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  1. Clean car!

    Witch clay bar do you use?
  2. Clean car!

    Think I need some 15" alloys..
  3. Clean car!

    Quick lick round with the chamois..
  4. Service Due And Mot..

    I'll probably take my car to the dealer, then. The Toyota roadside assistance renewall also arrived today, another £70.00..Be living on beans again for the next 12 months..Lol..
  5. Service Due And Mot..

    Thanks for your input folks, Much appreciated..
  6. Service Due And Mot..

    Hi Folks, It's Service time again, 13,000 miles and first MOT end of July. Do I go to the dealer or go to a Indy? Front brakes need doing too, Have a Toyota service history, should I keep with the dealer, or go to the local garage? I am at Uni and have limited funds..
  7. New Member

    Thanks for your replies folks, My dad has an Audi and my Uncle a Volvo, and they get 50,000 miles between brake disks and pads changes..Looks like I'll (My Dad) will have to bite the bullet..Thanks..
  8. New Member

  9. New Member

    Hi Folks, New Member, First Post.. I've had my car for almost 2 years bought it from a Toyota Dealer, it was their Demo car. Had 2,500 miles on the clock, it's now got 13,000. It's always been serviced by them. They are telling me that the front brakes need changing. How often do you need to change the disks and pads on these cars?? Thanks..