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  1. Subject has probably been done to death but i would like to know what members think of K&N air it worth the £60 quid for an air filter that they say will last about 15 years ?.Been looking on You Tube and a few are against them as they say it will wreck your engine then again, others swear by them giving more miles per gallon as well as a couple of BHP. Whats your view on them ?.
  2. What a great place for information eh 😀
  3. Hi Mark welcome to the club which is brilliant.Have a problem ? some body will know about it.
  4. Not being too bright on car subjects and having people to do things for me (im disabled) Could any of you guys ,tell me please how to update and pay for,if need be,the sat nav in my 2010 avensis ? Thanks in advance guys...
  5. Mine does this.Goes for weeks then a big puff of smoke.Nothing to worry about as the guys said.
  6. Hi Guys.My car has just passed another M.o.t. for the year with only two advisories,the front pads on both sides are needing replaced. Its an automatic so i was expecting more wear on the pads with braking but,they were only replaced 4,000 miles aprox ago. My question is,it wasnt genuine Toyota pads i used but a well known after market set. Would i get more miles out a Toyota set rather than the good after market set ? Thanks.
  7. I stopped doing all that a few years ago and use a waterless product called Showroom Shine. The first time i tried it was on a Nissan jeep i had,it was my pride and joy till some muppet ran into it. Anyway,the wife had ordered it without telling me and when it came through the post i said to her, "If this scratches my jeep in anyway you better pack yer bags"..She sprayed it all over the bonnet which was covered in dust from next doors garden,wiped it on with one cloth then polished with another. I was amazed at the results and been using it ever since.Ive now got all my mates using it and they could not believe the results.Stuff this water lark get some and try it.
  8. Thanks for all the replies guys.Oil level is fine and no blue smoke on start up this morning. Car has only done over 55000 think i will give it a blast down the motorway more often. Thanks again....
  9. Hi guys how is every one. As some as you know im a disabled driver and my car dont get a lot of motorway driving however,its been about 6 months maybe longer since i gave it a good run as its mostly short trips it does. I was on the motorway last week and i was cruising at 60 for about an hour.I came off the motorway and came down to a roundabout to which i had to give way to the traffic on it.I got a chance to pull out and when i did there was a large puff of blue smoke which i saw in the mirror,then it cleared and when i accelarated again there was another short puff.On the way home the car was fine,no blue smoke at all, even when i booted it in sport mode.Oil level is fine so no worries there so i was wondering if it was clearing the Sh#t out the engine due to the short runs it had ? I await any answers thanks in advance.