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  1. Of course you had not expressed an opinion, hence I was trying to get one from you when I said 'does that mean'. Nice little boast in there as well I see. Never the less not the most helpful of insights but thanks for the reply and any.
  2. I not 100% certain but I think our Gearboxes would be different. We are referring to the 1.33 petrol 6 speed mannuals. I agree dealerships are hard to trust as they are supposed to provide the best service for the cars as their brand manufacturered it, but as they all basically work on frnachise basis which completely changes how they operate. They don't represent the brand well as they are acting independently trying to minimize the guidelines and be profitable.
  3. I don't think testing another Yaris will be helpful. As I have previously mentioned, as a 2012 Yaris owner (basically same car, same engine) I have actually the same problem, but as I have also mentioned previously, I believe the the cluncky nature of the gearbox is how the Yaris is, as the car has no issues changing gear. I think changing the gearbox oil with the correct viscosity one will help to smooth it out, though not completely eliminate the problem. I would push the dealership to change the oil for you Janet, as you should be entitled as the car is 2014 (5 year Toyota warranty). If you keep pushing they will pull through. I would not worry to much though as there nothing to worry about mechanical with your car.
  4. Yeah when the car not serviced regularly it hard to determine when something was last done. Sounds like there quite a few things needing attending with the car. Definitely weigh up the cost and age options of the car to see if it worth going through with these fixes. Though I don't think cars have a maximum mileage, 165k for a partily documented serviced car is pushing the limits. How much more use can you really get ? But let us know how you go.
  5. Thanks for the insight Perfection. Can you recall the exact brand/product of oil you used. Furthermore, did you change to oil because you were experiencing a clucky gearbox or where you trying to rectify the issue the dealer created. Finally how's the gearbox and gear change now, smooth like should be ? Thanks
  6. I would get the transmission oil changed on the car. Automatic transmission oil changes are commonly done on high mileage cars. Not really a part of scheduled maintenance. This is normally a complete flush, new filter and oil.
  7. I am sure its also down to the regular servicing and maintenance of the car. I sure Neily this may be the case for. But I'm sure it a problem that can be fixed, just a common problem for less maintained older automatic cars.
  8. That good to know, since there are similar complaints online from individuals with previous generation yaris . Obviously that article refers to a brand new Yaris not yet run in, does that mean Frosty you think that's how the gearbox just is, cluncky. It does state the oils to be cause of the issue, will a change in transmission oils help then. I am in a similar situation to Janet so any insight is useful. Thank you
  9. Sorry was not sure about that, though this article is referring to the second gen Yaris.
  10. Though I can't speak for your car specifically, older automatic cars do tend to start to rev high and struggle to change gears later when there are more miles on the clock. This is just the case for older automatic transmissions, but is not normal behaviour. You should get it check and fixed as the problem can be minimised and hopefully rectified.
  11. This is unfortunately in reference to the previous generation yaris.
  12. Hi Janet, I too recently purchased from Toyota a 1.33 Toyota Yaris 2012 with under 50000 miles on the clock. I actually have the same kind of issue with my manual gearbox being cluncky and posted a similar question a week ago. It was suggested to me that my transmission oils have probably not been changed. My car had a full service before my purchase, but transmission oils are something that are not dealt with I think. I was going to take it back to get it checked out, only problem it is not covered on my warranty. I honestly think the clucky gearbox is just how the car is, since the car doesn't have problem changing gear or staying in gears. But never the less I going to take it to my local mechanic to check and change the fluids. Hope this helps somewhat and let us know how you go.
  13. Hi Jack, thanks for you reply. When I brought the car from Toyota, they stated they did a full service. Like you said it makes sense that it's the oils, so since its under warranty I booked it in again. Thanks again for your response.
  14. Recently purchased a manual 2012 Toyota Yaris with just under 50000 miles on the clock. However. I have noticed that the gearbox is quite clucky and not too smooth. More to my concern is the reverse gear which too often doesn't want to go into gear. Requires me to release my foot off the clutch once or twice before it goes in. Sometimes it appears to go into reverse gear with the reversing camera appearing, but just pops out into netural. I unsure if this is just a querk of the Yaris as I have read similar occurrences online or of this is a real problem.