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  1. Be warned!!! My 12v battery was flat last week but no problem, I thought, because I have a jump start pack in the boot. Unfortunately, the boot wouldn't open because the battery was flat! I called out Toyota Roadside Assistance and they got me going very quickly.
  2. Thanks Dean. I'd never thought of partitioning a USB stick!
  3. How do you do that Dean?
  4. Thanks Mike. Forgive me, I knew the car doesn't have an alarm - I just used the term used in the quote.
  5. It's insurance renewal time and one of the price comparison sites i've used thinks that my 2015 Auris has a Thatcham Alarm/Immobiliser. Are they right or wrong?
  6. Could be, I had problems using a Toshiba 16Gb stick - it would stop playing and disappear from the "Media" screen. A car stop/start would get it playing again.
  7. I have over 500 tracks on an 8Gb USB stick but my Touch 2 system thinks there are only 500 and it doesn't vary in this. My tracks are stored in "album" folders and, like you, I play them in random order. How did you format your USB stick? I use FAT32.
  8. I do hope that Toyota had fixed this problem with water ingress by the time my 2015 model was manufactured.
  9. In the Auris hybrid the batteries are under the rear seat so where is the fuel tank?
  10. I only use my car horn once a year and that's just before the MoT!
  11. And after March 29th 2019, assuming we do leave the EU?
  12. Thanks Frosty. It looks like DOT4 is perhaps the one to go for but, to be safe, I'd better check with Mr T. I would hope that DOT5 has been withdrawn.
  13. Sorted - sort of. Seems either DOT3 or DOT4 is acceptable but are they mutually compatible? Better ask Toyota, I guess.
  14. A month after having the car serviced (at a main agent) I popped the bonnet to check the fluid levels and I noticed that the brake fluid was below the Min mark. I'll get some brake fluid and top it up myself but which sort to get? It seems that brake fluids can be glycol-based (DOT 3 & 4) or silicon-based (DOT 5). What do I need for my 2015 Auris Hybrid. Do I need to use whatever fluid Toyota sell or can I use something from Halfords, or the like?
  15. Asked in my Toyota dealers yesterday and they said that if the pressure was set at 33psi then they wouldn't expect TPMS to alert me until pressures were down to around the 26psi mark. Frosty was bang on the mark again!