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  1. Thanks for the tips. I hadn't thought of trying the motor so I'll get to that and see how I get on.
  2. Can anyone advise please? The rear wiper on my 2007 Rav4 is stuck on intermittent. Is there an obvious solution e.g. change the stalk, or do I need to fault find in which case how do people suggest I go about it. Thanks in anticpation.
  3. For information it seems that it can't be easily adjusted in the mark 3. It has to be plugged in at the dealer.
  4. Unfortunately mine doesn't work like that. You have to press a button inside the car to disable them on mine. Not much of an improvement if you ask me.
  5. Does anybody have any idea where the internal alarm sensor unit is on 07 plate Rav4. The alarm keeps going off at random unless I turn off the internal sensors but this means pressing a button inside before locking the doors with a fob and is getting annoying, and obviously I forget form time to time. Sometimes it seems fine but it goes of often enough that I need to do something. I know I can trun down the sensitivity but I can't find the bok anywhere. I'm told it's under the dash somewhere but I can't see it anywhere. The only box with a know to turn doesn't look quite right although that is based on a sketch in an alarm guide which doesn't have any more description. It's got the number 063800-1100 PLS on it and I can't even place that number. I've spent hours searching the internet with no luck and it's not in the Haynes manual of the manual that came with the car. The next step is to take it to Toyota which I am loathed to do just to turn a knob. Any guidance would be mcuh appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  6. I'm beginning to lose the will to live with this now. I am no longer convinced it is water but feel that that caused it. Can anyone advise as to where the microwave sensor is. I've tried behind the glove box but no luck although I'm not really sure what it looks like. I couldn't see anything with a knob to change a setting with. I'm guessing it must just be a faulty internal sensor as when I disable it it works fine. I was thinking of replacing it if adjusting the sensitivity doesn't work. Is this easy to do? Thanks for everyones help.
  7. Cheers. What I don't get is that if the sensor is oversensitive why has it suddenly started doing this. It has been parked in the same place and there are no branches etc that could be setting it off. The only thing that is odd is the water that I found was at the back but the microwave sensor is under the dash. Also while it has calmed down now since I removed the panels at the back and dried it off it does still randomly go off at times but only during or after heavy rain. What I would really like to know is how to fault find. There's no sign of any water behind the panels now when it goes off so I suppose the water may have just been coincidence. Also because it has now calmed down it's hard to know if tweaking the sensitivty has fixed the problem. Is there any way of finding out exactly what it is that is setting the alarm off. Does the ECU record such things?
  8. Hello all, I have a 2007 XT4. Mid morning today the alarm started going off for no apparent reason. Turned it off, locked it again and two minutes or so later the alarm went off again so I turned it off and on again and yes it alarmed again, and again..... I am guessing that parts the alarm system doesn't arm themselves for a short period after locking hence the delay? I have found that by disabling the intruder/interior sensors it is fine so this suggests that it has something to do with them. Yesterday I was dropping the back seats down and I noticed that the some water came out from around the lever in the wall that you pull to release the seats (drivers side) but thought nothing of it but the thought occurs that some water has probably got into one of the sensors. I have had a look behind the removable panel below this lever and there is a small amount of water inside and while it is not much I am guessing that it probably doesn't take much. I can see that inside this hatch there is a glass breakage sensor. This must be connected to the alarm but I wouldn't have thought that it would be disabled when you disable the interior alarm. Is there an interior motion sensor in there somewhere too? Has anyone got any suggestions as to what I do next? Could it be the glass breakage sensor and if it is why is that disabled when you disable the intruder alarm? I would have thought that breaking the glass would be an exterior issue. Also what is the ~3/4" white hose that I can see in that hatch and also on the other side. It seems to come from the front and go out behind the bumper and they both seem to be empty and can't think what they could be for. I know this is not the end of the world as I can still lock the doors but it does defeat the purpose of having a remote key if I have to get in a press a button every time I lock the doors so any thoughts would be gratefully received. Cheers
  9. Hello all, I'm a Rav4 owner since last summer and am finally joining the forum to see what guidance I can get Cheers James