!
  4. BigRedSwitch

    LED Headlight Bulbs

    And after March 29th 2019, assuming we do leave the EU?
  5. BigRedSwitch

    Which Brake Fluid to use

    Thanks Frosty. It looks like DOT4 is perhaps the one to go for but, to be safe, I'd better check with Mr T. I would hope that DOT5 has been withdrawn.
  6. BigRedSwitch

    Which Brake Fluid to use

    Sorted - sort of. Seems either DOT3 or DOT4 is acceptable but are they mutually compatible? Better ask Toyota, I guess.
  7. BigRedSwitch

    Which Brake Fluid to use

    A month after having the car serviced (at a main agent) I popped the bonnet to check the fluid levels and I noticed that the brake fluid was below the Min mark. I'll get some brake fluid and top it up myself but which sort to get? It seems that brake fluids can be glycol-based (DOT 3 & 4) or silicon-based (DOT 5). What do I need for my 2015 Auris Hybrid. Do I need to use whatever fluid Toyota sell or can I use something from Halfords, or the like?
  8. BigRedSwitch

    TPMS Failure?

    Asked in my Toyota dealers yesterday and they said that if the pressure was set at 33psi then they wouldn't expect TPMS to alert me until pressures were down to around the 26psi mark. Frosty was bang on the mark again!
  9. BigRedSwitch

    How to dim the centre console?

    Thanks very much Chris. Although I've had my for Auris 6 months I've not had any reason to use it at night!
  10. BigRedSwitch

    How to dim the centre console?

    I can't find the dashboard dimmer on my car - couldn't find a mention in the User Guide or User Manual. Where did you find your dimmer Chris?
  11. BigRedSwitch

    TPMS Failure?

    No "eco" setting at all. The only other pressure it mentions is 38psi for speeds > 100mph.
  12. BigRedSwitch

    TPMS Failure?

    Thanks for your reply Mike. I will revert to my old practice of checking tyre pressures monthly. I'll tell my dealer and if he reveals any nuggets of information I will report back.
  13. BigRedSwitch

    TPMS Failure?

    When I bought my Auris some 6 months ago I checked the tyre pressures and they were all 36psi. I reset them to 33psi as the manual specifies and reset the TPMS system. Since then the TPMS warning light has never come on and I assumed all was well. I checked the pressures a couple of days ago and they were all below 30psi. So why didn't the TPMS light come on? Could it be that TPMS only reports loss of pressure when the car is running and that any loss of pressure overnight say, does not? Anyone any ideas? It's due a service next month so I'll ask them to check it if it appears that the system may be faulty..
  14. BigRedSwitch

    USB connection Auris 2012 not working

    Try a different USB cable as a first step? Does a different Iphone play correctly? Tried playing from an android phone?
  15. BigRedSwitch

    Leather abrasion on Excel seat

    Thanks to Joe and Mark for their postings. I'll pursue this matter further when the weather cools down. It's great having A/C but there comes the time when you have to get out of the car...