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  1. Having looked more closely at the photo, yours is a switch that stays switched; mine is a push button that works once only to silence the current screaming. You have to push it each time the alarm goes to silence it. Annoying that it clearly used to be possible!
  2. I have that switch, but it only turns off the screaming once it has started. Looks like I need a dry day to work backwards through those instructions!
  3. That's what I thought but I've looked at loads of diagrams and I can't see a fuse allocated. I'm just going to have to put up with it and reverse park every time, aren't I?
  4. Mine doesn't have rear sensors, just the camera, which is great. That's the solution I'm looking for...how to disconnect the sensors.
  5. Yes I've been through the manual...nothing. I feel like the solution I'm looking for is going to be more of a 'remove this wire' or 'unplug this' type of thing. I'll try anything to be honest!
  6. Picked up my new Yaris Icon Tech a few weeks ago - my third Yaris and I love it; big step up from the icon I had before. However, one thing is driving me insane - the front parking/proximity sensors. I park front on to a fence so the first thing the car does in the morning is scream at me. In a traffic jam, if there is an overhanging bush or a cyclist squeezing past, the car screams at me. And so on. There is a little button to press to stop the screaming once it starts but I would like them disabled so that the screaming does not start. I've coped for 20 years without them and don't need them. It's really taking the shine off what is otherwise a great new car. Dealer says they come as standard and can't be permanently switched off. Can't really see this being true. Any ideas?