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  1. I thought one of the selling points of an LPG conversion was that you could also use regular petrol, if needs be. A simple y-connection from the two fuel sources to the fuel pump with a switch controlling the source to be used.
  2. Kingpo, the photos of the solar-powered battery maintainer don't show a separate "intelligent charge controller" to prevent the battery being overcharged. Is there an ICC within the solar charger?
  3. Can we have some more details about the trickle charger please: size, cost, long cables to the battery included? Thank you.
  4. Many thanks to Gerg for his reply - it has given me more confidence in the possibility of getting a Yaris.
  5. Any info available on catalyser position/protection on the Yaris Cross? Toyota must have been aware of catalyser thefts when developing the Cross so I would hope they have addressed the issue.
  6. Thanks for the manual Lee but in itself it didn't help. I did find out where I was going wrong though. When I tried yesterday I had the motor in "Ready" mode; today, I thought I'd try it in "Accessory" mode. I got to the Setup/Vehicle menu and there again under "Customisable Features" the only item was the Park Assist settings. Then I had inspiration and thought that perhaps "Customisable Features" was not the screen title but, in fact, another menu item. Bingo! The annoying thing about all this that I had switched off Smart Entry myself a year or so ago and completely forgotten how
  7. Lee, I waited two minutes or so and the "Vehicles" menu item did become available. I pressed it and all I was offered was "Toyota Park Assist Settings". But I'm a patient guy and I decided to give it a bit longer but after three minutes nothing changed. Am I not patient enough?
  8. Thanks Lee. It was the wait 2 minutes bit that I didn't know about. Is that so all the circuits can energise?
  9. Some time ago I disabled Smart Locking via the car's Setup/Vehicle menus. I now want to enable it again but I don't know how; the Setup/Vehicle menu is "greyed out", iyswim. Does anyone know how to re-enable this feature? Thanks.
  10. That gives me more confidence for the autumn and winter! Thank you.
  11. Gerg, is it not sufficient to disable the key fob by holding down the "lock" button and then pressing the "unlock" button twice and then releasing the "lock" button? I think this is mentioned in the Auris user manual. Also, remember to disable/protect the spare key fob too!
  12. Like you, I keep an Artek (?) jump starter in my glove box just in case the battery fails away from home. I haven't had to use it yet but as winter approaches...
  13. My Auris hybrid is 5 years old but the mileage is low - 25k or so. What is the point at which the cam belt/chain needs replacing? Thanks in advance.
  14. Ok Stuart, but from what you suggest and with Gerg's testing, with my tinted glass I will need much more than 20W and it would have to be equpped with a voltage controller. Remember too, that the Auris hybrid engine is 1.8L and the Yaris is what, 1.5L? Where did you source your 20W solar charger?
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