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  1. I bought a 2005 D4D Rav4 in poor condition and have been gradually going through and sorting it out - turbo, clutch, timing belt and water pump, service, fluids, and so on. I was hearing a knock from the back when dropping the clutch in 2nd gear, so I figured it was the rear differential mounts. I've just replaced them (the rear one was barely still attached to the metal ring that holds it) and the knock is definitely now gone. However I'm getting quite a pronounced hum, particularly between 40-70km/h. The pitch rises with speed, and it's only audible when using the throttle to cruise or accelerate. The rear differential has new oil in, and when I replaced it I didn't notice any sign of metal shards etc. The oil was done a while before the mounts. Based on the sound, and the fact that the mounts were bad for probably quite a while, I'm guessing that it's an internal bearing on the diff. Possibly the pinion bearing if the diff has been off centre a lot. Has anyone had issues with this previously? If it's possible I would like to try to repair the diff rather than just replace with a 2nd hand one, which may well also have issues. Are there rebuilt kits available? Is it possible to repair these? If I have to remove and disassemble the diff to identify and order bearings etc, this will take a while. Is it possible to remove the driveshafts, diff, and prop shaft and continue to use the vehicle as fwd while waiting for deliveries?
  2. aurumdeus

    Rav4.2 D4D Loss of fuel pressure on acceleration

    Nobody has seen something like this before?
  3. Hi, As above, I've been noticing that sometimes on acceleration the engine goes "flat" for a few seconds, before suddenly kicking into action. I suspected a loss of fuel pressure so I removed the SCV valves and cleaned them thoroughly using carb cleaner and an ultrasonic bath, using a battery to actuate them continuously throughout both cleaning procedures. Both valves had approx 1.7 Ohms resistance across the terminals which is in spec. Both seemed to behave as expected. I reinserted them, added a cleaning additive to my fuel tank, and went for a test drive with the laptop logging common rail pressure vs throttle position. Graph is below. When the throttle is pressed causing a sudden increase in demand, the common rail pressure is tanking. It stays low for a few seconds, then suddenly shoots up and the car pulls away. Does anyone know what might be causing this? This is after the mentioned cleaning procedure on the SCV valves. A gradual increase in throttle doesn't seem to have the same issues, and the issue doesn't happen every single time. Maybe 80% of the time. Before this the car has been off the road for a couple of months awaiting repairs. There were no issues like this that I remember before the period off road. Included in the repairs was a throttle position sensor, so that isn't at fault (plus output can be seen on the graph). A full service including fuel filter was done about 3,000 miles ago. The timing belt was replaced along with the clutch and flywheel during the off road period, and the turbo was new 5,000 miles ago. I initially suspected fuel pressure based on the instant power kick in, and the period of non use (plus the temperature changing form 30C to 5C). I've searched online but I didn't find anything about this specifically. Has anyone encountered something like this before? Is it worth just running a tank of premium diesel plus additive through it and seeing if that clears up the issue? Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
  4. aurumdeus

    Turbo oil feed / return line

    Nobody knows where I might find one?
  5. aurumdeus

    Turbo oil feed / return line

    I need to replace the turbo on my 2003 2.0 D4D Rav4 and I want to do the oil feed and return lines at the same time. I've done some searching around but I can't find a source for them anywhere. Has anyone done this, and does anyone know a source for the parts? Thanks!