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  1. Hi Jetter, The short answer is no. The reason for the query was Europarts were selling the saloon light assembly on ebay for £27 ( no longer ) but the light for the estate was £117. ?? As far as I can make out they are the same on outside look and size , but the bulb configuration is different, but the bulb unit on the back of the light may be interchangeable.However I haven't done this and am not 100% sure about this so this is not definitive advice. I still haven't changed my light yet as it is only cracked and can live with it for now. Cheers. I would be interested to know if how you get on. Cheers
  2. Hi, Will a rear light assembly suitable for an Avensis T27 saloon fit the T27 estate. They appear to be exactly the same but have different part numbers. If they are not interchangeable, Why ? What's the difference ? .Cheers, Help much appreciated.
  3. Hi all, New to this site and need help. Recently bought 2009 T27 Avensis. I'm in the process of installing after market Chinese Android head unit. Everything wired up ok (speakers, power) except the steering wheel control wires. Can anyone tell me which wires/pinouts relate to KEY1, KEY2 and GROUND for steering wheel control. The full details of the original unit are: Model No 86120-05150. ID No W53828, Assembled by Panasonic. A full guide of all sockets functions and pinouts would be very much appreciated. I did find another tutorial that shows the sockets and wire colouring but not what the wires are used for. Cheers