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  1. Purchase a window mech from eBay and get it fitted elsewhere for far less as its a quick fix.
  2. Hi yes it needed a whole new electric window mech. All good now.
  3. Thanks but thats for an Aygo, not IQ. I found this link which contains a repair manual for the IQ in case anyone else ever needs it: After a bit of research it appears it the regulator thats at fault as I thats the rubber I can see hanging. Has anyone ever fixed one of these before?
  4. Drivers side window has just stopped moving but the motor is still making the right noises. Took the panel off and I can see that it looks like the rubber guide isn't where it should be. Anyone have a repair guide please? Thanks
  5. Interesting, thanks. Looking to keep it as cheap as possible really as I'm not about the bump in the trunk but wouldn't mind a bit more bass. Ideally what got my attention was tactile transducers/bass shakers installed in the BMW 1 Series as they are a subwoofer you can feel as it vibrates the whole seat and I found that interesting because adding just that to the existing speakers would be fine as they just need a bit more low end.
  6. Thank you, I was looking to connect it up myself so any pointers would be appreciated. Out of curiosity though how much did it cost supplied and installed? Did you keep the stock head unit? Has anyone else just upgraded the speakers and does that make a good difference?
  7. Any tips on improving the audio quality whilst keeping the standard head unit? Does anyone know if you can add an amplifier/subwoofer combo to it using the OEM device or how about some decent speakers? Thanks
  8. Thats great. @2015iQ do you have a building log or some pointers on how to make that as it looks perfect.
  9. Has anyone created a sort of box/tray for the back seat to kind of "lock off" the back section of the car turning into more of a 2 seater with proper storage? Was thinking of knocking one up out of wood and wondered if anyone else had done so yet? Thanks
  10. Thank you that is very helpful.
  11. Been lurking for a while and have finally signed up as I need a replacement passenger side power folding mirror and would appreciate if anyone can point me toward a reasonably priced one? Dealer wants over £250 which is nuts and then I see that eBay wants £150 which is still making me wheeze so if anyone knows where to source one at an affordable price I'd be most grateful. Thank you
  12. Pictures and links for where to get them please.