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  1. Yes, Frostyballs, you've hit the nail on the head - fuel economy really. I will never be needing to take the car off-road so I would prefer a 2WD so not carrying all the extra weight of a 4WD (even though I understand 4WD models only ever give you 4WD when you need it). Is the 2Ltr engine the same engine as the 2.2 only in lower capacity ? If so, I think its just an upgraded version of my existing T180 2.2 engine (Which I've had NO issues with whatsoever). Do you know if they did a 2WD 2-3 years ago ?
  2. Looking to change my 2006 Avensis D4-D T180 (2.2 180BHP) for a 2-2.5yr old Rav 4. Whilst I've had my Avensis for many years and am fully aware of everything regarding the Toyota 2.2 diesel engine, I know nothing about the RAV 4. Ideally, I'm looking for a high spec (Incredible model ?) 2WD model with the 2.2ltr diesel - I'm guessing price from a main dealer with be circa £16-£18K ? As my Avensis was top of the range, I don't really want to downgrade to a Rav 4 without parking sensors/cruise control etc. Is there a model that is pick of the bunch in late 2012 early 2013 or anything I really should stay clear of ? All opinions very welcome
  3. Are the latest Toyota 1.8 petrol engines basically an evolution of the 1.8 VVTi I used to have in an 2002 Toyota Avensis ? At the time, I had a short engine replacement on my 1.8 VVTi due to a known issue. The modern 1.8 petrols seem very highly rated for power/economy & reliability - anyone know what changes they made to the original ?
  4. Any idea where the best place is to buy Original Toyota parts at a good price ?
  5. My 2006 T180 is on 93K and no issues.....yet BUT I took out a Toyota Extended Warranty just in case
  6. My 2006 D4D T180 has done 93K miles and I took out an extended warranty with Toyota purely because of the known head gasket issue. At least I now have peace of mind - couldnt risk a 7K pile of junk
  7. "I'm confused though why do the D-CAT models not have a dpf light like most other makes - at least you could intervene before damage could be done" Good point !
  8. Best I've ever got out of my T180 was 52mpg - I'm guessing you have the 150bhp model which is known to be better on fuel
  9. I've had similar issues with my 2006 T180 in the past but it all turned out to be the EGR valve and intake assembly. Stupid question but did you disconnect the battery etc to reset the ecu when you cleaned the EGR ? I believe the carr then goes through the learning process again - worked on my car and never had an issue since
  10. Anyone had it done or know anything about it ?
  11. Maybe getting close to mine having to be replaced on my T180 - be warned against converting to single mass as apparently ruins low speed driving
  12. 6th gear in the T180 is a great gear over 90mph .... :)
  13. I think I must be doing something wrong as I never use 6th gear below about 75mph for fear of straining the gears as 6th must be so high. I usually stick to 5th at 65mph and get 48-52mpg - am I doing it wrong ?
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