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  1. Ok, the plastic gearings snapped. Funnily enough its exactly where it first starts to bite, so it extends all the way up and will go back down on its own sometimes, and with a tap on the top the rest of the time lol! I thought rev 4's had replaced this plastic for metal, not in my case anyway! So my question is, do i need the motor part for a new gear (£150 from Mr T) or is it attatched to the main antenna ( £30 from Mr T) and... if its attatched to the antenna, will i get a metal gear so this doesnt happen again? Your help, greatly appreciated as ever
  2. I got my apexi from whifbitz. He's a good bloke.
  3. Thats what i thought! Or better still, a very nice TVR Cerbera. I'd much rather have one of those than an MR2 in a body kit, and you wouldn't be made to look a complete tool when you put your foot down. It's not even a turbo!!!!!! I reckon he got 61 mates to put a bid in just up to the reserve!
  4. T-bar leaks. New panels. Respray.
  5. Apexi. Well happy with mine. Not much response difference except its smoother through the revs rather than a boost around 3-4000. But it sounds the dogs *****
  6. Hurry up and get the skirts. Save save save. It looks like a cut and shut at the minute :o It's because your sills are black. Thats quality though! How'd u do that?
  7. LOL Thats poo. How embarrassing. I judge things like that by what i would think if i was walking down the street and it drove past. And i would think **** head, why have you got some 80's disco on the front of your car? Poor show. <_<
  8. Please dont get a Halfrauds, DIY, bolt on spoiler cos they look :censor: . I haven't seen a good one yet. Chav spoiler of choice!
  9. The geezer who sold my wheels said McGard are the best lock in nuts you can get. "They have to nick your car to get your wheels!". Also, he wasn't up-selling as he chucked em in for free in the end! I did spend £770!!!! afterall. I think he said they are £30 at retail. Good investment though if ins comp. wont insure your mods (like mine). They look quality nuts as well. HTH
  10. :censor: Didn't realise ripspeed was chav in general. Ive got a ripspeed gear nob and harness covers!!! :o Should i change em for plain ones then? Only couldn't find any and ripspeed looked least chav out of all at Halfrauds to me. Also got some ripspeed pedals bought for me at xmas but not fitted cos i wasnt sure if they were chavvy. Regardless of make, are racing pedals considered chav?
  11. Mine are brand new on my wheels and not fitted yet, so as soon as i fit them i'll take em to sainsbury's and see what the pressure reads. See what the wheel place did them too. Not that this is necessarily correct. But will add greater scope
  12. c_master

    Gorgeous 2

    Something like that i think. <_<
  13. c_master

    Gorgeous 2

    Its not carribean blue. Fizz's is carribean blue and carribean blue is more of a royal blue ( i test drove on once ) its def not that. Its more of a sky blue. I think its a respray and not toyota. <_<
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