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  1. Try the learning procedure. You will find it on Youtube.
  2. Hi Rafi. In my case it was combination of the two - clutch and the wiring. I have checked the continuity of each sensor wire and found two open. Replaced with new wires and the car works since. Try learning procedure from youtube (yaris mmt adaptation) and check all grounds just in case. Thanks
  3. Right. Been while but managed to sort the problems eventually... Replaced the clutch kit and traced broken wiring to the clutch actuator position sensor. Result - learning successful first time and car drives great now. Thanks for all your suggestions and help!
  4. Hi. Managed to plug the diagnostic in... Can somebody have a look at the values? Especially clutch clamp and standby positions, difference of over 20mm isn't too high? Is my clutch cooked? Also gear indicator shows 6th gear in 5 speed gearbox ... Gearbox is in neutral despite computer readings btw as the car rolls Any thoughts? Thanks
  5. Well, BBA gives lifetime warranty on their jobs so I would rather not suspect them to mess it up... And - NO nothing about the ECU as you only send them the faulty actuators for reconditioning. Could the ECU be the culprit here? Would any other ECU work out of box or needs programming? Thanks
  6. Hi. Sorry for being grumpy... Bought a "gift" for my wife she does not know about yet, thinking that I could repair it easily being a Honda I-Shift specialist and although both systems have the same principles - I cannot get it to work properly... See my thread with explanation: Thanks!
  7. Hello to all fellow forum members. As per title - I have bought a 2009 Yaris with the gearbox issue with intention of geting it repaired and giving it to my wife. She is not aware of it yet as this supposed to be a gift... Anyway, as a kind of specialist in repairing Honda Civic semi auto gearboxes I truthfully thought I can tackle this low mileage (38k) Yaris with ease... Upon inspection I checked the engine, which starts and gets up to temperature with no problems whatsoever. BUT the gearbox does not select gears and there is NO gear indicator displayed on dash. Been told by previous owner that both actuators have been reconditioned by specialist company (BBA Reman) and refitted to the car. This caused the gear indicator to disappear and Techstream reports error code P0808 (clutch position sensor high signal). Don't know the initial problem that trigered the repairs. Now I am able to use the paper clip trick and try the gearbox initialization and getting all the "beeps" as supposed to but the indicator remains blank, actuators don't move and error stays. if I try the clutch clamp position procedure all I'm getting is three beeps in a loop after the gear lever goes back to "N" at the end of sequence. The clutch actuator is of hydraulic type if this makes any diferrence, fluid level is correct. I assume the clutch actuator has lost the position value as the clutch clamp position has not been done before actuator removal but how do I get out of this now? Honda's are much more simple really...   thanks in advance
  8. Hello from Northampton to all fellow members ! Just bought an Yaris for my wife and hopefully will not regret this decision as its not fully functional yet... But I'm working on it:) Thanks!