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  1. TotallyToto

    Airbag ECU - flashing airbag light

    Result! Well done...
  2. TotallyToto

    Your hi-tech AYGO

    Aye Up Kev..I'm a new driver, 3 years, and all the up-dates I wanted put my already high ££ Insurance premium up to astronomical amount..Alloy wheels is the next mod..Or maybe winter tyres, if I'm sensible..??
  3. TotallyToto

    Youtuber alternator replacement.

    Built the car around it? I'm guessing the fuel filter is not easy to replace either, as it has a service life of 120,000 miles..I believe..
  4. TotallyToto

    Dash cam hard wiring

    Did it work, Ian? I'm going to have to get one after all the hassle of my Insurance claim..
  5. TotallyToto

    Horrible Q8 Did This To My Pride And Joy

    Well, just got the Insurance sorted out. The driver of the Audi had a change of mind after the accident, and claimed I had run into her! After much correspondence, I was asked if I would be willing to go to Court, although I am in my final year at Uni, I agreed to. Then last week I was asked if I would accept 50/50 responsibility, sort of Knock for Knock agreement. I refused. Yesterday I got an email from my Insurance saying that the other driver had now admitted Liability....What a stressful few months.
  6. TotallyToto

    Which gear do you use ??

    It's great, isn't it David..?
  7. TotallyToto

    2015 Aygo Up-Grade

    Thanks for the replies, I'll have a word with my local dealer for the mouldings, my car has 3 doors too,
  8. TotallyToto

    2015 Aygo Up-Grade

    I quite like the new style wheel trims, and the black stripe on the doors, is this available for old cars like mine?....Groan............
  9. TotallyToto

    Which gear do you use ??

    Probably have to remove the engine to reset the tappets on these cars, Steve. I quite like the idea of hill climbs in our great little cars. I am going to do Staxton Hill, near Scarborough, Lythe Bank near Whitby, and Garrowby Hill, near Stamford Bridge. Littlebeck Hill, I've been told is near impossible to climb, and you will stall first time you try. For a Town car, they are a real fun drive..
  10. TotallyToto

    Car won't start - no sounds from engine

    Did you manage to fix the starting problem, Emma?
  11. TotallyToto

    Which gear do you use ??

    Great.. everyone should should have to drive up Sutton Bank as part of their test. The Sat Nav gets confused at the top and takes you on an interesting drive past Rievaulx Abbey, on a single track road to Helmsley..! Most people on here haven't a clue what I'm on about..
  12. TotallyToto

    Aygo Front Brake pads

    Did you replace the pads and discs with genuine Toyota parts, or others makes?
  13. TotallyToto

    Which gear do you use ??

    The problem is the bend before the Bank, can't get a run at it..Interesting and testing drive..
  14. TotallyToto

    Which gear do you use ??

    Went up Sutton Bank last week..Wow 1st screaming, 2nd was too low..
  15. TotallyToto


    More like 50 MPG Ken..Let us know how you get on..