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  1. everything points to heat soak as a new more powerful battery was purchased which improved but did not solve... the overriding evidence here is the fact that as soon as that temp needle drops even 1mm below halfway the car will fire up, albeit after a few seconds cranking! if it is at max temp (halfway on gauge) it just cranks and cranks with no bang and accompanied by an almost thudding sound!?
  2. any idea where this was? plus would cleaning it out first be beneficial?
  3. We have a 2005 Rav4 D4D that has done 155k.... Even though the temp gauge never goes above half way the engine does get ridiculously hot and smells hot! the main issue we have is hot starting whereby it cranks but wont go, and if you wait five mins for the needle to drop even a millimetre below half way it fires up again.... SCV valves and battery all good plus all filters changed and new coolant! I am so close to changing the starter but if I can get around it I will.... it just appears the starter is suffering from heat soak... if you pour cold water on it then it fires up no drama! Anyone seen a quick fix as we are selling it and I dont want anyone to suffer the same issues as the rest of the car is spot on! Thanks in advance... P.S. if it is a case of getting the starter off and cleaning it out plus repair does anyone have a how to? Haynes is zero help and it looks so fiddly to get to the bolts!
  4. seen the car today with the cover off etc and there is oil everywhere... mechanic has given me enough confidence that it is the turbo.... he can get one for 450 plus VAT and did day if I can get one cheaper then he will fit it... anyone got any recommendations!?! Posted a new thread just in case others have not seen this...
  5. Hi All Our 2005 D4D Rav4 needs a new turbo! I have posted in another thread about the issues and the mechanic has shown me enough to give me confidence it is the issue.... Any recommendations on where to buy and what as he is saying he can get one for 450 plus VAT!? but happy for me to source one and he will fit it?! Thanks
  6. OK spoken to the garage and not that I do not believe them but they seem to be telling me the issues with the turbo are what I have always known.... e.g. very slight whistle, a tiny tiny bit of oil and slight play in the turbine which I know is miniscule! the turbo is just old but not broken... certainly not warranting a massive bill just yet! My issue is that I fail to see how that could cause the oil lamp to come on then the engine to grind to a halt and then the ignition just click when I tried to restart! As the car cooled down it began to turn over again but felt as though something was stiff as it was struggling like a dead battery (battery is fine!) as the engine got cooler it became easier to turn but not free enough to start... after towing 300 metres and re-jumping we were back to normal and all systems go??! I am 99% convinced it is something to do with the pulleys... spoke to the wife who drives is all the time as the kid carrier and she said it has been making a buzzing sound upon cold start which dies off when warmed up! Think I am going to have it back get the old man involved and take the belt off.... I have never heard a turbo malfunction (which worked fine after restart) cause the oil lamp to come on and the car to mimic seizing pistons..... That engine was jammed and I am pretty sure me jumping it (rolling 2nd gear and clutch out) 15 minutes previous, caused something to happen?? the case continues....
  7. What does refurb normally cost?!?
  8. So turns out it was the turbo according to the mechanic!? Oil was inside the turbo itself and the turbine was loose... reckons he can either refurb it or get a second hand one but no idea on price yet?! I still don't understand why this caused it to grind to a halt, the oil light come on and then it not turn over until it cooled down?!
  9. well it is in the garage today and they will be getting to the problem hopefully.... I have passed all this advise on as he is a very good honest indy! There was some oil and play in the turbo which made them think it could be that but this would not explain the seizing.... so I have asked them to check the pulleys as well! Many Thanks all.... I shall report back!
  10. Manual.... got towed and it jump started and drove fine... just a whine when accelerating (but not turbo whine)
  11. Could jump starting it have cause the pump to malfunction therefore causing it to seize? Letting it cool down and building the pressure back up by turning it over dislodge it?!
  12. Sorry its a 2.0 D4D 2005... Oil level fine and full... changed in September 2018 and new filter. No scrapes or leaks...
  13. That is exactly what it sounded like!!... and yes as it cooled down it got better...
  14. it always had a very slight whistle from the turbo but it was hardly noticeable and never caused a problem... little tiny bit of oil bit nothing to worry about given age I was told. No smoke, no smells, runs perfectly.... It was just odd the way it died as if it was been starved of something!? Battery was fine as after running for a bit started up fine and all electrics worked, plus the battery was tested and new a few months ago! Could it be water/oil pump!? Do these go?!
  15. So driving the car this morning and parking up at the school dropping the kids off and it would not start... just turned and turned but no kick. Have been advised previously this could be starter with hot starting issues. So as I was on a hill I jumped it, drove fine for about 5 mile then oil light came on and car starting dying and sounding like it was sucking.... until it eventually died. Tried to restart and just got a click, as the car cooled it would turn over but sounded like a flat battery! (Battery is fine and had it checked) Dad came to the rescue and towed me allowing us to jump start again.... drove fine but with a noticeable whining sound like a pump stuck (pure guess work) So it sits in the garage waiting for someone to look at it!?!? Hope she has not given up the ghost, 55 plate at 146k be such a shame! Any ideas or had similar? Thanks in advance....
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