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  1. I was given 1 key, dealer says he will post a new spare remote key when it arrives, in the mean time it was said whatever you do don't loose the one you have otherwise it can cost £1000, I'm only repeating what Toyota told me.
  2. I was talking to a Toyota tec because as of yet I only have one key, and he said new replacement keys come from a German company what Toyota use, Toyota order the key using your chassis number it then comes from the German firm ready cut and Toyota code it but you have to have your original key or it's being coded from scratch, I don't know how it incurs a £1000 price tag but that's what I've been told if you have no key.
  3. Ours isn't a Hybrid but only came with one Key the dealer is supposed to be sending a second Key out asap, I was told by Toyota not to loose the one we have other wise it will be £1000 to reprograme without the original key.
  4. I don't know exactly what Toyota service and delivery inspection intails but the inspection must have been carried out by a blind man, he certainly wasn't using a check sheet, I did mention about the air filter and cabin filter in an earlier post and yes I admit an interim service wouldn't change them but the cabin filter looked like it had never been changed(ever) had to hoover the car out when I pulled that out and I had to top up the radiator as it was down on the lower limit. Thought I'd clean the wheels properly on the inside, got the rattle gun out to remove them, I've never in all my da
  5. They don't as a rule, unless they think it is too good to trade on or auction off, other than a bit of over spay(gone now) the car is mint, Frosty if your reading this how do I know which Yaris for ordering bits, I just tried looking for sill protectors and it come s up with Yaris, Yaris/Vios Yaris/Vitz.
  6. I did understand about the interim service Frosty but the car had not been serviced in 2020 with being inlock down but the car had still been used, so it looked like it had missed a year so I thought they would have at least changed them, instead of being tight fisted.
  7. Thanks for all the reply's, because the car had, had so much paint I had to assume it had been in a collision, it might just have been key'd or vandalized but I would have liked to have known. Perhaps dealers think everyone goes to a car wash, if you wash and polish a car yourself you pick up on different qualities of the paint gloss or what the paint sounds like when you run your hand over it. Only reason I bought from a Toyota dealer was the 12mths warranty and full Toyota history, I did reject the car initially, but they refuse to come and collect the car, but the deal clincher, was deliver
  8. As to the cabin filter and air filter Huddersfield Toyota say the air filter and cabin filters only get changed on a full service not on an interim service.
  9. I bought the wife a 2016 Yaris from a Toyota main dealer thinking that buying from a Toyota main dealer would be trouble free, they don't put anything shoddy on the forecourt. This car hadn't got as far as being put on the internet, so we were sent a personal video of the car being as we were still in lockdown, and if we wanted it, it could be delivered free, car looked great in the video and it was pointed out that a wheel was scuffed and would be refurbished before we got the vehicle and a couple of stone chips on the bonnet would be dealt with. They serviced the car and gave it a inspection
  10. After a bit of research I had the goodyear efficient grip tyres fitted on the wifes car, but like in the other posts it depends what you what a cheap tyre will probably give less MPG, so do you what less road noise, grip, or MPG or all three. I didn't buy my tyres from this site but it gives out the specs of all the makes, I made my choice and got my local tyre centre to get them in, see what you think but I imagine there is a lot of sites out there, but this is the one I came across. Tyre Shopper: Buy Cheap Tyres Online & Free Local Fitting in the UK (tyre-shopper
  11. Perhaps I may have jumped the gun bit, had the car delivered because I didn't fancy over an hours drive and when I put this note up the salesman was still on his way back to the dealership, gave them a bell when I thought he would be back, yes there is a service book , they had not put it back the wallet when they serviced it for some reason, they're posting it out along with a new key, as to needing a service of the Yaris within a year that's doubtful as we only do 6k a year so that would take care of it till next April. It will be interesting when I go to get the new key coded (free) at my l
  12. This has probably been covered but it's new to me, we have just had our 2011 Yaris writ off which came with a service book, the wife was happy with her Yaris so I bought her another Yaris a 2016 from a Toyota dealer with a years warranty, it also came with full Toyota service history, took delivery of it today delivery man said documents in glove box and left, found the owners manual and the resent MOT but no service book, should there be one or is all on the Toyota data base, if I was to buy a service book online will any Toyota dealership stamp the book up to date for my records, because it'
  13. They all do it , sounds like your riding clutch a bit but your not, takes a bit of getting used to.
  14. What I look for is grip, mileage and noise, take a look at this web site, a lot of cheap tyres are heavier on fuel, put your tyre size in and make your choice https://www.tyre-shopper.co.uk/
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