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  1. I have it as well in my 2014 auris. It works fine, but you have to drive very slow in order to detect the space for the parallel parking. I have only used it couple of times just in order to test it. It's not something that you will use very often. I don't know if it works better in the facelifted auris.
  2. As mentioned in the link provided by Gerg that I have a similar sound in my car. I have not done anything about it so far and the sound has not got worse in the time that I have owned the car. Therfore I have ignored it.
  3. Actually last time I had the issue with 1 st. gear couple of days ago, it was in a traffic light. I tried to get into the 1st. gear couple of times but without success, then I easily put it in 2st. and drove. I will try next time to pop it into the 2st. and then into the 1.st. without releasing the clutch. I will let you know.
  4. Thanks for your answers. The issue can occur both when the car is cold and when it's warm. I normally change the gear from reverse to 1.gear or from 1. gear to reverse when the car is stationary. I have had the issue since I bought the car for one and half years ago, but as far as I remember it was only with the reverse gear. Now I started also experiencing the issue with the 1.gear. although the weather has been cold in the last couple of weeks. No crunch sound, just very hard to get in . When I experience the issue, I try couple of times until I can get it in gear. I have though not tried to release the clutch and engage it again. I will try that next time, when I get the issue. Could the change of transmission oil help? I don't think that it has ever been changed and the car is now 5 years old.
  5. Hi all, I have an auris TS petrol 1.6 with manual transmission. The car has 90000 km on the clock. Sometimes it is difficult to engage 1st gear and reverse gear. Most of the time the gear shift is smooth. Could it be sign of a worn clutch? Or it could be something else? Kindly advice
  6. On my auris TS, the LED DRL turns on, when I release the handbrake.
  7. Hi, I also reported the issue to the dealer, when I delivered the car for service two months ago, but they told me that nothing was wrong with the car. So I have ignored the sound for now. It's though still annoying to have a wired sound that is not supposed to be there. I hoped that I will be free of those wired sounds, when I traded my Octavia in for an Auris. I hope though still that my Auris will be more reliable than the Octavia 😀
  8. Thanks Gerg & countrylad for your qualified suggestions. Yes it seems not to be difficult to change the anti- roll bar bushes. When you mentioned the anti- roll bar bushes, I recalled that we had a similar noise couple of years ago on my wife's car a Mitsubishi colt and the noise was also due to the anti-roll bar bushes, though the noise was more noticeable, than the case on my auris.
  9. Hi Bob, no because it's petrol, so only 3 years warranty in Denmark.
  10. Great thanks for the advice and the link. The issue that you had with your car seems indeed to be the same issue that I have. luckily it's not something serious, since the car is out of warranty now. I will see, if I can get the Toyota dealer to do it, when they do the service on the car. Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi all, I have a 2014 Toyota auris touring sport 1.6 petrol with approximately 87000 km on the clock. I have had the car for around 1 year. The creaking noise occurs, when I turn sharply on the steering wheel to the (right or left) or when I drive over a a speed bump with a slow speed, though I can't hear the noise every time. The noise is only hearable with low speed. I have had this noise since I bought the car and the Toyota dealer that I bought the car from told me that there is nothing wrong with the car and it's just noise from the brakes. I have ignored the noise since, until I was asked by my wife the other day, what this creaking noise was. I have since started paying more attention to this noise. Any idea what the issue might be? The car has been booked for service at another Toyota dealer at the end of August. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Yes exactly. The AC light indicator extinguishes shortly after I start the car. We have had cold weather before where the temperature was below zero, but I don't recall that AC light indicator extinguished after the start of the car and as I remember it was always on. I have had the car for only 6 months, so this the first winter, with this car. When I drove this evening back from work, the AC indicator light did not illuminate at all. The temperature was -6 degree.
  13. Thank you for your answer . The temperature has been way below zero, so this might explains.
  14. Hi all, I have an auris touring sport 1.6 petrol. I'm used to have the climate control in auto mode and the AC on all the time. I have noticed in the last couple of days that when I start the car, the AC is on for one minute or sometimes less and then it turns off, despite that I left the ac on and climate control in auto mode, when I switched the engine off. I should though mention that we have had a very cold weather in the last couple of days, but I don't understand, why the ac turns off, when the climate control is in auto? This is my first car with auto climate control, so I would like to hear whether this a normal behaviour or not? Thanks in advance for your help.