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  1. My mechanic said he is pretty sure it is the switch for the diesel pump, a regular problem with this 3 liter engine. Let's see, I will keep you posted
  2. Well, I thought of something similar, but didn't check it yet, as the car broke down at home and I work somewhere else during the week. The filter was changed, too, so if there is something in there it must be an artefact that blocks the pipe to the pump, may be. Or something else in the tank, that blocks the pipe? May be some plastic? But why did it start again with no problems first, and after two days the frequency of failure went up to the point that the car does not even start? May be something went into the pipe completely now?! Thanks for the hint, I will let you know about the outcome!
  3. Hallo there, I recently had my Super Custom (3 liter turbo engine, I think 1KZ...) serviced. The injection pump was overhauled with new jets, etc. I have driven it since for about 300km. All of a sudden it stopped in the middle of the way. The lights on the dashboard are all on and the engine started immediately. No smoke etc. from the exhaust. This phenomenon came up more and more until I was no longer able to start the engine. It starts shortly only to die, as if there was a shortage of diesel for the pump. When I start, the engine runs for 1-2 seconds. Battery is old but ok, not very weak, it can start the engine 10x without breaking down. Anybody out here who can identify the possible problem? I am living in Africa and it is more difficult to find a mechanic who knows his job rather then identifying the problem myself (with your much appreciated help!!). Btw, to me as a layman it seems possible, that the electric contact of the diesel pump could be loose. Where could I check this? Can this lead to a "sudden death" of the engine?