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  1. Just to say thanks to Toyota Vantage at Tamworth my auto lights are now back up and running after 3 days of testing it turned out that the lazer cameras in the windscreen had to be re calibrated. Done under warranty a great team at Tamworth dealership.
  2. Thanks for your reply I am taking it into another dealership next week let's hope they can solve problem.it is still under warranty so fingers crossed. Sent from my ELE-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi I use Mobil 5w30 in my Toyota avensis tourer 2l diesel
  4. I am having an issue with the auto headlights on my 2016 Toyota avensis estate,they have stopped working auto work perfectly on manual, been to dealer they say it's all working ok ,I know they are controlled by the camera that is mounted in the windscreen, this camera controls other things too,the lane change warning,the speed signs,crash controlled auto wipers these all work fine except the auto headlights. Has anyone experienced this problem.
  5. Try a good breakers yard there's got to be a few about and if you cant get the right coloured one you can always spray it.also try Ebay thers usually a good supply of parts on there.but on my Avensis the door mirror indicators are bulbs .Google Toyota avensis door mirror indicator bulb replacement it's an easy fix.
  6. Hi I run my Toyota on Falken tyres get good mileage from them.
  7. Hi when I had my Renault they charged for diagnostic even under warranty????
  8. Hi try eBay d.vd and books for sale on there.
  9. Hi I just had a similar problem with my electronic parking brake,the warning light came on the dash and I had no handbrake when I stopped. A trip to Toyotaas my motor is an Avensis tourer16 plate and the technician showed me how to fix it ,if you hold the switch forward for a few seconds the parking brake sign will come on after a few seconds release it and it puts it back into auto mode,if you press the switch down for a few seconds then release it puts it back to manual.
  10. You can get a chance of freshener that you put in the car trigger it off with the engine running and the air con on it sucks the freshener through the system car smells like new.[emoji16]Halfords or online. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
  11. How do you remove the indicator repeator light on drivers door mirror on Avensis 2016 estate?