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  1. Hi, I used G3 rubbing compound on the headlights, they came up like new and to date have not had to do them again, worked a treat.
  2. Hi ABS, the wiring/plug on the car, will unplug from old and plug into your new hub/bearing. Done just over 1000 miles, checked it yesterday funny enough, all is good as well. Also I'm needing to do my discs and pads this week. Interesting info about the glow plugs Oil, my Yaris has also done 90K, I use a Total 5/30, All the best
  3. Hi, question 1, I would imagine your Yaris will have ABS, if it has, you should see a yellow ABS light come up on the dashboard when turning the ignition on,(if the bulb has not blown) it should stay on for a few seconds then go out. If it does not go out, there is a fault with the ABS system. Another check, see if there is wiring with a plug going in to the rear of the hub. The ebay link you put on is for an ABS fitted vehicle, I had a unit from that ebayer and have not had a problem to date. Question 2, I to would change the discs as well as the pads for what they cost, discs generally have a minimum wear thickness on them, I do believe it is no less than 16mm on the Yaris, any less than 16mm, best to change otherwise they can end up splitting/cracking/falling apart plus they tend to have a nice edge on the edge of the disc by this stage. Mintex is as good as any, see if you have a Euro car parts near you, I've always found them OK for all types of parts plus at weekends they tend to have some decent discount offers. The last bit, never done it, probably a waste of money, just use a good fuel and regular oil changes.
  4. Maybe if not requiring a re gas etc, as already mentioned, part of the AC system is a compressor normally driven by the engine drive belt. The compressor drive pulley, also an electrode magnet clutch will be turning all the time whilst the engine is running but the centre of the pulley does not until the AC is turned on and the centre of the drive pulley (the electro magnet clutch) should start turning to, a good simple visual check. If not, maybe the AC fuse has blown and the electro magnet clutch is not engaging.
  5. Hi, scroll back on this discussion slightly and the info you are asking for is there. Also greasemonkeykl has mentioned he has used blueprint parts without any problems.
  6. Hi, please see the above link, the rear bearing came from ebay, this is the ABS type, for £28.60 I'm guessing you have ABS on your Yaris with the age it is. You are probably looking tops at an hours labour, start to finish unless you are unlucky like I was, the shocking of removing the old bearing unit made the brake shoe linings come unstuck from the shoes, they must have been very old, oh well, new brake shoes it was then.
  7. Hi, just read your post and you may have had it done by now but if its any help, I've just bought a 2004 Mk1 Yaris and whilst checking its MOT history over the last 10 years it also mentioned there are outstanding recalls, so rang Toyota yesterday and they said it was for the passenger airbag. They booked the car in to have it replaced whilst I was on the phone. Its going to be changed in 2 weeks.
  8. Hi all, Graham here, just bought a 2004 MK 1 Yaris D4D T3, a great little car, great to work on to but only slightly smaller than Fire Appliances I help to keep ' On the Run' enjoying the forum.
  9. With regarding the noise, I agree with the other folk, a wheel bearing, I had similar symptoms and narrowed it down to an o/s rear, got the wheel off the ground and spun it, what a rumble it had. A straight forward change with a new unit(comes complete with hub and ABS sensor) for about £30 and let there be peace.
  10. Thanks Alan333, with you on that one, appreciate your ideas 👍🏻
  11. Hi Madasafish A BIG thank you for the information/help, looks like when I’m feeling brave I will be doing the glow plugs otherwise the fault will bug me all the time I have the car. Although I do own a diagnostics code reader and it takes minutes to clear every time but that to will end up annoying me in the end, watch this space. 👍🏻
  12. Evening all, I need some help please. I have just bought a 54 plate 1.4L D4D Yaris. Great car apart from a slightly annoying issue(to me anyway) The engine management light came on and it cleared OK. Approximately every 3 to 5 days(at the moment) it comes back on and needs clearing again. It is showing a code of P0380 Glow plug/heater circuit "A" malfunction. The car starts fine and runs well when cold/hot and in the latest really cold weather we have had. No smoke either. At no specific time of starting the engine in these 3 to 5 days, the light goes out after starting(as it should) but about a minute later with the engine running/driving the light comes on and stays on until cleared. It clears fine for another few days. I've tried another glow plug relay(no change) and don't like the thought of changing the glow plugs, they probably will not come out too easy but I'm not convinced they are at fault. The bus bar linking the glow plugs looks OK to me. I have also read online of people doing all these things and the fault remains. It was also mentioned about a Toyota software update that may have been missed that could repair the fault. If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated. Thank you