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  1. My Yaris Hybrid is an Excel, the only additional items on mine is the panoramic glass roof , piano black trim and 16" alloys . Got a really good audio set up though standard head unit.
  2. your Yaris mostly running in EV mode below 40mph, it should be if it's not labouring .. Also, how does it run generally, mine goes like the clappers from a standing start upto 60mph , beyond that the acceleration is fairly mild. Mebbe get some fuel additive to clean the injectors out. Driving the hybrid way takes some time, if the expectation is a rapid go cart that does 60 mpg, it can be done , a good dab on the accelerator from a start to 30mph will see it sharpish out of the blocks, then back off on the accelerator and just lightly feather it, the occasional dab to maintain momentum around corners then back to EV mode. Some of the roads around our neck of the country arent conducive to driving hybrid friendly, The M60, M56, the M62, the A34, the A6 through Hazel Grove, all need that burst of speed to maintain momentum which kicks in the engine, I regularly drive the A54 over to Buxton - forget it, no chance of getting good MPGg in either direction, but one journey I do more than any is the run from Sandbach to Congleton to Macclesfield, average speed is 40 mph, a lot of it on the flat, I do get over 60mpg on that route, do that route maybe 10 or 12 times a week, that's where I get my economy. Stick with it, it's a very rewarding car once you get used to it. I'm keeping mine for I hope at least 250,000 miles.
  3. Are you looking at the "real time" mpg or "overall" mpg ? Yesterday on a drive back from the North Lakes in Cumbria my realtime mpg in the trusty Yaris Excel hybrid dropped as low as 17mpg on the A66, but overall was 57.8mpg, about right for this time of year. To clear your windscreen, from cold turn the temperature right down so the aircon is chilling, and blasting on the windscreen, about 1 to 2 minutes later its crystal clear, then set your cabin temp. Works every time.
  4. Its expected to drop a bit in winter, currently i'm getting 57.5mpg out of my 2015 Yaris Excel Hybrid 1.5 which aint bad. Main lights are on for longer periods as well as the air con which all affects mpg. If you are new to driving hybrids it does take a while to be good at driving the hybrid way, maximising the economy (hyper miling) by keeping to a speed and throttle input that makes the most use of EV mode, resisting booting it (though it is fun) and making the best use of what engine braking is available to you . A fuel additive really works as well, keeps the injectors clean thus a more efficient burn and ultimately better mpg
  5. Got an problem that's manifested itself twice now. Driving normally, back off on the throttle and the car either holds the speed or increases slightly, dab the brake and there is a bit of resistance to slow down but it does. Doesnt feel right , normally its zesty but other than that runs normally. Park up , engine off, lock vehicle. Come back to it, all back to normal. Last happened this weekend, had a quick 60 mile journey almost all motorway, M6->M56->M60 ->M62 Huddersfield, M62 was like a canal meets drive through car wash, absolutely lashing it down. Reverse trip dodged the motorway, did the massive climb and descent of Holmes Moss, Woodhead Pass, Glossop , Chapel en le Frith, Buxton to home, lots of hill climbs, lots of steep descents, used B mode a bit to avoid continually dabbing brakes, and it was from Glossop onwards that it happened. Back to running like a good'un now, could it be a sticking throttle or damp electrics ?
  6. None, never had to bother with them despite driving in snow to Buxton which has the highest elevation – about 1,000 feet above sea level – of any market town in England. Im sure there are stats stating the benefits yadda yadda, but its down to the driver and of course the characteristics of the car (its at this point that BMW drivers skulk away, their ultimate driving machine being garaged during the winter months) The lower power of the yaris, and smooth delivery of the hybrid make it easy to drive on snow and ice, just take it slowly and smoothly
  7. The Yaris Hybrid has a 12v auxiliary battery under the back seats
  8. My 2015 Yaris Hybrid is near silent from under the bonnet unless its pushed, virtually inaudible tyre noise, no rattles from the mechanics , the most annoying and frustrating noise is the front door trim, especially from the drivers side, creaks like a bucket of Lego , and cant see any way of sorting it . Anyone else have this problem and found a way to fix it ?
  9. Anybody got any hacks for keeping the lens clean, think it's a Yaris thing but the back of the car is always filthy. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  10. I'm currently getting 53.4 mpg over the last 3000 miles from my Yaris Excel hybrid, improving daily as the weather warms up. Driving is quite spirited now the snow and ice have gone so could realistically get 56mpg if I backed off a bit, but its good fun ! Never really took notice of tank range, rough calc , full tank costs about £38, current price about £1.22ltr or £5.49 a gallon , call it 7 gallons full to empty, equates to roughly 373 miles from full tank. Drive on the flat and like Miss Daisy reckon easily 420 miles a tank.
  11. Took my Yaris Hybrid for its MOT last week to the local Toyota garage. Passed, recommended fuel additive, £10 so said yes. Don't know what was in it but it goes like the clappers, smoother, quieter and a good performance boost. Has anyone else tried fuel additive and got the same result. Furthermore , can i get it in easily digested tablet form ?.. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  12. About 53mpg in the winter, 58mpg in the summer. I rarely turn the aircon off , the exception being pulling out on to the A628 at Woodhead Pass from Glossop towards Holmfirth where you have to eke out every single bit of horse power to avoid getting rear ended. Also, never turn on Eco mode, don't like the drag and muted urge. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  13. Lucky you. Whenever it comes on in my Yaris it's the nearside front shredded by another pothole, last week was 3rd replacement in a year
  14. I have this problem occasionally with my 2015 Yaris Hybrid. Just go through the start-up and shutdown procedure and that clears it. When I first bought the car , had this problem in the first week , thing wouldn't stop beeping and flashing while trying to lock it. Turned out to be the spare key in my wifes handbag which was in the front footwell , take the spare out and all is well !
  15. Too much gaff in my opinion. Embrace the port and Mp3, my memory stick has about 300 albums on it. I'll help rip their CDs if need be.