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  1. iqfanboy

    New Clutch

    I've had about 10 iQs in stock, and the majority make this noise around 1500-2000rpm under heavy load, only one required clutch replacement (was also slipping), so whilst it may be very early signs of needing a clutch replacement I certainly wouldn't fork out £500-600 just because of the vibration noise alone. HTH
  2. iqfanboy

    Scuttle rattle

    I've experienced this before, the very top bezel is the one that rattles, put your hand on it, and it stops. I'd recommend some very thin 3M double sided (grey) tape and wedge in the gap.
  3. It cost us £450c to replace the clutch in our 98k mile 2010 iQ Mod edit: reference to own company's website removed due to advertising Labour time on these is something crazy like 6hours, whereas run of the mill aygos would have a labour time of about 3-4hours.
  4. hi there, is this available?