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  1. Would anyone with an IQ3 with the rear drum and shoe set up be tempted for a swap with our disc and pad design?
  2. Many thanks for the comments so far. I too have heard the IQ3 for a certain few years had this drum set up in the UK but finding One is difficult. Very strange with it being the 1.33 model and having more power to be spec'd without rear calipers and disc's..
  3. Hello, We are looking for a complete rear cross member for a 2010 Toyota IQ with the rear drums and brake shoe set up. Can anyone point us in the right direction? Are these standard on any of the UK cars? As i've seen them on Japanese models (In Japan). A long story short, we have an IQ which is going into the F1000 series and 13" wheels are required and they won't clear our rear calipers. Open to any solutions. Thanks, Richard
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