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  1. My 2015 Yaris Hybrid is near silent from under the bonnet unless its pushed, virtually inaudible tyre noise, no rattles from the mechanics , the most annoying and frustrating noise is the front door trim, especially from the drivers side, creaks like a bucket of Lego , and cant see any way of sorting it . Anyone else have this problem and found a way to fix it ?
  2. Anybody got any hacks for keeping the lens clean, think it's a Yaris thing but the back of the car is always filthy. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  3. I'm currently getting 53.4 mpg over the last 3000 miles from my Yaris Excel hybrid, improving daily as the weather warms up. Driving is quite spirited now the snow and ice have gone so could realistically get 56mpg if I backed off a bit, but its good fun ! Never really took notice of tank range, rough calc , full tank costs about £38, current price about £1.22ltr or £5.49 a gallon , call it 7 gallons full to empty, equates to roughly 373 miles from full tank. Drive on the flat and like Miss Daisy reckon easily 420 miles a tank.
  4. Took my Yaris Hybrid for its MOT last week to the local Toyota garage. Passed, recommended fuel additive, £10 so said yes. Don't know what was in it but it goes like the clappers, smoother, quieter and a good performance boost. Has anyone else tried fuel additive and got the same result. Furthermore , can i get it in easily digested tablet form ?.. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  5. About 53mpg in the winter, 58mpg in the summer. I rarely turn the aircon off , the exception being pulling out on to the A628 at Woodhead Pass from Glossop towards Holmfirth where you have to eke out every single bit of horse power to avoid getting rear ended. Also, never turn on Eco mode, don't like the drag and muted urge. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  6. Lucky you. Whenever it comes on in my Yaris it's the nearside front shredded by another pothole, last week was 3rd replacement in a year
  7. I have this problem occasionally with my 2015 Yaris Hybrid. Just go through the start-up and shutdown procedure and that clears it. When I first bought the car , had this problem in the first week , thing wouldn't stop beeping and flashing while trying to lock it. Turned out to be the spare key in my wifes handbag which was in the front footwell , take the spare out and all is well !
  8. Too much gaff in my opinion. Embrace the port and Mp3, my memory stick has about 300 albums on it. I'll help rip their CDs if need be.
  9. Lived in and around the Peak District all my life, never had to bother with Winter Tyres. Been driving hybrids for 130k miles,behave brilliantly in wintry conditions. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  10. Its that time of year that i don't particularly like, it's not the rain, snow or ice, it's the inky black dark nights. My previous car, a Honda Insight Hybrid had terrible dipped beam, Osram Nightbreakers improved it a bit but they have appalling service life, blow after about 8 months. Has anyone got any suggestions to improve the Yaris dipped beam legally ? ,ie without fitting aftermarket HID's Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  11. It took me a good few months and many miles to adapt from diesel driving (Honda CRV 2.2) to hybrid driving, and I won't go back now I'm 120k miles on. B mode is good but it's use is limited, I only use it on steep downhill to keep the brakes cool. ECO mode, I only use it on the winter and wet months, prefer the responsiveness over the extra 5 mpg out gives you. As regards hills, give it time and practice , eventually it will click and then it's a matter of keeping at or below the speed limit. Recently undertook a drive to Skye via Glencoe and the Scottish Highlands, took the hills with aplomb. Economy, I get 58mpg everyday and everywhere, could get more if I slowed down, turned AC off and used ECO mode, but 58mpg is good on my book after the CRV
  12. I too have a Sept 2014 Yaris Hybrid - nicknamed SLF , for Spritely Little F***er , only bought it in Feb this year at 27k miles, put 9k miles on it already. I know how much the next service is now, Thank you. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  13. I would choose Hybrid over Diesel every time, for exactly the reasons you state. There is something quite endearing about silent near zero emmision motoring, and the knowledge that Toyota's finest have produced a cutting edge motor and engine. If you drive within the limits and expected behaviours for UK motoring, the Yaris Hybrid is more than sufficient and capable. To date, I have done over 110,000 miles driving hybrids this last 6 years , economical and reliable for every mile. Full on EVs may be the future, but no competition yet to hybrids. As for diesel - blighted and damned to near extinction.
  14. I had a Honda Insight hybrid prior to my current Yaris Hybrid. In both cases, determining the RPM at 70mph is variable with CVT gearboxes , dependant on the load. The Honda had a tacho, and would burble along all day at 70mph and 2500 RPM , get a bit of a hill and it would rise by 2000 rpm. Not missing the tacho on the Yaris , it's hybrid setup is way better and more advanced plus a whole lot more economical, the Honda though is way better on handling and startlingly quick acceleration in comparison.
  15. Quick Google search Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk