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  1. My Auris has these mouldings and they do the job fine. Keep them, I say.
  2. No. I did consider it but the price I paid was good and I hate being on the renewal time roundabout so I thought I'd take the risk. I've made a promise not to put any more business the way of Tesco Insurance ever again. Don't the Catloc manufacturers have some sort of warranty against the Catloc being breached? I seem to recall having to register online for some reason.
  3. Title says it all really. I'd rung Tesco Insurance because I had two "mods" to my Auris that didn't fit into the pre-defined categories in the online proposal form -these seem to be common to many insurance companies nowadays. Anyway, the mods were first, black plastic "rubbing strips" to prevent damage to doors in close-parking situations and the second "mod" was a Catloc! Tesco say they will cover the rubbing strips but not the Catloc. I think this is absolutely incredible. Be warned! Avoid Tesco like the plague.
  4. Do you have a Catloc fitted? Mine became loose and was knocking on the silencer; this sound was being transmitted through to the rear and could have been mistaken for suspension noise.
  5. Something I've just remembered about my use of the Yaris loan car (see opening post). When I switched off the engine I was given a brief resume about my driving and how I could achieve better mpg. It never said anything about using B mode incorrectly!
  6. I was using B mode as an extra set of brakes, if you will. I was not driving with B mode on all the time and only selecting it when I would have applied the brakes anyway. But I will bow to Joe's and Tony's advice and only use B mode when downhilling! Thnks for your advice.
  7. I had a new model Yaris as a loan car earlier this week - only 180 miles on the clock. I used the "B" option frequently on it and was amazed at how effective it was - certainly much, much better than on my 2015 Auris! This promped me to wonder why and could my Auris's poor braking performance using the "B" option be improved? I know nothing about how CVT transmissions work but it's surely not a matter of an adjustment somewhere or a worn part in the gearbox. Or is it? Any thoughts?
  8. I was in my local dealer today and looked over a new 2.0L C-HR in the showroom. To my surprise the gear lever did not have the "Brake" option that was on every other hybrid I've driven. (It's very effective on the new Yaris, less so on my Auris.) I found a salesmen but he didn't know! In the car park I was taking to an owner of a 1.8L C-HR but he confessed to only using it in slow-moving traffic. A more senior sales or service staff member overheard us and revealed that the 2.0L doesn't have the "Brake" option but the 1.8L does . So how does the 2.0L model maximise energy recovery wh
  9. I have an Auris so the battery problem should be the same as that with the C-HR. I have a strong suspicion that there is a parasitic drain in the mm equipment. I don't use the car very much and when I do the mm is switched off. Mind you, I do apply run the car in "ready" mode for an hour or so, once a week. I have every confidence that my car will always start.
  10. Don't forget to do this for both keys!
  11. I thought one of the selling points of an LPG conversion was that you could also use regular petrol, if needs be. A simple y-connection from the two fuel sources to the fuel pump with a switch controlling the source to be used.
  12. Kingpo, the photos of the solar-powered battery maintainer don't show a separate "intelligent charge controller" to prevent the battery being overcharged. Is there an ICC within the solar charger?
  13. Can we have some more details about the trickle charger please: size, cost, long cables to the battery included? Thank you.
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