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  1. Our other Yaris, which we don't have now had a similar problem, car went in for the airbag recall and car was given a health check, on returning the car to us we were told it needed that same part, and a further load of money spending on rust around the fuel filler cap and would need replacing. Told Toyota where to go, we couldn't find the rust around the filler cap untill we went under the car, what car isn't rusty underneath, it was the filler pipe to the fuel tank under the car. I jet washed the air con pipes plus the engine while I was under the bonnet, took the car to air con shop told them what Toyota said, they removed the gas refilled and added a dye to check for leaks, guess what no leaks found, cleaned the rust off pipe with a wire brush and repainted, total cost £50, £45 for the air-con re-gas and £5 for a tin of chassis paint.
  2. If I've had any sort of feeling of judder from the brake peddle when braking it's always been the disc's being warped slightly, it feels like the brake peddle is pulsing under your foot.
  3. I'm with Gerg on this one, it's free buy the way, put Vehicle Smart app on your phone, put any reg number in and it gives you any vehicle mot history and how much the road tax is, I use it all the time when looking for cars, all the advisories and fails, gives you an idea how the car has been looked after, plus should you ever have an accident run the other reg through it, if it's not MOT'd it's probably not taxed either.
  4. A bit steep that, I bought a good set off Ebay for about £15 with the retread tool, you thinking of giving up driving if you think you will only use it once.
  5. If you had a vauxhall you'd be buying 4, they come as one piece.
  6. I can't see me ever being able to afford an electric vehicle even though my yearly mileage would suit one, one reason by the time I could the batteries would need replacing and that's a price a lot of people would pay for a car, the other reason is they keep banging on about how they cheap they are to run, I don't know about anyone else on the forum but my electricity bill is twice as expensive as my gas even with the price increase. I live in a 3 bed bungalow, gas central heating and gas hob, all lights now LED, changed the built in oven, freezer and fridge to more energy efficient and electric is more than double the yearly gas price, even in the summer last year the electric was more than the gas and we were living on salads.
  7. Pulling the belt out isn't the problem, it's fastening the clip. When the grandchildren get in, they can't always reach them and when they can, the clip sometimes goes either under the seat they're sitting on or pushes down below the cushion, the extender will make it more reach able for them and us, who them have to climb in the car to fasten the belt for them.
  8. I've looked at a lot and all claim to fit but will they, we tried to put our daughters extenders into the Yaris which were supposed to be universal and they wouldn't fit, that's why I posted the question, has any Yaris member fitted any and which one's.
  9. Not on the child seat, it wraps around like a proper seat belt, the seat is free and the seat belt straps the seat in and the child in the seat. I take it no one has a Yaris with grandchildren if they have never come across them and the problem of trying to fasten a seat belt.
  10. They're only 12cm long, the seat belt clip is only just level with the seat, with a child seat in, with the child in it's really difficult to reach over to the point you nearly have to get in the back of the car with them, hence the wife got locked in, it makes them easier to reach over the car seats and clip in.
  11. Hi all, has anyone fitted any seatbelt extenders in their Yaris, my daughter has them in her Ford mondeo and they're great, putting the grandchildren in the back of a Yaris is hard work and you have to climb in to reach the seat belt buckles. The wife got in the car the other week and the door closed on her and she couldn't get out because the child locks were on. I've seen a lot of extenders claiming to be universal but unsure so wondered if any members had used them and which one did they purchase.
  12. Stop pulling up to near the curb, you can drive up them but they rip the trim off when you reverse back.
  13. I read through a lot of threads on here about the TPMS, if only I had gone on here first , instead of reading through the useless handbook which doesn't even mention the TPMS or show you the tyre warning light or the reset button. We got a flat tyre and we had just been shopping, not a problem unloaded the boot and chucked everything in the car, spare wheel and wheel spanner out, bugger jacks in the car unloaded the car got the jack out from under the passenger seat, bugger I'm to close to the kerb to use, not going well but at least I have the lock nut spanner and the space saver was inflated. Now the question, had 2 tyres fitted at the rear told them the pressure was 32lbs but they put 35lbs, I didn't see anyone reset the system, the tyre warning light was out when I started the car, so when home I checked the pressures when cold (over inflated) I'm thinking that when tyres are inflated and you press the reset button for 3 secs it remembers that pressure, (correct me if I'm wrong) now I have inflated the tyres to correct pressure, I'm assuming I have to press the reset button to over ride the last reset, is that how it works.
  14. You didn't mention when the plugs were last changed or if ever, they are long life plugs, but they recommend changing them at around 60k they're not cheap being iridium and they'll cost you around £38 for a set of 4
  15. I was always told that if your car engine won't turn over and if the car is facing a wall, if not get someone to watch them, turn your lights on and turn the key and try to start the car, if the lights go out it's the battery if they don't it's the starter.
  16. It's not just cats thefts either, they pinched all the road side grates last week where I live before 10pm, 29 I think.
  17. Well on a up note, I set the lights on 0 took the car for the test and it sailed through, I asked about the lights and they said they were fine.
  18. Thanks all, MOT booked in for tomorrow morning so I'll see how it goes.
  19. The problem will still exist when the MOT examiner checks the headlights, I don't know of any, that checks the dash for the position of the switch first, they always reach for a spanner to adjust first
  20. I have lowered them to what I call ok(stops people flashing) but what should the setting be, in the past I've took cars with the adjustable lights and found the testing site have adjusted them because they were low, instead of on the dash, plus I might have been carrying something heavy in the back and not put them back. The last car I owned they were self leveling so it didn't matter but I've not had them on a Yaris, did have a look to see if there was a thread about this but couldn't find one, have to try and find the hand book and see if this can shed some light, Haha
  21. This might sound like a daft question but what position do you set the headlights at when it has a 0-5 setting, I was always under the impression you set it to 0 on normal loads and lower the lights as you loaded up. The reason I ask as this is the first car we have had with Exons, well they look like Exons and at 0 everyone is flashing us and the MOT is due shortly, I've given the car a look over and the lights move up and down freely with the switch.
  22. The daughters car was doing this, they changed both lamba sensors being the cheapest option but it turned out the be the more expensive option the cat was at fault.
  23. This is the way I found round the 255 song play list as I don't have any software, first pic is some of my play list how it lays it out from ripping, second pic is of the Albums I ripped, third pic is what it showed me in the Yaris head unit. I ripped 2 Albums but 1 was a double, Back to the 70's and Now 72, deleted the contents of the single Album and replaced it with 200 songs from my plays list, then deleted the contents of Now 72 Disc 1 with 200 songs and put what was left in the other, pic 4 shows then how many songs showing 439. As I said it wouldn't let me Title folders, I made on PC as it didn't recognise them but if it was an Album it would allow me to put 200 songs in each.
  24. It looks like I'm going to have to put 255 songs on each memory stick, I created 4 folders called Various 1 Various 2 etc with 3 songs in each, put them on the memory stick, thought I could get around the 255 songs if I put 255 songs in each folder, but unit won't recognise folders, only Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs and Genres, so making a folder and calling it after an Album makes no difference it. Unless I rip and Album like say one of the Now 28 Albums take all the songs out and replace them with mine, it should come up with the Album name as Now 28 but with 255 songs in it, might have to try that. I tried the memory stick in my Vauxhall and I think it can fool that because it recognises folders and the 4 folders I placed on to memory stick, it played them like selecting a CD so gonna try it with 112 in each but that doesn't help with the Yaris.
  25. Wow, all I do is rip the Album, store it in computer library and take the track out what I need, it then displays the song title, artist, and Album from which it came from, think I'll have to create Two folders like Flash 22 said and call them Various 1 and Various 2 and add Various 3 and 4 later.
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