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  1. I want to install drl turn lights in my avensis T27 2009. I found this https://h5.aliexpress.com/item/32857777768.html?spm=a2g0n.seo-amp-search.searchResult.32857777768 Is there anyone to install it? Is it ok for avensis
  2. I found it . Setup...generals...change monitor....no auto
  3. In the setup button I don'tfind something which show the fm stations for ever on the screen. And when I push the audio button it turn to the fm stations but only for 10sec. After it turns on the map or on the setup menu. I hope if someone had this problem and solved it... Thanks
  4. I did all these but the map is on the screen after 10 sec. If I push the info button and after push the fm button, after 10 sec the screen turn to the info menu. No in radio menu. Please give me some advices....to solve this. I send one photo of radio-nav
  5. Hi . I have the toyota b9012. My question is : I want to see in the screen the fm stations of radio. I see them, but it turns on the gps map after 10 sec. Is there a way to see only the stations of radio and don't change to the map of nav;
  6. I have Avensis 2009 1,8 Petrol with manual gear box. I install cruise control . I connect the switch and it works perfect. Very simple.. my car is an elegant and it is from Greece..
  7. I can not find the cable of rear camera in passenger place. Can someone where is it? Maybe o photo will be better... I l prefer a photo because the weel is from left....
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