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  1. Hi Stick with the starlet sr and build up ur no claims and get some good driving experience !! then go for starlet/glanza!! Starlet GT is the old shape and glanza is like the sr shape but with the Turbo off course!! Ps i still drive a starlet 1.3 and also have a glanza in the garage!!
  2. hi Look for one with jap service history and miles should be 65-75k some say 23k or 44k they might have been clocked so be careful and email if you want further advice or the person i used for getting mine!! thaks
  3. mokhan


    Glanza Turbo Pics! Luton
  4. mokhan

    My Glanza

    pic of my Glanza
  5. thanks for that john!! thanks!!! Hi, I have tried to reply direct from your question but in case you dont get it here is what I said. I am currently insured with Norwich Union at a cost of £250.00 and have recently been quoted £239.00 from Warwick - Davis, who can be contacted on 0871 223 2141. I am a good bit older than you, therefore you may be quoted more but good luck anyway. By the way, I have found this web site very poor at getting help & information from other Granvia owners, you will see I have had no replies in my efforts to obtain information. Best of luck with your insurance, Regards, John
  6. [size=6]hi people! I have bought a Glanza 97 model from japan and i need to know where i can get insurance?? I have been rining around but been transfered around and got a Quote from Adrian Flux £1,138 but i am 28???? whats up with that insurance on starlet GT is £400 fully comp for me!!!!! thanks
  7. hi try Elephant.co.uk for insurance!!
  8. Looks like another job well done from the A-Team!!!
  9. mokhan

    K&n Filter

    hi, i am new to the club and have some questions to ask i am going to get a K&N induction kit for my starlet 1300 (1999) and i need to know how easy is it to fit on? and were would be the best location for it? - taking the filter box out placing it there! and what about the air pipe that comes from the front grille? many thanks :)
  10. hi can someone help me i have starlet 1999 and going to add bits 2 it, like alloys and exhaust. :D I been to the most of exhaust specialists and they cant help. :( now i am thinking if a yaris backbox will fit or not and yaris alloys <_< many thanks mo
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