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  1. Hi Byzii.. I read your thread on the problems you were having and I recognised that they were the same problems I was having. I googled around and sure enough, other folks have experienced this with D4D Avensis. I've pencilled in Monday to do this job. I'll report back with the results. PS: Thank you yossarian247
  2. Thank you for your reply. Much obliged. I changed the fuel filter last November. However.. If I remember correctly.. I forgot to buy an air filter & then I think it just slipped my mind altogether. Could that have anything to do with it ? Just to re-describe the problem.. usually when the car is fully warmed up after a few miles of driving, I'll pull away from a junction or onto a roundabout and there is very little power.. just flat. If there's no traffic behind me I can wait it out and it eventually it recovers and pulls away. Occasionally it has happened in 2nd gear when the car is being driven along. Thanks again for your reply.
  3. Hi All, Occasionally there is hardly any response when pulling away at a roundabout/junction and I have to panic, put the clutch in, rev it high and persuade the car to shoot off. If I pour some injector cleaner in the tank it improves matters for a while. I don't want to spend a fortune on injectors but I would like to get one more winter out of my beloved car before I trade it in. It's the best car I've ever had and the only car I've ever bought under 3000 miles. The question I'm asking is.. what is the likely-hood of my problem being only one naughty injector. I have other cars so I have no problem taking it off the road. How tough is it to swap injectors around ? The last injectors I played with were on my old H registration Land Rover (in 1990) lol.
  4. For information.. these bolts also come in a kit that you can buy off ebay for the brake caliper slider pins (and rubbers & grease) for about £10.00. The caliper bolts can be a devil to remove because they're invariably very tight (probably because of metal adhesive) & the pathetic bolt head is not designed to make life easy for you either. Why on earth do Toyota decide on dimple head bolts for this application ? Seriously ? My advice is to soak your caliper bolts in WD40 for an hour or more and then have a go. If the bolt head rounds off a bit, STOP and try hammering (hard) something like a 1/4" whitworth or 17/32" AF over it and try again. The bugger will give up eventually.
  5. Hi Chaz, Thank you for you reply. Much appreciated. I'll give your suggestion a try if all seems otherwise OK. I'm going to try and get rid of as much dust as I can with the local jet wash before I begin. I'm going to buy some copper grease tomorrow. Thousand shames I have none of this. An ex mining engineer we had drums & drums of this lol.
  6. Hi All, I've put a few hours aside on Thursday to do my brakes (pads & discs) on Diesel Avensis 2006 D4D. I think I've got everything I need so I don't have to launch off to the car parts shop in the middle of the job. However, my local garage had it on his ramp to change a pipe underneath recently and he mentioned that one side of the park brake wasn't working properly. I fully understand that this is not a great (vague) question, but here goes anyway... could anyone hazard a guess as to what it is likely to be ? I'm more than happy to hear answers like 99% of the time it's because of this, that or the other. The reason I'm asking is, if it's likely to be a seized cable & I'll ask the local car parts shop if he has any in stock tomorrow (Wednesday). If it is a cable replace, has anyone took the plastic centre console out and is it much of a chew ? Thank you very much for reading this & kind regards !
  7. When I saw that picture I felt a little nostalgia. I'm sure I've made something like that for some reason in the past. I'm an ex colliery fitter (followed by road crane manufacture and quarry truck manufacture) I overhauled the engine on an H reg Landrover in the early 80s and I'm guessing it was for that. In those days I was living at home at my mother's house and didn't have a garage or even a shed and so I used to keep my tools in the boot of my Ford Cortina which could be opened with either end of a spoon. Consequently, one night, it all went. No use or value at all to the thieves I imagine.
  8. Thanks gentlemen for the responses and the pictures. Very much appreciated & very interesting indeed. There's a little one-man car workshop tucked away off the High Street that my neighbour told me about yesterday that I didn't know existed. I went along there today & the first thing I spotted was a gleaming hydraulic press. After half an hour chin wag (car technicians are better talkers than hairdressers) I asked him about pressing the bearings for me and he just told me to fetch the car along on Thursday morning with the new bearings and 'we'll' lash-it-off as someone had cancelled. I couldn't really say no to be honest. The sight of a car lift always wins me over tbh lol. Thanks again gents. Gazza1286 - Thanks for sharing your brace bars idea. In my youth I had boxes of such 'pit' made devices while trying to keep old Cortinas, Minis, Landrovers etc from dropping to bits lol
  9. Hi, first post. Pleased to meet you all. It's my intention to change the front wheel bearings on my Avensis this week. It would be great if anyone could advise me what I'll need for the job so I can be prepared (ie go to Toolstation before the job rather than in the middle of :-). For example, what size socket is required for the large hub nut ? What size circlip pliers etc. I haven't got a hydraulic press so it's my intention to knock the bearing out (and back in) with a hammer & punch (I worked down the pit for 10 years lol) The last wheel bearings I changed were over 20 years ago but I've got more time on my hands nowadays to roll my sleeves up. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you for reading this and thanks for any advice. Much obliged.