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  1. Don't take this the wrong way, but do you really need the lines? It's such a small car that parking without a camera is easy enough.
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    The wife was good enough to get me a set of mudflaps for Christmas, so I thought I'd get them fitted today. They're easy enough to do, but if you're thinking of getting a set you need to bear in mend that you have to take the rear wheels off to fit them.
  3. Have you tried Toyota?
  4. Sounds like you've found yourself an honest garage, stick with them!
  5. 23000 doesn't sound many miles. Mine has 27000 and was serviced by Toyota a couple of weeks ago who said they were fine. Who's said they need replacing?
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    Wear and Tear

    My tyres have done 21,000 miles and there's still plenty left on them
  7. I've never done it, but this is what it says in the manual Open the back door and remove the 2 screws, and remove the lamp assembly by pulling it directly backward from the rear of the vehicle.
  8. It would be worth going to a local company which do car vinyls, as that it all it actually is. I would guess it would probably be much cheaper
  9. If it happens only when braking it will almost certainly be an issue with the discs. Just getting some dirt behind them and the hub when they were fitted would be enough to give vibrations
  10. Hi I have an S8 and a 2016 Aygo, and mine works perfectly fine.
  11. Just out of curiosity, how many miles have you had from the pads?
  12. +1 I've been having the same problem. Most days recently when I've come out of work it hasn't wanted to connect when it's been sat in the sun all day.
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    Clean car!

    It was my turn today. Just a shame it rained after I'd done it!
  14. Yes, now the snow is out the way I've been using it this week. Done 250 miles over the last few days and I'm very surprised by how much I like it. I've not had a small car for years, but it doesn't feel like a small car at all. I've had some leg pulling at work as it looks a bit 'Boy Racer', but I can live with that!
  15. Just make sure the car is perfectly clean when the cover goes on. Otherwise when it moves in the wind it can end up moving the dirt about and scratching your paintwork
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    New member

    Hi folks Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. I picked up our new to us Aygo yesterday. It's a late 2016 X-Press which we bought from the dealer where it had been a demonstrator having covered 5000 miles. It was an interesting drive home in a blizzard, I've not had chance to use it again since as we're using our 4x4 until the roads are better. Drove well in the bad weather, I just need to adjust to the smallness of it, having changed from a Skoda Superb.