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  1. Hi all,can anybody recommend a good quality split cv boot for a 1.3 iq ,Ive tried the bailcast type,which i havnt had much luck with as they keep splitting.The febi bilstein type which screws together seems the way to go but cant seem to find one to fit the iq,does anybody possibly know the internal diamentions and length of the original boot?i would use a slide over boot but some idiot (from the previous owner) removed the driveshaft nut and didnt replace it with a £3 new one,which in turn destroyed the driveshaft thread taking it off so its not an option to do it this way.Any advice would be very much appreciated.
  2. But it will fail next mot,warning ,must show passenger bag on or off for child seat,just a thought!!!
  3. Mine had a different boot leak it was from above!!!Boot leaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. If you need to take out an iq3 driveshaft out,ie,to change the boots,then you will have to drain the gearbox oil first
  5. Jikky

    IQ drive shafts

    Ah ok,iq3 shaft it is then!cheers for the advise Lee,much appreciated.
  6. Jikky

    IQ drive shafts

    Hi everybody,I have a question about driveshafts for the iq,so would anybody possibly know if the 1L shaft is the same fit as the 1.33L shaft,as Toyota via the previous owner,didnt replace the one time only- £4 hub nut,which in removing it to replace the cv gator it has destroyed the thread,toyota are asking £550 for a new shaft,,but I can buy a 1litre shaft for £40 used.Any info is appreciated,and thanks in advance.
  7. Have you tried a diagnostic on it?
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ferodo-Toyota-Iq-1-3-3Vvti-08-Rear-Brake-Discs-Pads-Set-Fit-Akebono/372157280431?hash=item56a64d70af:g:T~AAAOSw5VtaEVJv
  9. Hi went to replace passenger side outer cv boot,,so removed the hub nut with an air tool and the thread came off with it so the question is would anybody possibly know how to remove the outer bearing,ive looked in the manual but it only shows how to remove the inner bearing,ive provided a pic of a new outer bearing I found on ebay,so it seems possible to remove it,otherwise its a new driveshaft,has anybody had this problem of threads stripping whilst removing an iq3 hubnut?Ive looked at used driveshafts on ebay but close up it looks that most have damaged threads,any advice would be most greatfull
  10. Yes it has Built In Low Voltage Cut Off Function. https://lukashd.co.uk/product/qvia-ar790-wd-2ch-dash-camera/
  11. Hi seems toyota iq and scion iq have different wiring,left pic is toyota iq and right pic is scion iq,hope this helps
  12. Hi,yes I have done that now(hardwired),ive replaced the dashcam with a qvia ar790 as its got timelapse recording in parking mode,the street i live in has a lot of drunk idiots coming past in the early hours, ive had my roof keyed and a mirror snapped off in the last 4 months which amounts to £1300 in damage,so a good sharp photo of the scumbags wont go amiss when the police say theres nothing they can do about it again!
  13. Cheers for the replies all,a mechenic friend has used 2 pack bumper weld glue(dried in 5 minutes)its very strong but i dont think i can trust it to stay on ,whilst on the motorway,if it flys off i wouldnt like to be behind it,plus it will rip out the wiring !!toyota want £330 for the part,will order a generic £40 replacement mirror from ebay,,hopefully mine will fit onto it!Also im going to paint my mirror covers satin black,the chrome finish are too juicy a target for mirror snapping scum walking past my car at night(my neigbors new volvo was also broken the same night £600 for a replacement exc labour)will post a pic if it works!
  14. Hello iq people,some sick depraved saddo did this to my wing mirror last night,the mirror section is still working and is intact,would anybody know if an aftermarket mirror could be used to attach my mirror to ,has anybody else had to do this?any advice would be most appreciated thank you.