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  1. hi, i have just paid for my membership, and i am an owner of a Toyota Aygo 2006 silver manual 5 door, my daily runner! already a member of Mercedes-Benz classic car club, the beast! I already serviced the Aygo on Sunday, oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter and driver side healight bulb! Next list to change a couple of tyres, front brake pads and sealing some lights and antenna because of a small water leak, and painting the brakes in silver to match the paint work! This car is so easy to work on, and the parts are cheap! I am use to fixing my own cars, so i know i will look after this little 5 door have a great day, as i am looking for cheap car insurance for this! thanx, zahid
  2. zippy_turbo

    new member & owner of Aygo 2006

    Hi, my name is zahid, and i have purchased a Silver Toyota Aygo 2006 as my daily driver! purchased the car with 98k miles, seems a little high but i am a hands on person! Already i have changed the oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs and headlight bulb on Sunday afternoon! today hopefully change a couple of tyres too, and change the front brakes today as the weather is improving here in birmingham, uk! i got some silver spray metal paint from Aldi this morning, cheap fot £1.49 to clear, so i purchased 2 of them to spray the calipers and rear drums. now i am looking for car insurance, any ideas of good companies. i have 12 years ncb, so i have a clean licence.