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  1. There is no risk of damaging the brake booster pump? And should I use Toyota oil or any other oil can be used?
  2. Thanks!, The hose and funnel will be connected to to the upper bolt for filling it up, correct? Do you think Toyota WS oil is shipped? Or I have to find it locally?
  3. my car just did 100,000 KM (running petrol) is the gearbox oil need to be replaced? if it does, 1. Do you use the pump to fill it or somewhere else? 2. is it a must to use Toyota WS oil?
  4. Hi All, How difficult is it to use Techstream to replace brake oil? won't it be easier to do it by hand? (using the invalid mode as in the below movie).
  5. Not even using the invalid mode? As in the below video
  6. Yes, 12.2012 It won't find nay manual by VIN, and according manual it's only for Diesel engine, mine is petrol hybrid.
  7. Hi All, I would like to flush the brake oil for my hybrid Auris 2012, I know that the back brakes are electronic. can I use the vacuum pump to flush it? without the need to enter invalid mode or pumping the brakes.. attached is the vacuum pump for the brakes flush.
  8. Yes, I've tried that without luck. as far as I understood my car doesn't count driven mileage till the next maintenance.
  9. it's a bit tough to get it since it is sold in the UK and not available in .com website.
  10. Hi, after replacing engine oil do I need to reset oil data ? I've tried holding the trip reset / display button while switched without any luck.
  11. Hi, I own a toyota auris hybrid 2012 and the horn sometimes doesn't work, the local dealer said it's related to the spiral cable, I saw toyota has a recall for exactly this issue but my car is not participating in this recall. I've tried getting the manufacture email but without success. did anyone encounter this issue? how can i tell the relevant part number if i want to order it from ebay?