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  1. Manufacturer specs are always un-greased because otherwise the torque specs would be different. Not the case on some head bolts and such but yeah. If you delve deeper the joint face should also be dry (so torque can be transmitted by the friction, and not by shearing the bolts) but lots of people put stuff there to aid removal.
  2. Easy to do, 10 minute job; my hybrid has switchable accessory power available and has a convenient body ground point. Just have to be careful to avoid the pillar airbags and areas where they deploy when routing cable to the top of windscreen. If you have excess cable and want to avoid soldering or re-terminating it to length you can store it under the front door sil where there is a convent cable track which pops off and on easily (and has access to glovebox fuses).
  3. Says that america will get a sporty 10 step CVT! Full dynamic adaptive cruise control that works from 0 kph too.
  4. As an update, Dealer has now told toyota that the car didn't need a full wheel alignment check as part of a full service because there was no tyre wear... despite giving an advisory for tyre wear. Probably going to switch out for the dunlop blu response as they are the newer replacement for the current fast responses on the car and ive heard good things with these and the michelin cross climates.
  5. I do measure myself and the tyre is the same (near enough) as what they measured. I will be going elsewhere - after confirming with Toyota that a full wheel alignment check should have taken place at the full service like described above. I just don't want it eating through OSF forever!
  6. Just got a call now, "Everything seems OK" No explanation for the premature wear on the tyre - no explanation for the uneven wear since the Jan service (0.1mm on nsf, osr, nsr, but 0.6mm on osf). They say that the car may have had a new nsf in Nov 2016 for some reason, meaning why the nsf is low but no details of that change (car was a ex-demo at the dealer). Been quoted £170 for a new tyre that they dont have in stock and wheel alignment that "might fix it". Bit miffed really!
  7. Car is at the dealer now, apparently full wheel alignment in a full service is an extra chargeable item so it was not inspected nor adjusted. Hopefully they will take a good look today! Patiently waiting to see what a dealer price for a tyre will be!
  8. I got these installed on my 2016 auris hybrid at its last service. After initially trying to install 'opti-wipe' wiper blades the dealer got these in especially and they are a massive improvement on the standard bulbs well worth the cost.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the confusion I picked it up in jan 2017 on 7000 ODO and its full service with me (1year, 17100 ODO) was mid Jan 2018. On my service report the full 4-wheel alignment check is not ticked but scribbled like it is not applicable. I will investigate with the dealer as they did give an 'advisory' for the wear on the OSF tyre. No knocks or major potholes that I know of and my wife has only driven with me too! I agree about just shoving money into front right tyres without knowing why, good to know it's not usually heavy on tyres - I expected as much.
  10. Hello I have a 2016 auris hybrid and at its first health check the driver's side front tyre was down to 2mm whilst all others were 5.5mm. The service centre flagged the low tyre but did not offer explanation for why the uneven wear has occured. Is the auris just heavy on its fronts? The car is my daily commuter doing very few miles at low speeds. I can't recall any road damage that would cause this wear. Should I get onto them to sort this when I now have to replace this tyre? (Soon!)